Hill climbs at Two Rocks

It’s been a while since we last visited Two Rocks, so a few of us packed our vehicles up and headed to the sand last Saturday. There’s plenty of different tracks around Two Rocks; we spent a few hours re-exploring the area, driving the hill climbs and enjoying ourselves before parking up on the beach for a bit of a fish.

We had a brand new Jeep with us this time, with just over 1000km on the clock. Whilst its probably not built for full on 4WDing, it went quite well, with the exception of the plastic ‘bash’ plate getting torn away.

I’ll admit to being very lazy with the camera this time, but here are a few snaps!

2015 Jeep Cherokee Titanium
Brand new Jeep trying some of the hill climbs
Our 80 series at Two Rocks
Our 80; time to try out the Gturbo!
Two Rocks hill climbs
It goes very well now!
Two rocks hill climb
Back down for another go!
Jorge hill climb
Jorge giving his Patrol a work out
Our 80 series hill climbs
Take two
Bogged Patrol
Daniel’s Patrol bogged on the beach. This was done intentionally to test a snatch strap
Toyota recovery
A couple of pulls and it was out with no worries
Two rocks beach
We have an awesome country to explore by 4WD!

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