15 Amazing farm stays in WA

In my mind, there’s no better camping opportunity than on someone’s private property. Farm/Station stays are becoming hugely popular places to camp at in Australia, and for good reason.

It’s beneficial for both the station owners, and those looking for a great place to camp, and the experience is almost always better than being crammed into a caravan park like sardines.

We’ve got some amazing farm stays, and in this post we check out 15 amazing farm stays in WA!

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Bolinda Vale

If bright green, rolling hills with a beautiful creek flowing through the valley is your thing, Bolinda Vale might just blow your mind.

When I saw photos of it several years ago I thought it had to be fake, so we booked a stay in. Not only is it 70km from Perth, but its quiet, relaxing and the most scenic farm stay I’ve ever been at anywhere near Perth. 

  • Amenities – None. You need to be self sufficient
  • Dog friendly – Yes
  • Fire friendly – Yes
  • Cost – $14 per adult per night, plus $7 per child, plus the Hipcamp fee
  • Suitable styles of camping – 4WD’s recommended when its wet, and anything up to off road caravan size
  • How to book – On Hipcamp
Camping around Perth
Could you ask for a more picturesque location?!
Amazing camping
Bolinda Vale is exquisite
Bolinda Vale Farm
Paddocks so green they seem fake

Wedge Tailed Eagle Retreat

The Blackwood River region is stunning in every way, and being able to stay on a farm with the river literally metres away is a huge privilege. We stumbled across Silvia’s amazing property many years ago, and have been back several times since. 

Wedge Tailed Eagle Retreat backs onto the Blackwood River, and is the perfect place to enjoy a walk through the bush, kayak down the river or to kick back around a warm fire on a cold winters night.

Sylvia is an amazing host, and with hot showers and flushing toilets next to her home its a winner for everyone.

  • Amenities – Hot showers and toilets at the homestead
  • Dog friendly – Yes
  • Fire friendly – Yes
  • Cost – $15 per adult per night and $5 for kids over 5, with firewood included at camp
  • Suitable styles of camping – All types
  • How to book – Ring Silvia on 0467 690 832 or message her on Facebook on Wedge Tailed Eagle Retreat page
Private Property Camping
Camping metres away from the Blackwood River on private property
Blackwood River kayaking
Kayaking at Wedge Tailed Eagle Retreat
Wedge Tail Eagle Retreat
The perfect place to camp with a big group of people, away from everyone else

Glenbrook, Margaret River

Margaret River is a hugely popular tourist destination, with more Airbnb’s, caravan parks and holiday homes than you can poke a stick at.

However, just a few km south of Margaret River lies a magic private property, known as Glenbrook

  • Amenities – Hot showers, flushing toilets, camp kitchen
  • Dog friendly – No
  • Fire friendly – No
  • Cost – $15 per adult per night
  • Suitable styles of camping – All types
  • How to book – Contact Jason on 0408 931 785
Beautiful trees
Glenbrook is quiet, peaceful and beautiful

This is an animal sanctuary and backs onto miles of untouched bush with kangaroos, a huge array of bird life and has a very friendly Donkey who likes to visit the camp sites. 

Camping at Glenbrook
Kicking back with family and friends at Glenbrook
Margaret River farm stay
You’ll even have a regular visitor at camp

Olive Hill Farm

Our favourite camp site in Margaret River is Olive Hill Farm. With camp sites spread throughout the Olive trees, you have a sense of privacy that is unique, whilst still being amongst a heap of other people.

It’s extremely cheap too, with a short walk taking you down to Margaret River where you can swim and kick back in one of the most scenic places around.

  • Amenities – None
  • Dog friendly – Yes
  • Fire friendly – No
  • Cost – $10 per adult per night
  • Suitable styles of camping – All types
  • How to book – Ring 0448 095 428 or email info@olivehillfarm.com.au
River at Olive Hill Farm
Margaret River, a short walk from Olive Hill Farm
Olive Hill Farm from above
The camp ground at Olive Hill Farm
Beach at the river
Olive Hill farm has a great river to swim in

Willowbrook Farm

If you have young kids, Willowbrook Farm is king of the farm stays near Perth. It’s a short drive away, has powered and unpowered sites and more animals than you can poke a stick at.

The owners are amazing people who do free scones on Sunday, and animal feeding sessions, along with quad bike rides with the kids. It truly is a spectacular place, and deserves a lot of credit for the work that gets done.

