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Making the most of Esperance

In March, we headed off on a 3 week 4WDing trip, starting 200km east of Esperance, and heading right the way around the coast back up to Dunsborough. The photos below are from the first 11 days which we spent around Esperance. This is a place that will certainly not be forgotten, and hopefully these photos will inspire you to pack the fourby and head off on a trip of a lifetime!

Road to Esperance

Driving down to Esperance

Deflating the tyres

Airing down to start the 4WD trip to Israelite Bay

The track out to Israelite Bay

The start of the 4WD section to Israelite Bay

Israelite Bay, Esperance

More of Fisheries Road on the way to Israelite

Stuck in a salt lake

Well and truly stuck

Getting bogged in a salt lake

Another shot of the stuck cruiser

Bogged in a salt lake

Seriously bogged in a salt lake near Israelite Bay

Salt lake 4wd recovery

4 snatch straps joined together and it only just reached off the salt lake

Stinky mud hole

The stinky hole. Want to read about it? Check out Bogged in a salt lake.

Mud from the salt lakes

Absolutely covered in stinky mud

Israelite Bay Ruins

Exploring the ruins at Israelite Bay

Boat at Israelite Bay

Found a huge boat washed up on the shore

The washed up boat at Israelite Bay

Full of sand

Boat at Israelite Bay

Taking photos inside the boat

Bullet hole in the window of the boat

A photo through a bullet hole in the window

Israelite Bay seaweed

Seaweed collected by my tail shaft

Israelite Bay off the rocks

Enjoying the crystal clear water at Israelite Bay

Rock work at Israelite Bay

A big 80 at Israelite Bay, navigating the rocks

Thomas River via Point Malcolm

Calling in at Point Malcolm on the way to Thomas River

Thomas River, Esperance

Next stop, Thomas River

Enjoying the beach at Thomas River

Spectacular beach that stretches for 29km

Cape Arid waves

Watching the waves near Cape Arid

Cape Arid view

The view from part way up Cape Arid

Salmon at Esperance

Catching a salmon from the beach just near Thomas River

Banjoy ray

Occasionally you get something bigger, which was caught by hand!

Awesome sunsets at Thomas River

The sunsets were magic

Watching the sun go down at Thomas River

What a way to end the day

Esperance beaches

We spent a lot of time on the beach, and why wouldn’t you when it looks like this?

Thomas River beaches

Little Tagon Bay at Thomas River

Plenty of wildlife around Esperance

Wild geese on the beach

Spearfishing Esperance

Spearfishing from a kayak; lots of fun

Spearfishing at Thomas River

When you can get fish like these, its all worth it!

A shark at Thomas River Esperance

Even if you do bring the sharks around!

Surfing seal at Esperance

Every now and again something else comes around – a surfing seal

A local seal at Esperance

Of course, there has to be a reason it hangs around!

Seal interaction at Esperance

Once it’s had a feed, you won’t get rid of it!

More fish from Esperance

The fish just kept rolling in

Cape Arid 4WD tracks

Exploring the 4WD tracks around Cape Arid

Solar shower bags

Enjoying a shower from the solar shower bags at the end of the day

Big Tagon Beach in Esperance

Getting hammered by the waves on the way out in the kayak at Big Tagon Beach

Racehourse Goanna

There were plenty of friendly animals around!

Telegraph Track in Esperance

Driving from Point Malcolm to Thomas River via the Telegraph Track

Telegraph Track, Esperance

A view from the top of the cruiser on the Telegraph Track

Cape Arid waves

Every now and again you are just in the wrong place at the wrong time!

Kayaking in Esperance

Sometimes it’s worse than others!

Orleans Bay beaches

Where each beach is just as good as the one you’ve just come from!

Orleans Bay Esperance 4WDing

And the 4WDing opportunities are second to none for a coastal location

Beach driving at Orleans Bay

Every day, you can find your own little beach

Orleans Bay has plenty of 4WDing

Plenty of places to explore

4WD access at Esperance

A 4WD will open your access incredibly

Enjoying more of the beaches at Orleans

Walking from beach to beach

Orleans Bay 4WDing

Once you have driven as far as possible!

