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Welcome to 4WDing Australia. We currently live in Perth, and believe the best way to explore Australia is in a 4WD. Here you'll find information on 4WD tracks, modifying your 4WD, using your 4WD safely and correctly, product reviews, trip reports, destination reviews and stacks of photos to inspire you to get out there and explore. Subscribe to the email list, check us out on Facebook and we will see you out there!

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Ebay solar panel sizes; how to avoid getting ripped off

Ebay solar panel scamEver wondered why your eBay solar panel doesn't produce anywhere near what it should do? Maybe you've been scammed like a heap of other people, by false advertising sellers on eBay.

I'm in the market for another 12V solar panel, for the top of our Dmax's Canopy. I've bought a couple over the years, and each time I'm in awe of how much cheaper they've become. However, what I've discovered just recently, is a lot of 12V solar panels being sold on eBay are falsely advertised. Continue reading here.


Our Dmax gets a canopy

Camper trailer and 4WD to the NTI had a pretty good idea of how our Dmax would end up when we purchased it. The only one we could get came with the normal wellbody, or tub, which I knew had to come off.

How you set up the tray part of a ute for touring is extremely important. Weight, functionality and comfort are areas that you need to think about. I removed the tub, and replaced it with a second hand chassis mount Bull Motor Body. Continue reading here.


Jarrahdene; brilliant bush camping in the south west

Enjoying Jarrahdene, Margaret RiverThe south west of WA has some of the most stunning country Australia has to offer. From pristine Karri and Jarrah forests through to world class beaches, local produce, caves and stunning rivers there's something for everyone, and now you can camp to your hearts content!

The DPAW (Department of Parks and Wildlife) have just completed their newest camp ground, called Jarrahdene, and its spectacular. The camp sites smack bang in the middle of a brilliant forest, and has a lot going for it. Continue reading here.


Solar shower bags; do they actually work?

Camping showerHaving a shower when you are camping takes comfort to a totally new level. I'll never forget the first time we boiled a big pot of water over the fire and used a cheap 12V shower pump to have a shower after a days motorbike riding in the freezing evening at Broome Hill.

Nothing beats a shower in the bush, even if its only 1/10th as good as one you'd have at home!

Since then, I’ve tried a number of shower arrangements. Every style has their own pro's and con's, but one day when walking through a camping store I spotted a couple of the black shower bags for about $10 each. Given the price I thought lets give these a crack, so two were purchased to trial. Continue reading here.


What's the standard tyre size on your 4WD?

Tyre placard DmaxChanging tyre sizes on 4WD's is relatively common practice, but there's a few things you want to consider before doing it. Knowing what the standard tyre size is for your 4WD is imperative when making these choices. If you've bought a vehicle second hand, how do you know whether the tyres on it are the standard size? Continue reading here.



What's the purpose of 4WD modifications and accessories?

Spare wheel carrierThere is no end to the list of 4WD modifications and accessories on the market today. You can convert independent suspension to a solid axle, fit portal axles, remote reservoir shock absorbers, air tanks and 240V power. The only limitation is how deep your pockets are!

That said, what's the purpose of 4WD modifications and accessories? Why do so many people spend a small fortune doing their 4WD up?Continue reading here.


Corrugations in your 4WD; what to do about them

Corrugations and pressuresA substantial amount of Australia is connected by gravel roads. If you've done much gravel driving you would have heard of corrugations. They can be absolutely terrible both from a comfort and potential damage perspective. Continue reading here.



Why everyone should carry a spare radiator cap

Radiator cap spareDespite costing a mere couple of bucks, your radiator cap is one of the most important parts of your 4WD. They do not last forever, and can 'let go' without much notice. Not a whole lot of fun if you are in the middle of the bush.

The cooling system for your 4WD's motor plays a massive role. It regulates the motors temperature by allowing it to warm up as required and then stay under a certain temperature. If its not working properly, the results can be devastating and extremely expensive. Continue reading here.

Is a catch can important on a modern turbo diesel?

HPD Catch can Dmax

If you own a modern turbo diesel without a catch can, you'll probably look back in the future and wish you'd fitted one. You can get a variety of different brands and models of catch cans for $150 - $450 installed, and they play a hugely important role for your motor. Continue reading here.


Steep Point Fishing

Cobia Halco LureAsides from being an incredible adventure and the most western point of Australian mainland, Steep Point is very well known for its fishing. So much so that it's often referred to as the best land based fishing in Australia.