  • Amenities – Full caravan park amenities
  • Dog friendly – Yes
  • Fire friendly – One communal pit, in season
  • Cost – $28 per night for 2 adults unpowered. Power is $10 extra and kids are $5 per night
  • Suitable styles of camping – All types
  • How to book – Ring 9575 7566
Giant grassy area
The amazing Willowbrook Farm
Kids feeding animals
Animal feeding time at Willowbrook Farm
Animal feeding at Willowbrook
The animals are a huge attraction for the kids

Linga Longa at Lynton Station

We’ve had lots of pleasant surprises at different camp sites over the year, and Linga Longa was one of them. If you’ve ever driven to Kalbarri, you’ve probably been passed this place a few times, and we had been past it more than a dozen and never even knew it existed.

Linga Longa is a beautiful property opposite where the Hutt River meets the ocean. It’s got fantastic history, great amenities, lots of room to spread out and is like a caravan park without all of the downsides.

The coastline in the area is spectacular, and its close to Port Gregory and Horrocks, with Kalbarri being only a 40 minute drive. 

  • Amenities – Full Caravan Park amenities
  • Dog friendly – Yes
  • Fire friendly – No
  • Cost – $15 per adult per night. Power is $5 per night
  • Suitable styles of camping – All types
  • How to book – Ring 0438 916 202
You'd never stop beach driving
At the mouth of the Hutt River, opposite Linga Longa
Linga Longa at Lynton Station
You’ll really want to Linga Longa at Lynton Station!
Port Gregory Pink Lake
Only 5 minutes away is the Pink Lake!


Some people in WA have the most amazing properties in the world, and Wagoe falls into this category. Located just south of Kalbarri, Wagoe Station has several kilometres of world class coastline and some of the best fishing in WA. 

You can drive down the beach to Lucky Bay Kalbarri, another beautiful camp site and its not too far into Kalbarri.

Wagoe has a range of Chalets, powered and unpowered site, with access to the beach requiring a 4WD. A lot of people would know Wagoe for its quad and buggy tours, which are a heap of fun and allow you to explore the coastline in style.

  • Amenities – Hot showers, flushing toilets and a camp kitchen
  • Dog friendly – No
  • Fire friendly – No
  • Cost – $25 for an unpowered site per night, $30 for a powered site (2 adults)
  • Suitable styles of camping – All types
  • How to book – Visit the website
Wagoe Station Quad Bike Tour
Wagoe is a special place near Kalbarri
Enjoying Lucky Bay, Kalbarri
The coastline is amazing, including Lucky Bay a little further south
Port Gregory to Wagoe
There’s plenty of exploring to do further south

Murchison House

Another incredible station near Kalbarri is Murchison House Station, which can be accessed heading East out of Kalbarri. It’s only 15 minutes drive away, and the station covers the entire northern part of Kalbarri, which many people don’t know about.

When you camp, and pay the access fee, you have access to a property that is double the size of Singapore, and you can go anywhere, with exception of the working sections of property.

This includes a whopping 60 kilometres of coastline, and you can literally stand on the northern part of the Murchison River and look down at Kalbarri.

Station camping close to amenities is available, or you can head more remote and camp anywhere you like. This station is only open between April and October.

  • Amenities – Toilets and showers at the homestead. On the station no amenities
  • Dog friendly – Yes
  • Fire friendly – Yes
  • Cost – $12.50 per person per night, plus a $50 entry fee if you are camping across the river
  • Suitable styles of camping – All types at the homestead. 4WD only across the river
  • How to book – Ring 9937 1998
Camping at Murchison House
Murchison House Station; the flip side of Kalbarri
Murchison House Station Map
Imagine being able to explore all of this?
4WD payload
On top of a dune, looking down the Murchison River on the north side

Hamelin Station Stay

The Denham and Shark Bay area is magic, and on the way in you’ll drive past Hamelin Station Stay, which is not too far from the stromatolites.

This place is special; its clean, well run and the perfect place to stop on your way through.

We loved the little lake, the atmosphere and the camp kitchen, and would highly recommend it as a base to leave and explore Steep Point.

  • Amenities – Full caravan park amenities
  • Dog friendly – No
  • Fire friendly – Yes
  • Cost – $15 per person per night, unpowered
  • Suitable styles of camping – All types 
  • How to book – Ring 9948 5145
Hamelin Station Stay
Sunset at Hamelin Station Stay; a magic place
Hamelin Station Stay relics
Hamelin Station Stay is clean, extremely well run and a great place to hang out
Weather at Shark Bay
A short drive away is the Shark Bay Stromatolites

Dirk Hartog Island

If pristine, remote island camping is your idea of fun, Dirk Hartog Island is the ultimate camp ground in WA. Located off Shark Bay and Steep Point, its only accessible by 4WD and barge, or by plane or boat. 

Home to the Wardle family, and joint managed with the DBCA, you can camp at a number of places all over the island. 

