A quick table; the best 4WD accessory you can add

There are some pretty incredible 4WD setups out there today, with the boundary continually being pushed to new limits. I love nothing more than checking out someone else’s pride and joy, and seeing how they’ve set things up, and what is working well for them.

One thing that has been a total game changer for us though, is a drop down table that is quick and easy to use.

The kitchen in our Isuzu Dmax
Our drop down table in the Dmax

The great thing about 4WDing is that everyone does different things with their vehicles, and so setups evolve in a similar way. That said, there are a few modifications that get done on a regular basis, for vehicles that are used for touring, or overlanding.

These are often simple modifications that make your life easier on the road, and one that everyone should have is a quick, drop down table.

We’ve had a few 4WD’s now, and up until the Dmax, we never had a proper table that would drop down quickly. I’m not talking about a table that you pull out and set up (although that is still a good option), but rather something that is attached to your 4WD that you just pull out, or fold down in a matter of seconds

4WD bench space
Bench space in a 4WD is super important, and we struggled in our 80 series with the drawers and fridge slide being in the way

A lot of people make one under their 4WD drawer systems, so you pull the table out on a set of slides, and then you can pull the out too (either over the top, or on a second set of slides). Others just have dedicated bench space inside their vehicle that always stays empty, and then you get those with tables that clip onto the side of their vehicle.

What ever way you go about it, being able to pull up, flick a table out and start making lunch is one of the best modifications you can do to a 4WD.

In our Dmax, I borrowed a very clever idea I’d seen online, which combined using the table to eat and prepare on with stopping our cheap Bunnings Oates Drawers from coming out. A lot of people use arms that swing down, or elastic rope to keep them shut.

I decided a piece of 12mm ply would be perfect, and given that it folds down exactly horizontal and at the perfect working height it was the ultimate win.

Drop down table in our Dmax
Everything packed away

Now, I just yank the latch when we pull up and get the stuff out of the fridge, and get making lunch. We also use it for resting gear on at camp including camera’s, tools etc.

If you haven’t got a quick table in or on your 4WD, you should get one. They are a game changer!

Dmax table
We love our little table

We still carry a folding Oztrail Ironhide Table in our Camper which we sit around, and the kids do their school work on, but having one with you that is instantly set up is unreal.

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