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Welcome to 4WDing Australia. We currently live in Perth, and believe the best way to explore Australia is in a 4WD. Here you'll find information on 4WD tracks, modifying your 4WD, using your 4WD safely and correctly, product reviews, trip reports, destination reviews and stacks of photos to inspire you to get out there and explore. See you out there!

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Momentum and 4WDing; finding the right balance

Momentum and 4WDingUnless you are completely new to the world of 4WDing, you would have heard of the term 'momentum'. It essentially refers to the speed at which your 4WD is travelling. The more momentum your 4WD has, the further it will go through a soft patch of sand, water crossing or mud hole. However, too quickly, and you risk a whole lot more than getting bogged. It's all about finding the right balance Read more...



80 Series Land Cruiser Build up

Our 80 nowA couple of years ago we decided to sell the old Hilux and upgrade to something that was a bit more suited for touring. We had a good idea of what we wanted, and picked up our new ride, a 1990 80 series with the factory turbo engine. It had a heap of goodies on it already, including a fully rebuilt engine with only 70k on the clock Read more....



4WD adventures in our 80 series

Town beach BroomeWe've had our 80 series Landcruiser for a couple of years now, and have done a lot of work to it. In return, we've had some truly amazing trips with it, and created memories that money can't buy. Below are some of the places we've been in our 4WD Read more...



A day at Mundaring Powerlines in the Mud

My 80The Mundaring Powerlines Track is one of the most well known 4WD tracks around Perth, and for good reason. It's got everything; rocks, gravel, sand, mud, water crossings and a heap of hill climbs and descents. We headed out on Saturday with six 4WD's, and had a great Read more...



How much fuel do you need to carry for your 4WD?

El Questro fuel pricesRunning out of fuel in your 4WD at best is a major inconvenience. Beyond that, it can do serious damage to your engine, and put your safety at risk if you are in a remote area. There are a number of ways to carry fuel in your 4WD, but you need to decide on how much you should be carrying for each trip. So how do you go about ... Read more.



Cape Leveque 4WD Tag-along tour with Brian Lee

Fishing at Hunter CreekThe Kimberley is an unbelievable part of the world, and earlier this year we spent 5 weeks exploring it. I sit here now, and reflect on the hundreds of amazing memories from our time in such a spectacular region. There are without a doubt though, a few experiences that really stood out. One of our highlights was the day we spent with Brian Lee on a 4WD tour at Cape Leveque Read more...



42 things you must know about 4WDing

Landcruiser incident 3Anyone can buy a 4WD and take it off road. Unfortunately, this means a lot of people are heading off road without the faintest idea of how to use their 4WD, and what to do when things go wrong. I've witnessed this on countless occasions, where vehicles and people have been put at risk due to a lack of knowledge. Best case scenario; you look like an idiot. Worst case; you do damage to your 4WD, or kill someone Read more...



What do you carry in your 4WD?

80 series rearThere's a fine balance between packing too much gear into your 4WD, and not having enough. We've found it takes some time to find that balance, and you continually get better at taking what you need, and nothing more.

However, if you are using your 4WD off road, you should have more than the standard jack and wheel brace in the back of your 4WD ... Read more.



Middle Lagoon on Cape Leveque

Middle Lagoon

Cape Leveque is the huge chunk of land north of Broome. It's home to some of the most amazing beaches you will ever see, with plenty of places to stay. Middle Lagoon is one of the more highly recommended destinations, and for good reason! The water is warm and blue, the beaches are white and clean, and the coastline is pristine, remote and beautiful ... Read more.



When should you use a snatch strap?

Snatch strap down southLast week, a 17 year old Sydney boy was hit in the back of the head when a 4WD recovery went badly wrong. He was in critical condition, and put in an induced coma. I don't know exactly what happened, and will not speculate on it. I just wish him and his family all the best, and hope he recovers quickly.

Regardless of how the accident came to happen, it highlights the importance of making sure 4WD recoveries are done safely, period... Read more.


Perth to Broome; how many days driving?

80 series tourer

Western Australia is a massive place. I don't think you can really appreciate its size, until you've driven it. A lot of people visit Broome from Perth every year, whether its just to enjoy the spectacular sights of Broome, or to begin a huge 4WD adventure to Cape Leveque and the Gibb River Road.

Its 2241 kilometres from Perth to Broome (along the inland route) ... Read more


4WD tyre pressures; do you check them hot or cold?

