4WD Track into Wyndham, arriving the back way

While staying in Kununurra, we decided to head to Wyndham for the day, but in 4WDing Australia style, we wanted to avoid some of the bitumen. Having done most of Parry Creek road the previous day, we headed out and jumped onto the Old Halls Creek 4WD track.

Old Halls Creek Road
Exploring the Old Halls Creek Road

This was fun, fairly easy and nice and scenic. When we were done, we pulled back onto Parry Creek road, and headed towards Wyndham. I’d seen there was another track going into the back of Wyndham, and decided to give it a crack, rather than taking the bitumen in.

From the moment we turned onto the track, I was doubting my decision. We had our tyres down lower from the Old Halls Creek Road, but I could see the track wasn’t heavily used. It wound back and forth a fair bit, and seemed to head off into no where. Sometimes the track would disappear a bit, then reappear a bit later.

Wyndham 4WD Track
The most eerie 4WD track we’ve ever done

Knowing that if we broke down I’d be in a pickle, I didn’t feel great. No phone reception, no Epirb, a pregnant wife and little toddler in the back meant I was easily uncomfortable. None-the less, we pushed on, and the track started to wind its way east.

It goes through some barren, hard country. Fires have been through, relics of a previous life lay around and there’s really not much at all to see. About half way along the track we knew we’d committed, and from there it got worse.

Not bad as in I was worried we’d get stuck, but we started skirting around salt lakes, the rocks and lumps got bigger and the ride was fairly uncomfortable. Our speed reduced dramatically, and we plodded along in the heat, keen to see the end of the track.

Wyndham lookout
The view from the top of Wyndham shows its pretty harsh country

We passed a number of salt lakes, lots of various coloured rocks, and eventually pulled onto a gravel road that led us into Wyndham.

It was certainly a longer, different way in, but not one I’d recommend doing alone. It’s not scenic, its reasonably rough, you have no reception and by the looks of it, not many people do the track.

Wyndham 4WD Track
It’s a stark change from the usual Kimberley outlook

If you are going to do it, take another vehicle, and do it slowly. Perhaps I just wasn’t in the mood, but I really didn’t really feel like we gained much by doing the track. At least the Old Halls Creek Road was scenic and nice to drive!

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