Mount Nameless; a fantastic 4WD track near Tom Price

If you are ever driving through Tom Price, Mount Nameless is a 4WD track you should certainly do. It’s short, fun and has incredible views from the top over Tom Price, and the nearby mine.

The Mt Nameless 4WD track takes you from the bottom to the top of the 2nd highest vehicle accessible mountain in Western Australia. 

At the bottom of Mt Nameless
Airing down to start the 4WD track up Mt Nameless
Mount Nameless in the back ground
Mount Nameless
Mt Namless
Incredible colour dirt

Where is Mount Nameless?

Mount Nameless is located just 4km out of Tom Price’s town centre. It is around 300km west of Newman, and right next to Karijini.

Tom Price is one of the more commonly visited parts of the north west if you are checking Karijini National Park out as it is a good place to refuel before you move on. If you are camping at Karijini, Dales Campground is the most common place to go, and its pretty decent!

In general though, we really enjoy the Tom Price area; its clean, welcoming and has everything you need.

Mount Namless Directions
Driving to Mount Nameless

How do you get to Mount Nameless?

To get to the start of the track, head west out of the town along Mine road, and turn left (also onto Mine road). From there, take the first right onto Nameless Valley Drive, and then the first left onto a gravel track.

This gravel road takes you past a mine site, and you will eventually end up at the start of the mountain. Make sure you obey the speed signs on the gravel road as there are frequent vehicles coming and going to the mine.

On top of Mt Nameless
Right at the top of Mt Nameless

How tall is Mount Nameless?

At 1128 metres above sea level, Mount Nameless is the second largest 4WD accessible mountain in WA, trumped only by Mt Meharry.

Coming down Mt Nameless
It’s one of the steeper 4WD tracks you’ll ever do

Do it at your own risk, with no trailers

It’s worth noting the sign at the bottom of Mt Nameless, which passes all risk onto you, as the driver!

Mt Nameless sign
The sign passing risk onto you

How difficult is the 4WD track?

The track itself is what we’d call moderate. There are a number of uneven rocks and little steps, but nothing that requires a huge amount of clearance. Providing you throw it in low range, let the tyres down a bit and pick sensible lines you will have a relatively easy drive to the top!

Mt Nameless 4WD Track
It’s pretty steep, so take it carefully
Pilbara 4WD Tracks
There’s often room for two vehicles

First gear in low range, with the front hubs locked and just crawl your way to the top with no issues. Coming down, make sure you take it nice and slowly too, and use your gears and not your brakes where possible.

We spent most of the return trip in second gear of low range, where the Dmax just crawls down with no need to use the brakes.

Coming down Mt Nameless
Coming down Mt Nameless

How long does it take?

Once you have let your tyres down a bit, the drive to the top only takes about 15 – 20 minutes. I’d suggest taking it slowly, as although the surface is hard, it is very uneven and you want to make sure you stay on the road!

We spent about half an hour at the top taking photos and looking around, before heading back down again. Make sure you use low range and let the engine do the braking on the way down, or you risk having your brakes overheating and failing.

Views at the top of Mt Nameless
How long do you want to stay at the top.
4wd track Mount Namless
Climbing Mt Nameless

What’s the view like?

The view from Mount Nameless is awesome; just look at the photos for yourself. You can see Tom Price, the mine site and an incredibly harsh Pilbara landscape for as far as the eyes can see.

I got the telephoto lens out to take photos of the mine, which is also impressive.

Enjoying the view
Part of the view
Tom Price Mine
Views of the mine using a telephoto lens
On Top of Mt Nameless
The views are pretty incredible

Is it worth a look?

We had driven into Tom Price via a stay at Karijini, and had done a few hundred kilometres already that day.

Mount Nameless provides a quick break where you can lock the hubs and do a bit of 4WDing (as a pose to driving for hours at 110km/h on bitumen roads!). I’d highly recommend it, and given how quickly you can get to the top its well worth a look!

The rest of the Tom Price area is well worth a look too, especially Tiger Eye Pool!

Mount Namless 4x4

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  1. Hey mate,

    I have his email address, but nothing more. He’s on a few forums, including 4×4 Earth too


  2. Micheal Saville says:

    Hi, does someone have an upto date contact for Joe Furulyas, I am trying to contact him. We worked together 35 years ago, I last heard Maria was crook. My contacts details aren’t working. Micheal Saville.

  3. Hey Ash,

    It is a fantastic little track, with great views! Glad you enjoyed it; we will be back again sometime!

    Take care

  4. We recently went back to my stomping grounds, Tom Price and decided to track Mount Nameless, the track was quite run down and many ditches. Low gear is a definite must, and agree with engine slowing you down on the way down.
    Lovely views, amazing experience.

  5. Joe Furulyas says:

    G’day Aaron, thanks for the feed back on the Mount Nameless story, sadly misinformation can with time be accepted as fact, I have a great affinity and respect for the inland Pilbara as it is where I actually live.

    I hope my initial comment did not read as having a go at anyone, with the constant change going on across the Pilbara, we as four wheel drive adventurers now have access to fairly remote but spectacular landscape in Western Australia, seeing your web site is a excellent source of gathering and giving information accuracy is paramount ~ someone’s life may depend on it.

    Safe travels : Joe

  6. Hey Joe,

    Thanks for the information. I guess the visitors center in Tom Price has it wrong! Cheers for letting me know; I’ve updated the post.

    Safe travels!

  7. Joe Furulyas says:

    G’day Adventurers, your trip reports are quite a good read and no doubt they can be a great source of information for anyone contemplating one of the trips you have showcased. Mount Nameless is most certainly a nice drive with magnificent high point views from the summit and as you rightly say, it’s not overly challenging to drive the track, but Mount Nameless at 1128m is not the highest vehicle (4×4) accessible point in Western Australia, yes it’s up there, but Mount Meharry is at 1245m ~ now this is a challenging drive although not as well known, possibly a good thing because this high point is in a fairly isolated tract of land in the Hamersley Range but within the boundaries of Karijini National Park.
    There are several other challenging 4×4 accessible high points throughout the inland Pilbara, but yes indeed Mount Nameless or “Jarndunmunha” as it known buy it’s Aboriginal name is most certainly a beautiful place to visit.