Orleans Bay Caravan Park

Plenty of cheeky birds at the Caravan Park

Orleans Bay Caravan Park

Relaxing back at the Caravan Park

Orleans Caravan Park, Esperance

Our camp site at Orleans Caravan Park

4WDing Esperance

What you drive up

Orleans Bay 4WD tracks

You must drive down!

Table Island, Orleans Bay

This looked like a challenge

Table Island at Orleans Bay

So we walked to the top

Rolled Hilux in Esperance

We bumped into a Hilux that had been rolled pretty badly

Rolled Hilux

I doubt that will be back on the road again

Uncontrolled boat at Le Grande Beach

This poor bloke learned a hard lesson: a kill switch that pulls out when you fall out of a boat is very useful!

Lucky Bay, Esperance

On the way to Esperance we called in at Lucky Bay

Lucky Bay in Esperance

The beach is incredible, and certainly lives up to it’s reputation

Kangaroos at Lucky Bay

Some of the Lucky Bay locals

80 Series car wash

The cruiser was begging for a wash, and about $30 later it was looking reasonably clean

Stokes national Park diving

On the way to our next camp site, we stopped in at a place I will be back to dive!

The inlet at Stokes National Park

Stokes Inlet

Stokes National Park inlet

The inlet was different to any water body I’ve been to before

DEC Camp site at Stokes

The DPAW have done a cracking job with awesome facilities

DEC work at Stokes

Well done to the DPAW

Friendly local kangaroos at stokes national park

The locals are friendly

Stokes National Park Bee Hive

Although, maybe I should take that back

Stokes National Park birds

Endangered birds at the inlet

Stokes National Park fishing

Catching a feed from another inlet in Stokes National Park

Torradup Inlet in Stokes National Park

Enjoying Torradup inlet with no one around for miles

Young River, Esperance

A quick 4WD track to Young River

Leaking differential on my Land Cruiser

Things don’t always go to plan, like the leaking differential

Repairing the land cruiser

Nothing a few tools can’t fix

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8 comments… add one
  • LG March 29, 2014, 9:16 PM

    I agree, it is a wonderful area to explore and definitely on our ‘return to’ list as well.
    Fantastic photos. Thanks for sharing and inspiring πŸ˜€

  • Aaron Schubert March 29, 2014, 10:28 PM

    Thanks! It truly is an awesome place. Maybe we will bump into you down there sometime!


  • Lindsay March 29, 2014, 10:42 PM

    Hi Aaron! Looks like you guys had a blast (but who wouldn’t?!) . Looking forward to our few days down that way at Easter time/ANZAC day!

  • Aaron Schubert March 30, 2014, 1:59 PM

    It was absolutely awesome mate; well and truly worth the visit. Where are you visiting down there?


  • Alex March 30, 2014, 2:36 PM

    Cracker weather in a cracker place. Glad it went well – the adventures are just a good marinade really, making the whole thing more memorable. We will be going back down there as soon as

    Great photo’s


  • Aaron Schubert March 30, 2014, 3:55 PM

    Hey Alex,

    We did well with the weather in Esperance. It rained and was a bit overcast on a number of days at Bremer/Albany/Denmark, but overall we were pretty lucky. More photos to come soon, of the rest of the trip!


  • Lindsay March 30, 2014, 6:45 PM

    I’m hoping to be able to get out towards Isrelite Bay and Cape Arid but might have to scale it back a bit due to the age old problem of money πŸ™ Will be in Esperance the ANZAC day weekend though to see friends and will do the long drive home Sunday.

  • Aaron Schubert March 30, 2014, 8:05 PM

    Hey mate,

    Honestly, I probably wouldn’t go to Israelite Bay again. It’s a long way out to get to a beach that is covered in seaweed. If it was a toss up between Cape Arid and Israelite, I’d be going straight to Thomas River, where the camp sites are great and the beaches in the area are considerably better. Orleans Bay is also incredible, and both were much more enjoyed by everyone on our trip than Israelite Bay. There are much better 4WDing options and better choice for getting out of the wind.


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