Butterfly chicken on the Camp Braai; amazing cooking on the fire

If we can cook on the fire, and we have time, we’ll do it. One of our go to methods of cooking is to get a Butterfly chicken and cook it on the Camp Braai over the fire. The results are always to die for, and its so easy to do.

This works for other meats too, and we’ve done lamb and pork with pretty decent success.

Chicken on the fire
Some of the tastiest, most tender meat you’ll ever do


Butterfly chicken (we prefer the pre-marinated ones from Coles and Woolworths)

Oil if unmarinated

Thyme and garlic if unmarinated (or a rub of your choice)

Butterflied chicken ready to go
These are pre-marinated and ready to go, and delicious


If the meat you purchase is already marinated, you can skip this step. Apply oil, thyme and garlic (or a rub of your choice) to the meat, on both sides.

Place the meat into the Camp Braai, paying careful attention to get the meat thickness as uniform as possible. Place the camp braai into the fire, where the temperature is enough that you can put your hand near it for a second or two, but no longer.

We often start with the meat hanging vertically and allow the wind to blow the heat through the meat. This gives it an amazing smoky flavour and cooks it nice and slowly. Turn the Camp Braai around as needed and adjust positions until it looks cooked. Remove the meat, check its cooked (chicken needs to have zero clear bits, and Lamb can be lightly pink in the middle).

If its not done, put it back for longer, but if it done cut it up and serve with a side (like camp oven vegetables).

We’ve done this a heap of times with marinated chicken, or lamb and gravy and the meat tastes so much better than doing it in an oven at home, and it’s a fun way to cook your food.

Pork on the Camp Braai
Trying out Pork on the Camp Braai; it all goes well

Have you cooked butterfly chicken like this? Did you like it?

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