Expect bad weather when travelling Australia; its coming!

The weather is one of the most influential factors on your travel in Australia, and even if you do your best to be in the right place at the right time, you will get average weather, and you have to learn to deal with it.

Wet road near Streaky Bay
You’ll get bad weather when travelling Australia eventually

I’m reminded of this on a daily basis when travelling the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia. We’ve been here for most of November, and experienced every single kind of weather that you could ask for. We had 60mm of rain dumped on us in Port Lincoln over 24 hours, with a number of big thunderstorms and heavy wind.

We’ve had stunning days where its been warm and sunny all day, and we’ve had a huge number of days that have been overcast all day, or where its warm for 5 minutes, freezing for the next 5 minutes and then it just swaps, over and over throughout the day.

Smiths Mill Camping in the rain
Stunning weather one minute, and raining the next

In our previous travels, we always matched our destination with the best time to go, and for the most part we got good weather. When you travel around Australia, this is not always possible, and because you are doing it for such a long time you are almost guaranteed to cop some weather that you don’t like.

What weather is the worst?

For us, heavy rain and wind is the most unpleasant to travel in. We love the rain at night time, when we’re tucked into our camper, and can enjoy the pitter patter of rain on the roof.

When it rains non stop for hours on end though, it makes life much harder. It would be impossible to see the days out when its raining without our awning up, which is something we generally avoid using.

Walls up on our Reconn R2
We generally avoid putting walls and awning up, but have no choice when its really bad weather

If its raining, going to the outdoor toilet is a guaranteed way to get yourself wet and frozen, and when its really badly windy we don’t even have the outdoor shower tent up, as its too noisy and you just risk it breaking into a million pieces.

Overall, you can’t control the weather, so you just have to react to it in a way that is most suitable. Sometimes that’s hopping in your car and going for a drive, and other times its just hunkering down and hoping for the best. It certainly adds to the adventure, but can make life on the road quite tiring and difficult at times!

Have you had bad weather when travelling Australia? How did you deal with it?

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