South Australia

After spending 30 odd years in WA, its time to change gears and explore another truly amazing state; South Australia! In this post, we cover amazing camp sites, 4WD tracks and heaps more.

We’ve just left South Australia after exploring it for more than 4 months, and will be back for sure. We saw so many amazing places, and I said to Sarah that we’ve probably only covered about a third of it well, with heaps more to see on another visit.

Camp sites in South Australia

Magic sunset at Point BrownWe love finding the best of the best camp sites, and sharing them with those who are also keen. Like the WA camp sites post, we’ve shared a heap of amazing places here, and will continue to grow it into one of the most comprehensive guides you’ll find online for camping in South Australia. If you want pristine camp sites, with many aimed at the avid 4WD owner, this should keep you busy for a while!

4WD tracks in South Australia

Echo Camp 4WD trackWe’ve done some pretty amazing 4WD tracks in WA, but it didn’t take long for South Australia to show its easily as good. South Australia has a heap of 4WD tracks that are stunning, especially after a bit of rain. In this post, we check out all of the brilliant 4WD tracks we’ve done in South Australia, and will continue to add to it as time goes on.




Best places to visit in South Australia

South Australia is a magic placeAsides from the amazing camp sites and 4WD tracks above, we found some fantastic places in South Australia for you to visit, and have put them together here.

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