Banana dessert; a quick and simple camping snack

Camp cooking is one of the most enjoyable, and satisfying things you can do in the bush, and if its cooking on a fire then its even better! A few months back we were camping with a good mate of mine, who proceeded to throw a couple of bananas in the coals, and left them there for a long time.

I expected that they’d come out as a pile of black ashes, but in actual fact he was making a pretty amazing Banana Dessert!

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Banana Dessert
Making a Banana Dessert


One banana per person

Strawberries, or other berries

Chocolate and marshmallows or other condiments

Honey or golden syrup


The first thing you need to do is decide if you want your banana on its own, or if you want to stuff it. We’ve done both, and they both work really well.

If you are leaving it alone, just wrap the whole banana with its skin on with alfoil, and its ready to go. If you want to stuff it, then cut a small slit, and stick the chocolate, marshmallows and anything else that tickles your fancy. Then, wrap it in alfoil (really well).

Wrapping the banana
Wrapping the banana in alfoil

From there, drop the bananas onto a bed of hot coils. The skin is full of moisture, and protects the banana extremely well. We’d leave them on the coals for 10 – 15 minutes, and it effectively steams the banana. 

Bananas in the coals
Cooking the bananas in on the coals

Remove the bananas when you are done, peel the alfoil away and then the skin, and push the banana into a bowl. Add fresh strawberries, blue berries, chunks of chocolate and a bit of honey or golden syrup, and tuck in.

Cooked banana dessert
A tasty, healthy and quick dessert

It’s super simple, easy to make and surprisingly tasty!

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