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Welcome to 4WDing Australia. We currently live in Perth, and believe the best way to explore Australia is in a 4WD. Here you'll find information on 4WD tracks, modifying your 4WD, using your 4WD safely and correctly, product reviews, trip reports, destination reviews and stacks of photos to inspire you to get out there and explore. See you out there!

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15 common mistakes to avoid when modifying your 4WD

80 series land cruiser buildThe 4WD accessory and modifications industry has never been bigger than it is today. You can get everything from BCDC battery chargers through to chassis extensions, hot water on demand systems, portal axles and everything in between. Whilst this is great in many ways, it creates a huge opportunity for people to make costly mistakes when it comes to modifying their 4WD Read more...


Carrarang station video

YouTube Preview Image

Carrarang Station

Living the dreamIf remote camping on a station with some of the best access to the WA coast peaks your interest, this post is for you. Yep, we are talking about Carrarang Station. If you haven't heard of it before, we don't blame you. Up until now, its been a rather well kept secret, unlike Tamala Station, which is significantly Read more...



Carrarang Station to Steep Point, Kalbarri and Horrocks

Our campsite at CarrarangWith 8 days of annual leave and 16 days away from work, we packed up and headed north in search of great 4WDing, fishing and camping destinations. We purchased a little tinny a few weeks prior to leaving, and I modified the trailer to take a beating off road Read more...



Middle Lagoon vs Kooljaman at Cape Leveque

Middle Lagoon BroomeIf you are tossing up whether to visit Middle Lagoon or head the extra distance to Kooljaman at Cape Leveque, you are in a fantastic position. At the end of the day, it won't matter where you go; they are both truly unbelievable spots that you will love and remember for a long time to Read more...



A quick run down to Preston beach

Preston beach sunsetWe did manage to get down to Preston beach last long weekend for a bit of a fish and relaxing as the sun went down.

I wanted to test our 4WD's cooling system, and drag the new boat trailer along the beach to see how it would go Read more...



How to tell the age of your 4WD tyres

Tyre age stampWe spend a lot of time picking out the tyre size and tread pattern on our 4WD tyres. Have you ever thought about their age though?

Tyres are seriously important. In reality, they are just bits of rubber, but they provide the traction you need for braking, steering and even going forward offroad Read more...

Are you being misled by 4WD tow ratings? 

Towing with a 4WDSo, you've got a heavy caravan or boat that you want to tow? Don't be misled by the advertising! Just because your 4WD has a certain 'towing capacity' doesn't mean you can actually tow that under normal conditions.

Today, you can pick up a number of new 4WD's that have a claimed 3500kg towing capacity. The thing is though, its completely misleading, to the point where you are almost guaranteed to be overloaded towing something that's 3500kg. How is that possible? Read more...

Not sleeping well when camping? Invest in a good mattress

Blackwolf Mega Deluxe MattressCamping is a lot of fun, when you are comfortable. Guaranteed the best way to put you off camping is to have a shoddy nights sleep, or wake up feeling like you need to head to the chiropractor!

I've always enjoyed camping, but up until a few years ago never managed to get a great nights sleep Read more...



Stuck on the beach in your 4WD? Here's what you should do

Stuck near the oceanSo, you've sunk down in your 4WD on the beach, and don't know what to do next. Firstly, relax; although its a pretty uncomfortable position to be in, you can get yourself out without damaging anything but your pride! Read more...




Traction control vs Diff Lockers

Traction is key when it comes toMomentum and 4WDing 4WDing. The more traction you have, the further you can drive without losing momentum. The ability to drive your wheels, knowing that they are pushing your 4WD forward (or backwards) makes all the difference. Once you head off the bitumen the level of available traction decreases substantially. Read more...



4WDing; when it all goes wrong

Serious driveline damage4WDing is a sport, a hobby and a way of life that allows you to see so much that many people don't ever get to see. Like everything in life though, there is an element of risk, and things do go wrong from time to time. Over the years we've had our fair share of things go wrong, and come across plenty of others who have too. Below are some of the photos we've captured Read more...



Christmas at Bremer Bay

4WDing at Bremer BayIf you haven't been to Bremer Bay, you've been missing out. We've just spent 4 days enjoying the amazing coastline, 4WDing, spearfishing and relaxing. I'll let the photos do the talking. Overall, the trip was epic. However, it didn't start off like that; we had a pretty bad run! We left at 2:45AM, and arrived on Bremer Bay beach at around Read more...



Gturbo Diesel Power Upgrade

Gturbo goldSeveral years ago a mate of mine showed me some power figures that a member of a 4WD forum was getting out of his 1HD-FTE (100 series turbo diesel Land Cruiser engine) using a custom turbo setup, running in a Lexus 4WD. I was blown away, but didn't pay too much attention at the time as I was still driving around in a petrol Hilux which couldn't pull the skin off a rice Read more...



