Carrarang Station to Steep Point, Kalbarri and Horrocks

With 8 days of annual leave and 16 days away from work, we packed up and headed north in search of great 4WDing, fishing and camping destinations. We purchased a little tinny a few weeks prior to leaving, and I modified the trailer to take a beating off road.

We stayed at Carrarang Station first (about 70km from Steep Point), then Murchison House Station at Kalbarri and finally Horrocks. It was a fantastic trip, and we wish it had of been longer. For now though, here’s some photo’s. Let me know what you think at the bottom of the post!

Stopped at Jurien Bay
After a couple of mechanical issues we stopped at Jurien Bay for a quick bite to eat
Shark Bay World Heritage Area
Nearly there!
On our way to Carrarang Station
Heading out to Carrarang Station. The road was pretty good, but extremely dusty
Carrarang station horse
We were met at Carrarang by the resident horse, who had no issues checking our cars and boat out
Little Mackeral off Carrarang
Some little Mackeral caught trolling not far from camp at Carrarang
Shark off the beach at Carrarang
Some bigger baits caught a couple of nice size sharks, which were released
Carrarang Station Peninsula
A day trip out to the northern most peninsula at Carrarang Station
Fishing near Useless Loop
Fishing near Useless Loop. Amazing fish and even better sunset
Pinkies and Mulloway from Useless
A few of the Mulloway and Pink Snapper caught that evening
False Entrance
A quick visit to False Entrance, not far from Steep Point
Fishing from False Entrance
We spent a few hours fishing and diving here
Stopped at False Entrance
Not a bad place to watch the world go by
On our way to Steep Point
Up early for a day trip to Steep Point
Launching at Shelter Bay
Launching the boat at Shelter Bay. Possibly the most beautiful beach we’ve been to!
Crays and Fish at Steep point
A nice Coronation trout and cray, along with plenty of other seafood
Our campsite at Carrarang
Our camp site at Carrarang Station. You wouldn’t complain, would you?!
Boat fishing at Carrarang
Heading out in the boat for one last time, on a glassy evening
Carrarang Station Camping
Living the dream at Carrarang Station
Living the dream
What more do you need?!
East Landing Wreckage
The life boat wreck at East Landing
Lizards at House Station
Plenty of these little lizards running around the place
Exploring House Station Kalbarri
Exploring some dunes at Murchison House Station in Kalbarri
House station 4WD tracks
Trust us to find the softest sand on the station. Suffice to say we had to lower our pressures even further.
A spring at House Station
A spring at the station, used for the goats
Poor choice of line by Daniel
Daniel’s poor choice of line cost him a recovery
Little Lizards at House Station
Amazing little lizards
House Station 4WDing
One of the rocky steps along the coast
House Station Camping
Relaxing around a great fire
House Station River
The view from our camp site, along the Murchison River
Murchison River House Station
With no one for miles, you couldn’t ask for a better spot
Our campsite at House Station
Our camp site at House Station
Castle Rock House Station
Looking down the Murchison River to Kalbarri from Castle Rock
Murchison in the 80
So much scenery to enjoy
North of the Kalbarri river mouth
Fishing from the beach north of the Kalbarri River Mouth
Murchison 4WD tracks
We spent a day driving inland, along the Murchison River
House Station 4x4 tracks
With 350,000 acres to explore, you will never run out of something to do
House Station scenery by 4WD in Kalbarri
The change in scenery is nothing short of stunning
Kangaroos at House Station
There’s hundreds of Kangaroo’s that live on the property
Animal convention
Sometimes they stop to have a chat to the goats
Enjoying House Station
Another brilliant evening spent at House Station
Star trail at House Station
You’ve got to love looking at the stars!
Leaving Kalbarri
Leaving Kalbarri, and onto Horrocks

I’ve seen a few people wanting to drive from Kalbarri to Steep Point. The short of it, is you can’t. It has been done years ago, but these days you need permits to travel through the different private properties, and a vehicle you don’t mind getting the paint removed from as the tracks are tight and scratchy.

The only way to get from Kalbarri to Steep Point is to drive out along the main road.

Little Bay sunset
Watching the sun go down over Little Bay at Horrocks
Little Bay at Horrocks
Another truly beautiful place to spend a few days
Fishing gear at Horrocks
Not sure if we have enough fishing gear though…
Sunset at Little Bay
For $15 per vehicle per night, you aren’t going to complain!
A nice cobia from Horrocks
A nice size cobia we managed to get from near a big shark
Our campsite at Horrocks
Our camp site from on top of the (very) steep dune nearby
Launching the boat at Horrocks
Launching the tinny on the last day

Overall, it was an amazing trip. We had a number of things go wrong (which I will go into in later posts), but I guess that’s to be expected. Steep Point blew us away, and we will most certainly be back. Stay tuned for more information on these spectacular spots!

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  1. Hey mate,

    Thanks a lot. The awning on my 80 series is a Powerful 4×4 one. It’s actually broken – I’m not sure if you can see in the photos, but the zip snapped a while back and I haven’t had it repaired. It’s not the best quality awning, but does the job.

    The big blue one that we cook under is an Oztrail. Again, not top quality, but it seems to work ok. You just need to be very mindful of the wind!