Byford 4wd Tracks

There’s a ridiculous number of 4WD tracks near Perth, if you’re prepared to poke around and check them out. As a south of the river local, the Byford 4WD tracks were always a great opportunity if we didn’t want to drive too far.

Byford 4wd Tracks

Where are the Byford 4WD Tracks?

Nettleton Road is a popular starting point to look for the Byford 4WD tracks, and you’ll find them on the right hand side as you head up the hill.

Driving up Byford 4WD tracks
Stretching the springs on our 80 series

How difficult are they?

These 4WD tracks range from basic gravel tracks through to offset holes that are guaranteed to make you lift a wheel, and even put you at risk of rolling if you pick a bad line. It’s certainly not beginner 4WD track territory, and if you aren’t experienced and have a good spotter, its probably best you don’t attempt any of the harder ones!

A small 4WD Track at Jarrahdale
You’ll find some big holes here

Where are you actually allowed to go?

There’s a lot of 4WD tracks around Perth that are grey, or even completely off limits. Byford backs onto some great 4WD tracks, but if you find yourself going through gates that should be locked, or into water catchment areas you are in the wrong place, and can get some pretty nasty fines.

This is either by a ranger catching you out there, or by the many cameras that are set up these days, to catch people doing the wrong thing. In general, if the gates are open, its easy to get to and you aren’t on someone else’s land you’ll be fine, but please use your common sense; there’s enough places locked up already.

FJ45 in Perth
Don’t go off limits, or you risk a big fine

Finding other 4WD Tracks near Perth

You don’t have to drive too far out of Perth to find some fantastic 4WD tracks. We’ve got a huge list of them in WA here – 4WD Tracks in WA, or you can check out our Jarrahdale 4WD tracks day out too.

Mundaring Powerlines Track 4WDing
There’s no shortage of 4WD tracks near Perth

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