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Exploring 4WD tracks around Dwellingup

Dwellingup has a huge number of 4WD tracks, and we headed out for the day to explore a few more. We didn’t find anything very challenging, but had an enjoyable day nonetheless. I didn’t get too many photos; sorry!

Plenty of water on the track

Stacks of water lying around

Little mud holes

Getting the black patrol filthy

80 Series in the ruts

A few spots to stretch the springs


I love the new BFG KM2 Tyres

Crossing the river

Crossing the river

Navara water crossing

Taking it nice and slow

Dwellingup 4WD water crossing

Not so slow!

Black GU in the water

Jorge’s first crossing

Water crossing

Orange mud!

My 80 in the water

A fun crossing


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