Dwellingup, Harvey and Brunswick 4WD Weekend

There’s no better time to go 4WDing down south than in the middle of winter, when the tracks are muddy and slippery. However, we got a little more than we bargained for with it raining all week leading up to the weekend and then most of Saturday too. Needless to say, the tracks were insanely slippery and everyone had a great time!

If you’re keen on more information, we have posts covering the Dwellingup 4WD tracks, and also Brunswick 4WD Tracks.

To start with, here’s a video of the day:

YouTube video
Dwellingup at Baden Powell
Baden Powell on Saturday morning

Storms on the way

Baden Powell Rapids
Plenty of water flowing
Dwellingup Unimog
The ultimate 4WD

Unimog WA

Harvey 4x4 meetup
Waiting at Harvey for more 4WD’s
V8 Lexus in the mud
Straight into the mud

V8 Lexus having a blast

V8 Lexus in the mud

V8 Lexus in the mud

Hilux turbo diesel

Harvey Hilux
A thick sloppy mess!

2.8 turbo diesel hilux

The hilux giving it a whirl at Harvey

Sloppy Harvey hills

Harvey dam whilst its raining
Harvey dam through the rain

4WDing Australia

Awesome country around HarveyHarvey holes

Having a splash at HarveyPajero entering a mud hole

Lacking a bit of clearance
Bellied out
GQ Patrol at Harvey
Getting it done

Wheel lift by the Prado

4WDing at HarveySlippery clay

Prado 4x4 drifting

Brunswick hill climbs

Brunswick 4x4 tracks

The big Lexus
V8 power!

Lexus V8 giving it a whirl

Popped a tyre off the bead
A few plugs should do it, yeah?

Prado coming down the step

Prado flex

Lexus offroad

Lots of 4WDsKookaburra nest

GQ Patrol straddling the ruts

Creek crossing at BrunswickA steep hill after the creek crossingGQ Patrol playing in the mud

Fun in the mud at Brunswick

Pajero water crossingFlexing the Pajero

Cruiser water crossingCustom Cruiser at Brunswick

Brunswick train

Brunswick creek

Brunswick creek flowing

A big step at BrunswickA big 80 at Brunswick

3 awnings and a gazebo

Setting up camp at Brunswick

Relaxing around a nice fire
Relaxing around a nice fire

Playing with the camera

Feral pigs cant take their rubbish out
Animals who can’t take their rubbish out

Awesome morning at BrunswickPajero hill climb

A well modified triton

Triton having a splashTriton in the mudA sweet looking 40

40 series troopy

60 series land cruiser giving it a red hot go

Just a little more clearance required

The big cruiser

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