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The Gibb River road, part 1

After an amazing time around Broome, and Cape Leveque, we began the real reason for heading to the Kimberley; the Gibb River Road.

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If you are chasing information about the 5 weeks we spent in the Kimberley including fuel costs, food costs, where we stayed etc, check this out – Kimberley 4WD trip.

Letting the tyres down on the Gibb

Dropping the tyres to 30 PSI at the start of the gravel on the Gibb River Road

A big load on the Gibb River Road

Some heavy equipment coming off the Gibb River Road

Driving in the Kimberley

Great road conditions and amazing scenery

Off to Tunnel Creek

Heading to Windjana Gorge

Windjana Gorge

A quick afternoon sneak peak into the Gorge

Windjana Gorge walk

Windjana Gorge

The start of Tunnel Creek

The start of Tunnel Creek

Tunnel Creek caved in section

This is where a chunk of Tunnel Creek caved in

Windjana reflections

Early in the morning, straight down to the Gorge

Freshwater crocodile

A couple of freshwater crocodiles soaking up the sun

Two freshwater crocs at Windjana

What a life!

Windjana Gorge camp site

Our campsite at Windjana Gorge

Windjana Gorge camping

Perfect evenings in the bush

Amazing stars

The stars are always better in the bush

Walking to Bell Gorge

On the way to Bell Gorge

Bell Gorge falls

Bell Gorge; what a beautiful place

Bell Gorge walk

Loving the Kimberley!

Bell Gorge on the way out

Get there early, or you will share it with plenty of others!

Lizards swimming at Bell Gorge

We counted at least 10 big water monitors

Bell Gorge

A brilliant place to swim

Bell Gorge snake

We saw a huge python (3 meters +) on the other side of the gorge

Bell Gorge python swimming

I’m not sure why it decided to go for a swim under the waterfall

Camping at Silent Grove

Silent Grove, after a big day

Mornington radio shack

Up early again, to Mornington Wilderness Camp

Red dragon fly at Windjana

Some incredible dragon flies

Rainbow bee eater

Our favourite bird of the trip; the rainbow bee eater

Black and red cockatoos at Mornington

Mornington has plenty of black and red cockatoo’s

Mornington bird life

We spent many hours watching the birds here

Windy cockatoo

I guess they were watching us too!

Black and red cockatoo

You couldn’t get too close though, without them taking off

4WDing Australia at Mornington

We’ve got some amazing memories through our 80 series

A big python on the road

Another big python. This one had been hit crossing the road

An ancient Toyota ute at Mornington

An old Toyota ute, still in use at Mornington

Annie Creek

Annie Creek; a brilliant, quiet place to relax!

Dragon Fly

More dragon flies

Canoeing at Mornington

We hired Sir John Gorge to ourselves for the day

Canoeing up Sir John gorge

You get canoe hire, packed lunches and a whole lot of fun

Morningtons kimberley experience

Not many people get to see this part of the Kimberley

Happy campers

No wonder we were happy campers!

Sir John gorge

Sir John gorge on sunset

Sir john gorge sunset

The Gibb River road is one amazing place to another

Blue winged Kookaburra

Blue Winged Kookaburra. These can’t laugh, but they do try

Birds at Mornington

Lots of little birds (I guess they were babies?)

First dingo at Mornington

We saw 3 wild dingoes at Mornington

Mornington 4WDing

At the Mornington Lookout

Mornington lookout

All the time and effort spent on our 4WD is worth it for moments like this

Termite mound walk at Mornington

Morningtons termite mound walk

Mornington scenery

Cadjeput; our favourite place at Mornington

Mornington swimming hole

Unbelievably stunning

Mornington wildlife sanctuary

Everything on Mornington is 4WD only too

Relaxing in the water at Mornington

One of many relaxing swims. It was a bit colder than the coast around Broome though!

Oka 4WD

The Mornington tour bus; an Oka

Stunning Kimberley scenery

What a country we have to explore!

The boat to Manning Gorge

The boat across to Manning Gorge

Boating to Manning gorge

All aboard!

Manning Gorge

Manning Falls

Manning gorge from the top

The view from the top of the falls

Mornington water monitor

More of our friendly 4 legged friends

Ants at Windjana

These were less friendly, and had a decent bite on them!

Filling up at Mt Barnett

Filling up with liquid gold. Actually, it wasn’t too bad – $1.99 per litre of diesel

The first part of the Gibb River road was truly amazing, but there was plenty more! Check out the next post – Part 2 of the Gibb River Road. After that, we headed to Lake Argyle and the Bungle Bungles.

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  • beachbum62 June 15, 2015, 5:45 PM

    Awesome pics mate so beautiful and cannot wait to see it all in person

  • Aaron at 4WDing Australia June 18, 2015, 4:55 PM

    Thank’s a lot! It’s well worth the trip!


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