Australian Made Hybrid Campers; what’s not imported?

The Hybrid Caravan and Camper market has exploded beyond belief today, and it seems like every man and his dog has jumped on selling them.

However, there’s a lot of companies that are importing the vans and selling them as ‘Australian made’, and I’d refer to that as unethical behaviour. By all means import what you want, but just because its sold by an Australian business doesn’t make the product Australian.

If you see ‘we are a family run, Australian business’, that often means the campers are imported, and sold by an Australian business! Those who build Australian Made Hybrid Campers are very clear about this, and often have the Australian made logo on their website, and are quite proud of what they do.

Stoney Creek Hybrid
How do you know if the Hybrid Camper is made in Australia, or just sold in Australia?

This is not a dig at imported trailers in general, only those individuals and businesses who are implying they sell an Australian made hybrid camper when they aren’t.

If the last few years has shown anything its that imported hybrid camper trailers absolutely have a market, and there’s a lot of happy owners (but also many that aren’t happy too).

If you are in the market for a hybrid camper trailer, we have a hugely comprehensive guide that you can read here; The ultimate guide to buying a hybrid camper.

In this post, we look at all of the Australian Made Hybrid Caravans/Campers, and we start off with those that are partially, or primarily made overseas.

Please know there are some grey areas here, as a company could import 95% of the parts, and build it here. Would it then be an imported good, or an Australian made one?

Also, there’s not necessarily a rhyme or reason with picking the best Australian made hybrid campers. Price alone is not always a reflection of quality and design, and we’d highly recommend you spend a long time sussing out every individual model that you think might be suitable.

This post is done for no other reason than to pass on information. You might not care where its made, and there’s nothing wrong with that either. Some people do care, and very much so.

I’ve listed them all in alphabetical order, so you can find them quickly. 

Reconn R2 Hypercamper
There’s still plenty of Australian made hybrid campers on the market

Completely, or primarily made overseas Hybrid Campers


Altitude Campers (Ascent)

Austrack Campers

Black Series

Blue Tongue


Eagle Campers

Emu Campers




K9 Vans

Lifestyle Iconn


Mars Campers




Opus Campers




Southern Cross

Star Vision

Stoney Creek


Fully Australian Built Hybrids

Alpine Campers (by Altitude)

Australian Off Road (AOR)


BRS Offroad

Complete Campsite

Condamine Campers


Cub Campers

Hillys offroad


Kimberley Karavan

Lifestyle Reconn R2 and R4

Noosa RV

North Coast Offroad RV’s

Mountain Trail RV

Offroad RV’s


Ridgeback RV

Track Trailer + Tvan



Vision RV (panels are imported)

Vista RV

Zone RV

What have we missed? Let us know below and I’ll add it.

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  1. Hey Doug,

    Thanks for that. I can’t see any Hybrids in their range though?


  2. Doug Wright says:

    sunset campers are Aus made originally in Ballarat and now Mount Gambier

  3. Hey Brian,

    That is true. I guess they’re more caravans, but its a vague line to draw


  4. Urban Caravans, Kokoda Caravans both Australian made

  5. David Lythgo says:

    Hey Rob I want to buy a hybrid pop top but I’m a little lost I want to buy a Aussie one just a suggestion of the top 5 would be great or the top 5 overseas one around 65 grand thanks heaps

  6. Hey Jane,

    They look like a pretty typical chinese import. If you look at Austrack, MDC, Jawa etc you’ll see on the surface they’re all essentially the same

    All the best

  7. Jane Warn says:

    How about Long Haul T Rex? Any knowledge?
    Please and thanks.

  8. Hey Rob,

    Thanks for that, and your kind words. The Urban Tungsten certainly fits. I can’t see anything on the NJstar except for a Chinese manufacturing site?

    All the best

  9. G’day Aaron, a couple of more hybrids I’ve come across:
    Urban Tungsten and the NJStar.
    Like your site, I’ve learned a lot.

  10. Hey Peter,

    Yep, looks like it would be a hybrid, and I’d say they are Aussie Made. Unfortunately their website doesn’t work at the moment.

    Thanks for the suggestion; if their site starts working and I can confirm it I’ll add it to the list

    All the best

  11. Is Bushranger Joey considered a hybrid?
    I believe it’s fully Aus made
    and considered of offroad pedigree

  12. Hi Ken,

    I’d ring them and see what they say. I’d be extremely surprised if they were made in Australia. Those that are entirely made in Australia are very clear about it. These will be imported, and sold via an Australian business.

    All the best

  13. Ken Firns says:

    Off Road Boss campers n hybrids
    Go to their website and get the comments about family company operating in Australia, we only use the best components etc and no specific mention of where they are actually built

  14. Hey Rob,

    Cheers for that. I’ll add it to the list

    All the best

  15. Cub Campers now do 2 Hybrid 16ft vans and will soon have a Pop Top

  16. Hey Vicki,

    I don’t for sure, but you could ring and ask. My best guess, by looking at them online quickly and the fact that they say they are Australian operated (and not Australian built), would be that they are another imported option.

    All the best

  17. Do you know if Boss are made in Australia?

  18. Hi Margo,

    I’m pretty sure these are not Australian made. I can’t comment on their quality, but you could join a few Facebook groups and ask around.

    All the best

  19. Margo Robinson says:

    Hardkorr hybrids Qld. Looking at one

  20. Hey Karin,

    Thanks for that. I hadn’t heard of them before!