In July of this year we spent 9 nights camped at Shelter Bay, lapping up the turquoise water, isolation and unbelievable fishing. Continue reading here. 


A new turbo for our new Dmax

Isuzu Dmax SX dual cabI arrived home late one night, to see our new 4WD parked on the driveway. A 2016 Isuzu Dmax, purchased from Victoria and trucked over. Shiny, relatively clean and only 31km on the odometer; an undriven demo.

The Dmax arrived with no number plates, so I arranged a permit to drive to take it over the pits, and booked it in. 2 days later I jump in the vehicle to drive it for the first time, and head to the pit inspections. Not even 750 metres down the road a little icon appears on the dash; the check engine light. A few phone calls later and the vehicle passed the pits, and was booked in with Isuzu in Maddington for diagnosis and rectification. Continue reading here.


Don't get caught out with Caravan and Camper Trailer weights

Nameplate weights for a camper trailerI'm tired of reading over and over again of weight issues that thousands of people are being caught out by. These relate to trailer weights, tow vehicle capacities and weight distribution, and if you don't take the time to carefully look into it, you'll be in a world of pain. Continue reading here.



Hamelin Station Stay near Shark Bay

Hamelin Station Stay campingI'd heard good things about Hamelin Station Stay, but never had the time to call in and check it out. Earlier this year though, we spent a night there, and loved it.

It's the perfect place to relax for a few days, or call in on your way to Denham. Continue reading here.



Our new 4WD; an Isuzu Dmax

Isuzu Dmax SX dual cabWe've got a new fourby!

We sold our 80 Series Land Cruiser a couple of months ago, which was an awesome vehicle. It was tough, capable and functional tourer, but the time came to move it on. I'd been eyeing off the Isuzu Dmax for some time, and after extensive research I paid a deposit on one.  Continue reading here.


Snowys; the best place in Australia to buy Camping and Outdoor Gear

Snowys OutdoorsThe outdoor lifestyle is hugely popular in Australia, and for good reason. We have some of the best places to camp, hike, 4WD and fish on the planet, and with today’s fantastic products you can do it in comfort.

The problem we all have is finding the right product for the job at a good price and with amazing customer service. I find that often you’ll get a business that sells cheap products, but it comes at a cost to their customer service and obligations.

That is, until I found Snowys; an Australian owned and run camping and outdoors shop. They started in 1995 in Adelaide, and soon moved into a 2000m2 store within a kilometre of Adelaide’s CBD. Just a few months ago Snowys opened its second store in Brendale, Brisbane. Continue reading here.


Our 80 Series Land Cruiser on a tow truck

Tow Truck Land CruiserLand Cruisers have a pretty good name when it comes to reliability, and even at 27 years old we never really had any major issues with our 80 Series. I spend a fair bit of time and money maintaining my vehicles to a high standard; you look after them and they look after you. I guess a background in maintenance planning and mechanical fitting does come in handy. Continue reading here.



12 ways to wear your 4WD out faster

4WD on corrugationsWhen you are bouncing your way along a corrugated road in the middle of no where, spare a thought for what is happening to the many bits and pieces that make up your 4WD. Punishment is a word that would accurately describe the life of many 4WD's, and they do an exceptional job overall. Continue reading here.



Moving from an Oztent to a Camper Trailer

Fire pits at night Bell GorgeOver time the way in which you camp slowly evolves. For me, some bunky old tents and a cheap swag were the start of my camping experience, and I had some truly amazing trips with them. Eventually we lashed out and bought an Oztent RV5, which we have been absolutely wrapped with. We'd just put it on the roof racks, and take the rest of the gear with us in our 80 Series Land Cruiser. Continue reading here.



Murchison House Station in Kalbarri

Camping at Murchison HouseKalbarri is a fairly well known holiday destination on the mid WA coast. However, most people only ever see south of the Murchison River. What if I told you there's a station north of the river that's twice the size of Singapore, and you can access pretty much every single bit of it? By access, I mean camping, brilliant 4WD tracks, untouched history and incredible natural beauty like you've never seen before. Continue reading here.


The ultimate guide to buying a camper trailer

There was a time not so long ago where I could give you a basic run down of the different camper trailers sold in Australia. Believe me, those days are long gone; now there are hundreds of different makes and models, with more differences than you can poke a stick at. So, where do you start? Continue reading here.


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