Old Halls Creek Road; a scenic way into Wyndham

If you you are in the Kununurra or Wyndham region, the Old Halls Creek 4WD track is worth a drive. It starts about 2/3 of the way from Kununurra to Wyndham, and only takes about an hour to do. At only 13km long, and close to the main highway its worth a quick drive through.

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Old Halls Creek Road
The start of the 4WD Track

The track has a variety of terrain, but it is quite rocky and I’d recommend letting your tyres down. Initially we started at full pressures, but it was rough as, and I felt like we were risking a puncture. We went down to about 27 PSI and the ride was much more comfortable.

Old Halls Creek track
Lots of rocky sections and a few water holes

Old Halls Creek Road History

This 4WD track was built by convicts in the late 1800’s, using thousands of little pavers, which you still drive on to this day. The track was to make it easier to get from Wyndham to Halls Creek.

4WD track in the Kimberley
Look out for crocs

About the track

This region is burnt regularly, and in actual fact when we drove the track things were smoking, and on the way back from Wyndham later that day the fire brigade was there, with the track closed.

You’ll cross a few little creeks and rivers, which have concrete or very rocky bottoms. A few sections have a couple of sharp drops or climbs, but nothing you’ll have have too many issues with. I wouldn’t advise attempting it in something with limited clearance though.

The scenery is fantastic, with a lot of bird life and plenty of Wallabies and Kangaroos around the place.

If you stop near the waterholes and watch carefully, you might see a croc or two. We didn’t, but apparently they are there!

Wallaby near Wyndham
A little Wallaby just off the track
Scenery on Old Halls Creek Road
The scenery is interesting

It eventually ends at Parry Creek Road, and from there you can head back to Kununurra via Ivanhoe Crossing, or the road past Valentine Springs, or if you turn left you go towards Wyndham.

Ivanhoe Crossing
Ivanhoe Crossing isn’t too far away

We also drove the 4WD track to the back of Wyndham, which obviously doesn’t get much use, is pretty rough towards the end and is not very scenic. In fact, its almost like driving on the edge of the world; harsh, burnt landscape with salt pans all over the place and the occasional relic.

Remote 4WD Track
Taking the 4WD track into the back of Wyndham felt like another world

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