Wunnamurra Gorge; a spectacular place not too many people go

We visited a lot of water holes and gorges on the Gibb River road. If I add it correctly, we must have visited about 15. All of them were incredible and worthy of a visit, but we did find a few that were absolutely next level. One of them is at Mt Elizabeth, and is known as Wunnamurra Gorge.

We thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and an absolute must do for those travelling the Gibb River Road.

Wunnamurra Gorge
Wunnamurra Gorge is truly spectacular

Where Wunnamurra Gorge?

Wunnamurra Gorge is located on Mt Elizabeth, pretty well smack bang in the middle of the Gibb River road.

Mt Elizabeth gorges
You even get a nice little beach

How do you get there?

To get there, you head along the Gibb river road to the turnoff (clearly signed Mt Elizabeth) in between Mt Barnett and Gibb River station.

A 4WD is recommended due to the corrugations, washouts and creek crossings. It’s roughly 30km in, and you need to be prepared to slow down for other vehicles, and poor condition road.

The track to Wunnamurra Gorge

The track leading to Wunnamurra Gorge was all part of the fun for us; possibly what made it all the more enjoyable.

For those who are 4WD nutters like myself, you’d know any chance to lock the hubs and chuck it in 4WD is a good one. The track in is fairly easy for the first 5km, sitting at around 30 – 40km/h.

After that though, it gets much rougher and rockier, and your progress slows dramatically. There are a couple of rocky descents and corners that are a whole lot of fun. Nothing too technical or that you need to worry about, but enough to make you take care where your wheels go, and put a big smile on your face.

4WD tracks in the Kimberley
The 4WD track to the gorge is a heap of fun
The last descent
The last descent is a bit of fun, and many people walk in

Can you camp there?

Mt Elizabeth has a designated camp grounds, which are amazing. There are friendly wallabies and peacocks that frequently walk through the camp, as well as cows in a paddock not too far away.

You have hot showers, flushing toilets, plenty of shade and access to lots of fire wood and your own little fire place.

Gibb River Road Camping
The camp ground at Mt Elizabeth is really good.

What else is nearby?

If you are looking for another incredible gorge, Mt Elizabeth station has Warla Gorge on the property too, which has reflections like you wouldn’t believe.

If you want to go for a longer drive, you can easily get to Manning Gorge for a day trip.

Gibb River Road Gorges
Warla Gorge is spectacular
Manning Gorge reflections
Beautiful reflections at Manning Gorge

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