Lake Argyle and the Bungles; amazing places in WA

After just under 4 weeks exploring Broome, Cape Leveque and the Gibb River road, we pressed on to Lake Argyle and the Bungle Bungles.

If you want a guide that covers literally everything you’d want to know about the Kimberley, you’ll find it here – the ultimate guide to the Kimberley.

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4WD tracks at Lake Argyle
Lake Argyle; probably the most scenic place we visited
Lake Argyle resort
Lake Argyle Resort and Caravan Park
Lake Argyle dam wall
19 times the water capacity of Sydney harbour is held up by one relatively small wall
Lake Argyle Pool
Lake Argyle Resort’s infinity pool. A class of its own!
Lake Argyle and the Ord River
Lake Argyle flowing into the Ord River
Argyle resort infinity pool
Living the dream
Lake Argyle Cruises
Lake Argyle boat tour with Matt
Lake Argyle boat cruise
More water than you can imagine. We travelled over 100km by boat over 6 hours
Lake Argyle river
One of the rivers feeding Lake Argyle
Silver cobbler 2 at Lake Argyle
The Silver Cobbler 2 – the boat to go on!
Lake Argyle reflections
You don’t see water this calm very often
Amazing reflections at Lake Argyle
At 50km/h its a sight to behold
Lake Argyle fish
Feeding some fish at Lake Argyle
Bird of prey
An amazing bird of prey
Swimming at Lake Argyle
Swimming in the lake as the sun sets; magic
Lake Argyle Sunset by boat
A perfect way to wind the day up
Freshwater crocodile Lake Argyle
There are around 25,000 freshwater crocodiles in Lake Argyle
Sunset tour at Lake Argyle
The sunsets here are unbelievable
Lake argyle sunset reflections
Perfect reflections; its pretty rare!
Sunset Boat tour Lake Argyle
Words don’t do this place justice
Boating on Lake Argyle
Paradise on a boat!
Argyle sunset
The last of the sun
Fishing at the floodway
Trying our luck fishing off the flood way
Lake Argyle floodway fishing
We caught a catfish and sooty grunter
Lake argyle helicopter
The helicopter tour at Lake Argyle
Lake Argyle Hydroelectric plant
Lake Argyle Hydroelectric power generation. This saves 60 million litres of diesel per year
Lake argyle colours
The sun transforms the rock here
4WDing Australia at the Bungles
Off to the Bungles
Broken D40 Navara
A slightly sick looking Navara at the Bungle Bungles
Walking through Echidna Chasm
Walking into the Echidna Chasm
Echidna Chasm
Staggering scenery, as per the Kimberley norm
Echidna Chasm Bungles
A short, rewarding walk
Bungles Echidna Chasm
It’s much bigger than I realised
Loving the Bungle Bungles
The bee hives, in all their beauty
Bungle Bungle lookout
There are some great lookouts here too
Enjoying the Bungles
Trying to capture the scenery
Bungles walk
My shorts blend in!
Bungle Bungle National Park
Well worth the drive in
Cathedral gorge
Cathedral Gorge
Bungle Bungle creek
There are way more Bee hives than I expected
Bungle helicopter tour
We splashed out on an 18 minute helicopter ride
Bungle Bungle helicopter
Which was a huge highlight of our trip
Bungles via helicopter
The view from above is unreal
Bungle Bungles from high
They might look small from here, but they aren’t!
Enjoying the Bungles
Nature at its best
The bungles from a helicopter
We live in an incredible country
Amazing colours at the Bungles
Our last sunset at the Bungles
Amazing sunset at Lake Argyle
Bungles in our 80
The more we travel, the more we love our 4WD!
Bungles Corrugations
A couple of the minor corrugations on the way in
Sunset lookout near camp
Bungle Bungle lookout

After 5 weeks, it was a bit of a shock to head back to Perth. Nonetheless, that’s life, and we had a holiday that was so jammed full of amazing experiences. You can’t put a price on a holiday like that, and we now have memories that will last forever.

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  1. 2 days will be fine; it all depends on where you are coming from though, and whether you are able to see at least one of the attractions the day that you arrive. We left from Lake Argyle and had no issues doing the Echidna Chasm upon arrival, then going and setting up camp.

    Very jealous – I’d love to be up there right now!

  2. Harry Fisher says:

    Thanks mate! We’ll be going through in August so hopefully it’s the same sort of deal (less crowded being outside of school holidays). Sounds like 2 days is pretty ideal there.
    We’ll see how we go with fires – love a bush telly so hopefully we’re all good.

  3. Hey mate,


    When we were there it was late May, and there were very little people camping – there were 3 groups camped in our section, of about 20 spots to camp! There’s 4 places you can stay – the caravan park on the way in (about an hours drive into the Bungles), or the DPAW sites – 2 north and 1 south. We stayed at the northern side, and originally had 3 nights booked (you must book these sites). We ended up only staying 2 nights, and still had time to see the Chasm, Cathedral gorge, the Bee hives and do a 15 minute flight.

    We did a couple of smaller walks in the mix too – there’s a good walk in the northern camp ground as the sun goes down – absolutely magic.

    When we were there though, there were a few places closed due to damage from the wet season, so possibly 3 nights would be the go if its all open.

    I honestly can’t remember about fires – I think you may have been able to have them, but we never did – it was warm enough.

    Happy to answer any other questions you have mate


  4. Harry Fisher says:

    I love this write up – great work man.
    How were the campsites at the Bungles? Crowded? Allowed fires etc? Just trying to work our how many days to stay there.