    Take care

  21. Hi
    Wondering if you are aware of the bushranger joey?
    Thanks in advance

  22. Hey Bill,

    I’ve heard of all 3, but don’t know a huge amount about them. Looking online the Ecotourer is built in China, but I think the Goldstream and Golf are made in Australia.

    They would all probably come under the hybrid classification.

    I’m not sure how durable they would be for endless corrugations or more serious 4WD tracks, but they look like a decent alternative for some of the market

    All the best

  23. Gidday Aaron, are you able to comment on ecotourer, goldstream pop tops, and the golf savannah. I would classify these as hybrids.

  24. Hey Tim,

    I haven’t heard of some of those. Track trailer is on the list as Australian made.

    Lyfe RV and Simplicity look to be Australian made.

    Far Horizon, Platinum, Long Haul and Signature look to begin their lives in China.

    Wandering say they are Australian made, but again, not 100% sure.

    If I was keen on getting something 100% Australian made, I’d ring the supplier and ask is the unit built from scratch in its entirety in Australia. Many are designed and tested here, but built elsewhere, and given a final touch up before being sold off here.

    All the best

  25. Just a few others – do you know much about these, as to whether they are Aussie or Chinese?

    Far Horizon
    Long Haul
    Lyfe RV
    Track Trailer
    Wandering RV

  26. Hey Kim,

    I haven’t heard anything about them, but they look exactly the same as the Jawa, MDC, Mars, Prime etc, which all come from China

    All the best

  27. Any information on the TRex 13 van? Can’t find where made or any reviews as yet. Cheers

  28. Hey Aaron

    I think they may be made in SA


  29. Hey Luke,

    Very interesting; never seen or heard of them before, but they look pretty neat. DO you know where their factory is?

    All the best

  30. Have a look at Offline Campers, currently tossing up between their Domino or a TVan.


  31. Hi mate,

    I’ve never heard of them, but they look like a typical Chinese import

    All the best

  32. What do you know about Capstone Hybrid Campers?

  33. Hey Tyler,

    I’ve never heard of them before, but there’s heaps of new brands all the time. They look like a fairly standard importer from a quick glance. I’m not sure if there’s a Facebook group of owners, but this is often the best place to start.

    These look very similar to the other imports – MDC, Jawa, PMX, Austrack etc. I can’t comment on their quality, as I’ve never seen one.

    All the best in your hunt!

  34. Hey mate

    Do you know much about Boss adventure hybrids?


  35. Hey Debbie,

    Good to hear, and well done hiring a unit before you purchased; very smart indeed.

    Take care

  36. Debbie Quinn says:

    Thanks Aaron we’ve just purchased a vista crossover, hired one a couple of times just to be sure, and loved it?? Took a while to be made but worth the wait


  37. Hey Debbie,

    Thanks for that. I’ve added them! We’ve seen a few of them around too

    All the best

  38. Vista crossovers: fully Australian made (not on the list )

  39. Hey Craig,

    Yep, because they are a hard floor camper trailer, not a hybrid. I guess the Kimberley Karavans are basically a hybrid though; I don’t know where you draw the line!

    Take it easy

  40. craig barlow says:

    Kimberley kampers are Aussie made you missed them

  41. Hi Elaine,

    China, like many other brands as far as I know.

    All the best

  42. Where are the Bluewaters hybrids made?

  43. Hi Bev,

    I have no idea, but they don’t look Australian. Have you asked them? Most are quite open and honest about it, and if they aren’t, its probably a good warning sign

    All the best

  44. We are considering purchasing a Signiature Iridium S hybrid camper. Can you please tell us if it is Australian made.
    Thank you

  45. Hey Anne,

    Thanks for the comment, and picking up a few that I’ve missed from the list. I can’t see a Hybrid that Lotus do; they are all full size vans?

    I do like the Rhinomax campers, and know exactly what you mean about finding stock locally to check out! I’m 6″6 and also have an issue hitting my head on things!

    Take care

  46. Hey Jos,

    Cub Campers are Australian made, but they don’t sell any Hybrid campers; they make normal hard floor and forward fold camper trailers. They are great gear, but don’t belong on this list as its only for hybrids; a cross between a caravan and camper trailer.

    All the best

  47. Jos Jensen says:

    Where’re the “CUB” campers made?


  48. Anne Stanton says:

    Hi, In the process of researching hybrids, I only found a couple you missed and they`re Chinese or too tall for us to store. K9, lotus, Kokoda.
    Track Trailers!(they make TVAN too) Rhinomax ! they seem good and we had a chance to look at one recently in Yallingup, owners were staying in the park and we struck up a conversation with them. Tricky living here in the west, when you want to climb through one to see how it feels, whether you hit your head on the things! Their strategy was to ask on the facebook page of chosen brand for anyone willing to let you view. They say it worked well.
    As a couple, our list is a little different to yours but have enjoyed your reviews non the less.

  49. Hey David,

    Thanks for the feedback. Good to hear you are happy with your Long Haul Trex

    All the best

  50. David Sabiston says:

    My wife and I purchased a Stoney Creek Scout 15 and whilst we had a few quality control concerns we were satisfied but the vehicle weight was a killer do we sold and bought a Long Haul Trex 13.
    Standard of finish and quality control is far superior to the Stoney Creek