Diesel Tuning in Perth

The way that your 4WD is tuned makes a huge difference to the economy, power, torque and most importantly reliability. The limitations for what can be done usually come down to how deep your pockets are, with a range of services on offer.

You can get mild tweaks to fuel pumps through to bigger injectors, upgraded intercoolers, replacement turbo’s, remaps and the list goes on and on. I’d never had much to do with it, until our vehicle needed a tickle, and I started to look into Diesel Tuning Perth options.

Diesel smoke isn't great
Excess smoke like this is costing you money and power

80 Series Land Cruiser 1HDT tuning

My 80 Series Land Cruiser ran the 4.2 turbo diesel engine (1HDT) that is well known for decent economy along with plenty of power and torque. However, they also have a reputation for being tuned very conservatively before the turbo kicks in.

The average economy that I was getting sat at around 15-18L/100km. However, on a trip down south to Yeagarup, it used 18L/100km (and a whopping 31L/100km on the beach and dunes).

A few people commented on the vehicle smoking at low RPM, and it lacked power before the turbo came on, so I decided it was worth getting looked at. The mechanically tuned vehicles can be set up in so many different ways, and there’s less of a ‘factory tune’ that you’d get with a modern CRD motor.

UPDATE: Gturbo tuning

Last year my diesel pump started dripping badly, and after many hours of research I decided to take it to Gturbo to be fixed. Whilst there, I had the turbo replaced with one of their aftermarket units, and the results have been nothing short of astounding.

I loved the power, but eventually blew a head gasket and not long after I sold it and purchased an Isuzu Dmax. If you want to know more about the 80 series tuning experience at Gturbo, you can check it out here; Gturbo; diesel power upgrade.

United Fuel Injection

United Fuel Injection has been in the diesel and turbo industry for 40 years. They work on everything from stock standard diesels through to competition four wheel drives and big trucks. They have a quality Bosch dyno tune machine and the skills to tune your vehicle for your requirements.

Dynotune of 1HDT
The results

80 Series 1HDT tuning results

After checking various forums, United Fuel Injection had the best reputation, and I gave Matt a call. I booked the Land Cruiser in, and dropped it off during a lunch break. The intention was to reduce the smoke, and see if it could be tuned to have more power before the turbo came on.

A few hours later, and I came back to a dyno tuned turbo diesel, for $220. The power went from 121kW to 126kW and the torque from 348Nm to 374Nm, both at lower RPM. Through the whole rev range the vehicle has more power, and it was a better vehicle to drive.

From factory, these engines put out 115kw. Mine has a 3” exhaust and safari intercooler. However, it has been rebuilt around 70,000km ago.

My review of United Fuel Injection

I was very pleased with the work that Matt from United Fuel Injection did. It was quick, professional, and very beneficial to my vehicle. However, since visiting Gturbo and having them work on my vehicle, its completely different again.

To be fair you can’t really compare what was done to each other, and generally those who like Gturbo don’t like United and vice versa. There’s good and bad reviews for both places. 

Diesel tuning in Perth
Get your diesel really going!

Diesel Tuning options in Perth

If you are looking for Perth Diesel Tuning, United Fuel Injection is very popular.

There are a few other companies, including Gturbo, Turbo Tech, Diesel Fuel Injection, Total Fuel Injection, Reaper performance diesel, Toyotune and A1 Diesel and Injection. Look up their reviews online, and pick the one that is going to look after your vehicle the best!

The game has certainly changed for modern vehicles, with unichips, remaps and all sorts of electronic wizardry going into these vehicles.

Gturbo 1HDT results
Our 80 at Gturbo getting a significant increase in power

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