Camp oven vegetables; a simple, quick and delicious side

We’re totally in love with cooking over the fire. Yes, we have a Weber, and we love using that too (particularly when fires are not permitted), but there’s something amazing about cooking over a fire.

One of our really common sides is camp oven vegetables, and it really doesn’t get much easier to cook them than this. We’ll do this if we are cooking some meat on the Weber, or the Camp Braai, or Sarah’s doing something on the stove as a simple, easy and healthy side.

Of course, you can just do spuds on the fire, but this is easier to do larger quantities and its super easy as well.

Another alternative if you don’t have a camp oven, is to do potato cubes on the stove, which is really tasty too.

Roast vegetables in the camp oven
We’re really enjoying roast vegetables in the camp oven
Chicken on the fire
We’ll usually do it as a side to go with some meat in the Oz Braai


Pumpkin, Potato, Sweet Potato, Carrot, Beetroot, and basically any vegetable you like roasted.


Garlic granules


Oil, thyme and garlic
We just put these 3 ingredients on the vegetables


Simply peel your vegetables and cut them into chunks no larger than about 5cm x 5cm. Put them into a bowl and drizzle some oil over the top, and then add thyme and garlic granules. Mix them all together as well as possible, and then drop them into a camp oven with the trivet in the bottom.

Put it next to a fire with some coals on the bottom, and a decent shovel full on top. The key is to hear the bubbling and sizzling lightly after about 20 minutes, and to maintain this. Check it often, but these generally cook within 40 – 60 minutes and you have a perfect side, cooked with minimal effort, and loved by all.

We often open it mid way and flip the vegetables around a bit, but you don’t have to do this.

Cooking potatoes in the camp oven
You want high heat, but not crazy high
Delicious roast vegetables at camp
The result is some really tasty vegetables as a side

If you get the temperatures just right, you’ll even end up with brown, crispy edges!

Delicious, crispy vegetables
This is the easiest camp fire side you can do

Keen on more food for camping options? We’ve got plenty!

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