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Welcome to 4WDing Australia. You'll find information on 4WD tracks, trip reports, product reviews, camping destinations and a huge number of photos to inspire you to get out there and enjoy Australia in your 4WD. We are lucky enough to have some of the best places in the world to explore, and having a 4WD makes it that much easier. We hope you enjoy the site, and would love to hear from you.

4WD Tracks in WA

4WD Tracks in WAIf you are sick and tired of trying to find 4WD tracks in WA, this is the place to visit!





From the blog

Giving it a few berriesEvery Monday we release a new blog post; be sure to check them out. We post trip reports, 4WD tips, destination reports and stacks of photos.




4WD Accessories

The right 4WD Accessories go a long way There are more accessories you can add to a 4WD than you can poke a stick at. Here are some guides to help you choose!





Our 4WD       

Our 80 Series Landcruiser Here at 4WDing Australia, we wanted a vehicle that was capable, reliable and functional, that didn't break the bank. I think we've found the one!       


Our latest adventures

See the latest 4WDing Australia trips We try and take the 4WD out as much as possible. You can read about our latest adventures here.






Guides to 4WDing 

If you are new to the world of 4WDing,, we've got a page for you 4WDing is a skill, like any other, that requires learning and practising. If you want to learn more about 4WDing, check this out





Where can I camp in WA?

Where can I camp in WA? WA has some phenominal camping locations, and I'd like to share them with you here





Photo of the day

Photo of the day Every day I post a photo of our travels, 4WDing or camping. You can find them here


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  • http://www.4wdingaustralia.com Aaron at 4WDing Australia

    Hey mate,

    I’ve edited the comment. I’m truly sorry about that; If I’d known your email was publicly listed like that I would have removed it 2 years ago! I didn’t realise you had actually typed the email address in at the bottom of the comment.

    Have a good one

  • smidsy

    Yea, my bad, I should have known better ! And I never got round to checking why I was getting so much spam in relation to this site.

    Hopefully I wont get all of China trying to sell me LED light strips anymore :)

    Thanks !

  • http://www.4wdingaustralia.com Aaron at 4WDing Australia

    It’s unreal how the bots just pick random email addresses up. I’ve changed mine on the contact us page too; lets see if it makes a difference. How did you know the spam was coming from here?

  • smidsy

    I cant say for certain about the LED light strips, although it makes sense.

    But there were many emails offering advertising and website promotions quoting the website directly, and addressing me as Admin.

  • http://www.4wdingaustralia.com Aaron at 4WDing Australia

    Yeah, you’d be right, no doubt. I get all of those emails too! Enjoy a clean inbox 😀

  • Kiara Kapoor

    CoolWebsite..Thanks for sharing..

  • http://www.4wdingaustralia.com Aaron at 4WDing Australia

    Thanks Kiara. I’m glad you like it!

  • http://www.norrisaroundaustralia.com Norris Around Australia

    Thank you for visiting our website http://www.norrisaroundaustralia.com It’s always great to grow our network of 4WDer’s!

  • http://www.4wdingaustralia.com Aaron at 4WDing Australia

    No worries mate!

  • tankbloke

    My third or forth visit. Some really good, well reasoned articles. Will be back.

  • http://www.4wdingaustralia.com Aaron at 4WDing Australia

    Thanks mate, much appreciated. Take care!

  • http://www.naivenomads.com.au Naive Nomads

    We are thinking of traveling WA in 2016. What time of year do you recommend?

  • http://www.4wdingaustralia.com Aaron at 4WDing Australia

    Hey mate! You will love WA. Most people head north in between May – September, and south outside of those months. May – September is the dry season way up north, where it is warm and enjoyable every day. Outside of those months provides great weather for other parts of the state. What did you want to see? This post should help you out – http://www.4wdingaustralia.com/4×4/planning-your-4wd-holiday/

  • http://www.naivenomads.com.au Naive Nomads

    Sound a lot like the NT where we are now. Tourist season during the dry because of the less humid weather.

    When we are in WA, I guess we want to see a bit of everything. We love water and cooling off in water with afternoon beers. I’m assuming there are plenty of places to do that. We travel with two little mongeral dogs too, so we will be restricted somewhat with National Parks.

    A friend told us about a place we must visit. Ningaloo Reef (not sure about the spelling). She said it was as good as the Great Barrier Reef, but you don’t need to take a boat out to get there. Does that sound about right to you?

  • http://www.4wdingaustralia.com Aaron at 4WDing Australia

    Ningaloo Reef is an amazing place to visit, for sure. It runs about 260km, with many places along the coast where it is a stones throw off the beach. The more popular places to visit are Gnaraloo station, Warroora station, Coral Bay, Ningaloo Station and Exmouth.

    Unfortunately I don’t have much experience with travelling with pets, but I believe none of the national parks in WA are dog friendly. Shame.

    There are plenty of amazing places to see. If you love the coast, just following that from north to south (or vice versa) will provide some amazing places. Karijini, Millstream, the Gibb River Road, Shark Bay, Kalbarri, Margaret River are a couple of the places I’d recommend, but there is so many stunning places in WA to see!

    Let me know if you’ve got any questions closer to your departure!