  • Amenities – Toilets, showers and drinking water at the homestead
  • Dog friendly – No
  • Fire friendly – Yes
  • Cost – $25 per adult per night, plus the cost to get to the island
  • Suitable styles of camping – 4WD only
  • How to book – On the website
Homestead camping DHI
Dirk Hartog Island Homestead
Cape Inscription at DHI
There’s more adventure and exploring to be had on Dirk Hartog Island than you’ll know what to do with
4WD at Dirk Hartog
Dirk Hartog Island is beautiful and insane (check out the tiny vehicles in the background)

Wooramel Station

Not too far out of Carnarvon lies an amazing property, with two artesian hot springs that you can kick back in for hours at a time.

The camping area is huge, following the big Wooramel River and there’s some pretty unique amenities to enjoy! Wooramel Station is well and truly worth a stay.

  • Amenities – Toilets and hot showers
  • Dog friendly – Yes
  • Fire friendly – Yes
  • Cost – $15 per person per night
  • Suitable styles of camping – All types
  • How to book – On their website
Artesian Spa
The Artesian Spa’s are an amazing way to relax
Camping at Wooramel Station
Wooramel Station has a lot of character, and great camp sites


If camping metres from the Ningaloo Coast is your thing, Gnaraloo Station offers a huge amount of diversity.

Being one of the last stations that are not run by the Department of Parks and Wildlife, its a unique experience that is hugely popular for people who want to fish, surf, snorkel, kick back on the beach or kite/wind surf. The coastline is nothing short of spectacular, and has to be seen to be believed.

  • Amenities – Toilets, showers and a small store
  • Dog friendly – Yes
  • Fire friendly – Yes
  • Cost – $20 per adult per night
  • Suitable styles of camping – 4WD recommended due to the rough road
  • How to book – On their website
Gnaraloo Station cliffs
Enjoying the incredible coastline at Gnaraloo
Snorkeling with turtles
Swim with the incredible marine life at Gnaraloo
3 Mile, Gnaraloo
Great sunsets each night

Larrawa Station

If you are looking for a quiet, safe location on the way from Broome or Derby to Kununurra, Larrawa station is it.

Run by an amazing family, its got the cleanest amenities you’ll find anywhere, combined with a great lookout when the sun goes down, and a nice walk down to the river. 

  • Amenities – Flushing toilets and hot showers
  • Dog friendly – Yes
  • Fire friendly – Yes
  • Cost – $15 per adult per night
  • Suitable styles of camping – All types
  • How to book – No booking required
Larrawa River
Enjoying the last of the water at Larrawa Station
Larrawa Station camping
The nights are pure magic

Mornington Wilderness

One of our favourite properties along the Gibb River Road in the Kimberley is Mornington Wilderness Camp.

Traditionally a cattle station, this property was purchased and turned into a wildlife sanctuary, with the eradication of cattle, cats and feral dogs a huge priority.

Today, its one of the most amazing places to see a variety of native (and rare) birds, dingoes, marsupials and rodents. We had an amazing time at Mornington, and would hugely recommend it.

  • Amenities – Toilets and hot showers
  • Dog friendly – No
  • Fire friendly – No
  • Cost – $20 per night per adult plus a vehicle permit
  • Suitable styles of camping – 4WD only, with off road caravans and camper trailers suitable
  • How to book – On the Australian wildlife website.
Sir John Gorge at Mornington
The gorges at Mornington Wilderness Park are mind blowing
Dingo's in the Kimberley
Expect to see a huge variety of wildlife including Dingo’s
Annie Creek Mornington
Annie Creek is one of our favourite locations to sit and watch the bird life

El Questro

Last, and certainly not least is El Questro Station, which struggles to be called a farm. The property is at the end of the Gibb River Road, is home to a number of cattle and is also one of the biggest tourist attractions in the Kimberley. 

On a busy night it will host 800 + campers, along with luxury accommodation and everything in between. It’s home to some of the most amazing gorges in the country, and money aside, its extremely well worth a visit.

  • Amenities – Full caravan park amenities unless you have the private sites which just have drop toilets
  • Dog friendly – Yes
  • Fire friendly – Yes
  • Cost – $22 per adult per night plus the park fee, and private sites cost more
  • Suitable styles of camping – All types although 4WD is recommended with some water crossings on the way in and the road can be rough
  • How to book – Call 9161 4318 or email elquestrostation@gdaygroup.com.au
El Questro Gorge Hike
One of the most magnificent water holes in the Kimberley, at El Questro Gorge
Views at El Questro
Everything about El Questro is magnificent
Zebedee Springs
Zebedee Springs are a huge highlight at El Questro

There’s something truly magic about staying on another persons private property, especially when its well priced, has some of the amenities we love about a caravan park and is private and peaceful. I think this sort of camping is going to become huge in the future, and we love the idea of it.

Where else in WA is a next level farm or station stay? We’d love to check it out!

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