How to accurately work out your fuel economy

4WD fuel economy

How many times have you had someone say to you their 4WD is only getting 500km out of a tank of fuel? What does that mean to you? How big is the fuel tank, and how far are they running it down? What size engine, tyres, and driving habits do they have? Were they doing 90km/h on flat ground, or sitting on 110km/h up and down hills on cruise control? Fuel economy varies wildly depending on where and how you are driving. You can easily monitor your fuel economy every time you fill up; it takes a few seconds to Read more...


Driven 4x4 Competition 2015

SWB GQ Patrol at Driven 4x44WD competitions are not very common in Western Australia just yet, and to have one within a couple of hours of Perth that spectators were invited to attend is fantastic. This weekend just gone was the first Driven to Drive 4x4 Competition (with hopefully plenty more to come) Read more...



Perth 4WD Accessories; where can you go?

Perth 4WD AccessoriesIf you are looking for 4WD Accessories in Perth, you've come to the right place. There are a heap of different stores spread throughout Perth, and I've included a map below for you to find the nearest ones to you! Whether you are looking for general 4WD accessories, Diesel tuning and turbo work, Suspension lifts, Custom bar work or drawer systems, 12V, or someone to work on your pride and joy, you will find it ... Read more.



Driven to Drive 4WD Competition in Manjimup

Driven 4x4 obstaclesThere's not too many dedicated 4WD competitions in Western Australia, so to hear another one is coming up very shortly is awesome news. If you've got time, head down and support them ... Read more.



Useful 4WD resources

Hulk 4x4 comparisonThere's that much information online these days that it makes it very difficult to find what you really need. With that in mind, I thought it was about time to make a list of a number of Useful 4WD resources that have been a help to me. Many of these I still use regularly. No doubt there are plenty more, so if you've got any suggestions, leave a comment... Read more





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  • Hey mate,

    I’ve edited the comment. I’m truly sorry about that; If I’d known your email was publicly listed like that I would have removed it 2 years ago! I didn’t realise you had actually typed the email address in at the bottom of the comment.

    Have a good one

  • smidsy

    Yea, my bad, I should have known better ! And I never got round to checking why I was getting so much spam in relation to this site.

    Hopefully I wont get all of China trying to sell me LED light strips anymore 🙂

    Thanks !

  • It’s unreal how the bots just pick random email addresses up. I’ve changed mine on the contact us page too; lets see if it makes a difference. How did you know the spam was coming from here?

  • smidsy

    I cant say for certain about the LED light strips, although it makes sense.

    But there were many emails offering advertising and website promotions quoting the website directly, and addressing me as Admin.

  • Yeah, you’d be right, no doubt. I get all of those emails too! Enjoy a clean inbox 😀

  • Kiara Kapoor

    CoolWebsite..Thanks for sharing..

  • Thanks Kiara. I’m glad you like it!

  • Thank you for visiting our website http://www.norrisaroundaustralia.com It’s always great to grow our network of 4WDer’s!

  • No worries mate!

  • tankbloke

    My third or forth visit. Some really good, well reasoned articles. Will be back.

  • Thanks mate, much appreciated. Take care!

  • We are thinking of traveling WA in 2016. What time of year do you recommend?

  • Hey mate! You will love WA. Most people head north in between May – September, and south outside of those months. May – September is the dry season way up north, where it is warm and enjoyable every day. Outside of those months provides great weather for other parts of the state. What did you want to see? This post should help you out – http://www.4wdingaustralia.com/4×4/planning-your-4wd-holiday/

  • Sound a lot like the NT where we are now. Tourist season during the dry because of the less humid weather.

    When we are in WA, I guess we want to see a bit of everything. We love water and cooling off in water with afternoon beers. I’m assuming there are plenty of places to do that. We travel with two little mongeral dogs too, so we will be restricted somewhat with National Parks.

    A friend told us about a place we must visit. Ningaloo Reef (not sure about the spelling). She said it was as good as the Great Barrier Reef, but you don’t need to take a boat out to get there. Does that sound about right to you?

  • Ningaloo Reef is an amazing place to visit, for sure. It runs about 260km, with many places along the coast where it is a stones throw off the beach. The more popular places to visit are Gnaraloo station, Warroora station, Coral Bay, Ningaloo Station and Exmouth.

    Unfortunately I don’t have much experience with travelling with pets, but I believe none of the national parks in WA are dog friendly. Shame.

    There are plenty of amazing places to see. If you love the coast, just following that from north to south (or vice versa) will provide some amazing places. Karijini, Millstream, the Gibb River Road, Shark Bay, Kalbarri, Margaret River are a couple of the places I’d recommend, but there is so many stunning places in WA to see!

    Let me know if you’ve got any questions closer to your departure!


  • Ian H

    Hi Aaron. I have fixed my head lights. It was the combination stork switch.

  • Great to hear!

