Fernbrook Farm Stay; perfect camping in Pemberton

We’ve gotten awfully relaxed about finding places to camp near Perth these days, and a couple of weeks prior to the March long weekend we realised we didn’t have anywhere to stay.

A quick look online confirmed that we were probably dreaming to find anywhere, until we stumbled across a property in Pemberton on Hipcamp. 

Fernbrook Farm Stay is new to the game, looked fantastic and most of all was reasonably priced, so we put an application in to camp for 3 nights, and had it confirmed not long after.

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Fernbrook Farm Stay
Our camp site at Fernbrook Farm Stay
Misty morning
Waking up to a misty morning in Pemberton

Where is Fernbrook Farm Stay?

This camp ground is roughly 15 minutes drive by bitumen, or about 25 minutes by gravel from Pemberton itself. It’s located not far from Manjimup, and close to a number of amazing attractions.

Dmax in Pemberton
Not far from the main road on a gravel road

What’s there?

Fernbrook Farm Stay is one big fenced off area at the top of a gully, overlooking a great property and backing onto a lovely forest. It’s got a number of posts to mark out the sites (of which there are 6), a fire pit for each site and a swing set up one end. That’s it, and its absolutely awesome.

Swings at Fernbrook
Our kids loved the swing set in the corner
Cooper playing
Cooper playing with the fire pit

In winter, the hills are bright green and truly amazing, and in summer time (and heading back into winter) it dries off and the ground is covered in dried up grass.

The ground is nicely compacted, and even though you can be camping on mainly dirt in the drier months its not dusty, unpleasant or boggy like some sites can be.

The actual property is 320 acres, and you can see a huge amount of that from your camp site.

Camping in the R2
A beautiful sunrise at a nice and quiet property

How much does it cost?

Camping is $20 per night here, plus the Hipcamp cost. We paid $67 for the 3 nights (for 2 adults, and 2 kids), and I reckon that is great value for money.

What’s worth seeing in Pemberton?

Honestly, what’s not worth seeing in Pemberton? If you haven’t been here before, know that Margaret River gets all of the hype, but there’s a lot of places inland that are just as well worth a visit.

Pemberton is one of those places, and we absolutely love visiting at any time of year. Here’s some of the more common attractions, and we’ll do a comprehensive post about the area soon.

Big Brook Beach
Pemberton has so much to offer

Pemberton Pool

Not far from the town centre lies a natural pool (with some man made intervention) that is absolutely stunning, and worth a swim. At the very least, kick back there for a bit and soak up the stunning views.

Pemberton Pool views
The Pemberton Pool views are quite amazing
Other side of Pemberton Pool
How’s this for the local pool?

Pemberton Mountain Bike Trails

Downhill mountain biking has taken off in WA like nothing else, with a huge number of towns getting on board and putting tracks in. Pemberton is no exception to this, with a huge range of mountain bike tracks up and down the hills, and a dedicated jump track.

All of the tracks start near Pemberton Pool, and we spent half a day riding around and enjoying the area. 

The tracks are certainly a lot less smooth than ones that we’ve done in Dwellingup and Margaret River, but they are a heap of fun nonetheless.

Pemberton jump track
Lots of jumps near Pemberton Pool
Pemberton Mountain Bike Tracks
A map showing the Pemberton Mountain Bike Tracks

Dave Evans Bicentennial Tree

Keen on climbing the biggest tree you’ve ever done in your life? The Dave Evans Bicentennial Tree is 65 metres tall with a number of platforms on the way up, and you can climb up all the way.

It’s certainly not for the faint hearted, with metal reo bar and some very average looking fencing the only thing stopping you from a big fall. 

At the top the views are incredible, but its worth doing just for the experience.

Pemberton Fire Trees
Are you feeling brave?
Views climbing up
The views on the way up and down, and at the top are amazing
Long way down
It’s a long way down!

The Heartbreak Trail

If you want a great snapshot of the stunning Karri forest around Pemberton, head out to the Heartbreak trail. This is a one way gravel track that takes you through the forest in a loop, and back onto the highway. 

It’s got a couple of great camp sites along the way and has some spectacular scenery.

Drafts along the Heartbreak Trail
The beautiful Warren River along the Heartbreak Trail
Pemberton River
Pemberton is a tranquil place with so much to see


For those wanting to experience huge sand dunes, the stunning Warren River and a great coastline, Yeagarup is hugely popular. Let your tyres down really low, and you’ll have a chance of getting up Calcup Hill; one of the biggest 4WD accessible dunes in the southern hemisphere!

Yeagarup Beach
Yeagarup is a very unique place

Windy Harbour and Fish Creek

Despite a name that might put you off, Windy Harbour is beautiful. Walk around the D’Entrecasteaux Point, and check out the 4WD tracks to Gardiner River, Fish Creek Hut and beyond. We spent the better part of a day enjoying this area, and had an amazing time.

Windy Harbour Cliffs
Huge cliffs at Windy Harbour
Gardiner River Mouth
At the Gardiner River Mouth

Pemberton Tram

If you want to do something a bit different, Pemberton has a tram that runs from just near the town (and then right through the middle of it!), out to the Cascades. It meanders through the beautiful forest, and is a very picturesque drive. It’s not cheap, but its very popular and we thought it was probably worth it.

Pemberton Tram Ride
The Pemberton Tram Ride is very scenic

Big Brook

If you want a stunning place to have a dip, head out towards Big Brook; a beautiful dam where you can fish, kayak, stand up paddle board or just relax on the beach.

Huge grassy area
Lots of grass to kick back on
Swimming at the beach
Lots of people enjoying the Big Brook Beach

Fernbrook Farm Stay is the perfect Hipcamp

Fernbrook Farm Stay is the perfect example of what we like to see. Its set up to be almost completely maintenance free, on someone’s private property with stunning views, and you can stay there for a limited cost.

Some of the Hipcamps that we’ve seen are charging $60 – $70 per night for a family, and whilst some of them might be worth it, you are no longer going on a cheap break away. 

There’s a lot of people who just want a safe, quiet and nice place to pull up for a night (or a few) and don’t want the fancy ensuite sites, or to be crammed so close to another person that you can’t back your van in.

Fernbrook Farm Stay
The perfect Hipcamp

Yes, this is further away from Perth and as a result will inherently be less popular, but I think the owners have done a truly spectacular job, and we’d stay at this over a caravan park any day of the week. No, its not just a financial decision; its a nicer place to stay for someone who’s fully contained.

We let our kids ride their bikes and run around all day long, knowing that we could always see them, there was hardly any traffic coming and going and the area was fenced off and safe.

I’ll be back in winter; I want to see the rolling hills when they are bright green, and kick back around a nice fire at night.

Well done to Fernbrook Farm Stay; we need more Hipcamps like this!

Caravan at Fernbrook
We’ll be back for sure

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