Pick the right tyre pressures

4WD tyre pressures are probably the most critical factor you control when you get off the bitumen road. Whether its gravel roads that are full of  corrugations, big mud holes or a soft beach you are travelling on, having your tyres at the right pressure for the terrain you are driving on is crucial. In a  previous post... Read more



What didn't go to plan in the Kimberley

Broome Oil seal

Sometimes despite the best planning and preparation, things still don’t go to plan. We’ve learned to be flexible. You have to be. Things will go wrong, and things will not always go in exactly the direction you want them to. However, at the end of the day, it all works out, and often the things that went wrong are adventures, or worst case, things that you look back on and ... Read more.



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    It’s unreal how the bots just pick random email addresses up. I’ve changed mine on the contact us page too; lets see if it makes a difference. How did you know the spam was coming from here?

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    But there were many emails offering advertising and website promotions quoting the website directly, and addressing me as Admin.

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    Yeah, you’d be right, no doubt. I get all of those emails too! Enjoy a clean inbox 😀

  • Kiara Kapoor

    CoolWebsite..Thanks for sharing..

  • http://www.4wdingaustralia.com Aaron at 4WDing Australia

    Thanks Kiara. I’m glad you like it!

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  • tankbloke

    My third or forth visit. Some really good, well reasoned articles. Will be back.

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  • http://www.naivenomads.com.au Naive Nomads

    We are thinking of traveling WA in 2016. What time of year do you recommend?

  • http://www.4wdingaustralia.com Aaron at 4WDing Australia

    Hey mate! You will love WA. Most people head north in between May – September, and south outside of those months. May – September is the dry season way up north, where it is warm and enjoyable every day. Outside of those months provides great weather for other parts of the state. What did you want to see? This post should help you out – http://www.4wdingaustralia.com/4×4/planning-your-4wd-holiday/

  • http://www.naivenomads.com.au Naive Nomads

    Sound a lot like the NT where we are now. Tourist season during the dry because of the less humid weather.

    When we are in WA, I guess we want to see a bit of everything. We love water and cooling off in water with afternoon beers. I’m assuming there are plenty of places to do that. We travel with two little mongeral dogs too, so we will be restricted somewhat with National Parks.

    A friend told us about a place we must visit. Ningaloo Reef (not sure about the spelling). She said it was as good as the Great Barrier Reef, but you don’t need to take a boat out to get there. Does that sound about right to you?

  • http://www.4wdingaustralia.com Aaron at 4WDing Australia

    Ningaloo Reef is an amazing place to visit, for sure. It runs about 260km, with many places along the coast where it is a stones throw off the beach. The more popular places to visit are Gnaraloo station, Warroora station, Coral Bay, Ningaloo Station and Exmouth.

    Unfortunately I don’t have much experience with travelling with pets, but I believe none of the national parks in WA are dog friendly. Shame.

    There are plenty of amazing places to see. If you love the coast, just following that from north to south (or vice versa) will provide some amazing places. Karijini, Millstream, the Gibb River Road, Shark Bay, Kalbarri, Margaret River are a couple of the places I’d recommend, but there is so many stunning places in WA to see!

    Let me know if you’ve got any questions closer to your departure!


  • Ian H

    Hi Aaron. I have fixed my head lights. It was the combination stork switch.

  • http://www.4wdingaustralia.com Aaron at 4WDing Australia

    Great to hear!

  • Ian H

    Hi Aaron
    I have just completed my swing carrier for my second spare wheel and two jerry canes and Hi lift jack all fit on the swing arm at the rear of cruiser. I have also installed 200 watt solar panel and controller. Plus 240 volt system incase in caravan park. Back up two 270 amp hour batteries. Next job fit 13000 pound winch Then roof top tent and annex. All go here Aaron. loads of fun
    Cheers oldboy66

  • http://www.4wdingaustralia.com Aaron at 4WDing Australia

    Sounds like you aren’t wasting any time! I’d love to see some photos; send them through if you get a chance!

  • Ian H

    Swing arm. Carries 30 Lt petrol, Spare wheel and Hi Lift Jack

  • Ian H

    Mounted 200 watt 12 volt solar panel on top. Inside controller to charge batteries and run fridge

  • http://www.4wdingaustralia.com Aaron at 4WDing Australia

    Looks good mate. Are you not concerned about the weight, and decreased departure angle?

  • http://www.4wdingaustralia.com Aaron at 4WDing Australia

    Nice work. 200W should be heaps to keep the batteries topped up!