  • Ian H

    Hi Aaron
    I have just completed my swing carrier for my second spare wheel and two jerry canes and Hi lift jack all fit on the swing arm at the rear of cruiser. I have also installed 200 watt solar panel and controller. Plus 240 volt system incase in caravan park. Back up two 270 amp hour batteries. Next job fit 13000 pound winch Then roof top tent and annex. All go here Aaron. loads of fun
    Cheers oldboy66

  • Sounds like you aren’t wasting any time! I’d love to see some photos; send them through if you get a chance!

  • Ian H

    Swing arm. Carries 30 Lt petrol, Spare wheel and Hi Lift Jack

  • Ian H

    Mounted 200 watt 12 volt solar panel on top. Inside controller to charge batteries and run fridge

  • Looks good mate. Are you not concerned about the weight, and decreased departure angle?

  • Nice work. 200W should be heaps to keep the batteries topped up!

  • Ian H

    I will be towing a trailer so i can relocate spare onto trailer. Also i can move spare 200 mm to right allowing more room for trailer draw bar. On highway i need spare where it is so car following can see my tail lights. Also it makes it legal. On the spirit the spare does not hang out any further than a bike rack. So no extra charge. The trailer carries 20 lt of petrol so i wanted to carry extra petrol. The swing arm is no lower than bumper bar so i feel i should be okay. I now carry 50 lts petrol. I am installing my winch next. I watched 4×4 videos and they are loaded on the roof towing trailers. I am installing roof top tent as well. My partner and I are heading up to canberra next November so I will see how the cruiser performs and runs. All a learning curve. Cheers Oldboy66

  • Sounds great Ian. One thing I did forget to mention, in WA its illegal to carry fuel on the rear of your 4WD. I think its related to what could happen if you have an accident

  • Ian H

    I will be towing a trailer so my cans are protected

  • Ian H

    Two years ago we drove around Australia. It was a disel van but i had 30 lts of fuel on the back in the same set up. Never had a problem. Is this a new law. Five ywars ago we had a coaster bus and we carried 60 lts of petrol on back

  • Ian H

    Where do people carry their petrol or fuel while travelling

  • Hey Ian,

    Not sure whether its a new law or not; I found out about it on a 4WD forum some time ago. Most people either use jerry cans on their trailer (front, sides or top), on their 4WD’s roof or they install a long range tank underneath their vehicle.

    You would probably be able to travel without any issues, but it only takes one picky police officer, or something to go badly wrong if you have an accident.

    Can you mount them on your trailer instead (just not on the back!)?


  • Ian H

    Still designing trailer so anything is possible.

  • Ian H

    http://www.dmp.wa.gov.au/16411.aspx#16438 This particular web site talks about Ute tray on trailer. If they are not possible it talks about inside car with window open. Then goes on to talk about Australia Standard Jerry cans or containers which I have. Held in upright position which mine are and held securely behind spare wheel.. It does not say any thing about back of car being illegal. Just the receptacle must be Australian Standard and with strained properly

  • Ian H

    I have raised wheel to different position wheel now higher

  • Ian H

    Raising wheel allows me to tow trailer. I moved it up to another stud hole which raised wheel. I will post photo later. All coming together here. Fit 9″ LED driving lights yesterday. They just fitted in.

  • Ian H

    Solar panel connected now through solar controller. But battery not charging. 20 volts 4.5amps coming down line from solar panel. Amps vary according to sun of course. I have tried every setting on solar controller ( Model controller T20 Series Solar controller)

  • Ian H

    Continuing on. Head lights were not fixed. They are now. The hi beam was not going off on low beam. They are getting power from some where else. So I disconnected all new wiring. Connected new 9″ LEDS straight into original inner Hi beam and unplugged out head lights. Also hi beam light in dash was on when low beam was on. With outer plugs disconnected inner Hi beam lights worked as normal. On the end of the outer headlight plugs there were adaptors which changed connection to outer head lights. I removed these adaptors which altered connection to outer headlights. Plugged back onto
    outer head lights. Turned on lights and every thing worked perfectly. Now I have outer and inner Hi beam and low beam headlights Dip to low beam all works well. light in dash has reverted back to normal. With head light problems I have replaced combination switch and replaced Head light main relay. all good now.

  • Ian H

    I have now fitted my winch. I have an aluminum Bull Bar. I removed Bull Bar and installed a bought winch mounting plate. This I bolted to chassis then mount winch to plate. Cut hole in Bull Bar and mounted roller plate to guide wire. Re installed Bull Bar. All works well. Roof top tent installed . I had to replace zip runner on roof top tent because the first time I checked out tent I zipped up part of tent in zip. Bad move. Warning when folding up roof top tent and zipping up storm cover make sure you tuck in all parts of tent. I found zip runner on Ebay. It was easily replaced.

  • Ian H

    Well 4×4 is complete now. Heading to Karratha WA on the 7th March.2016. My wife and I are house sitting in Karratha

  • Good to hear the fourby is done. Karratha is a magic spot, but it will be warm at the moment. Not sure about your solar power issue; I’m not much help when it comes to 12V electrics!