Camec wheel levelling ramp and chock review

We’ve had our Camec wheel levelling ramp and chocks now for the better part of 3 years, and given them an absolute flogging, so its time to do a review on their performance. These get used when needed, and if we can avoid using them we will, but its very common to pull into a camp site that isn’t level enough.

Caravan levelling ramps
Our caravan levelling ramps have been used significantly

We paid for these

Like all of our reviews, we start off by telling you where the product came from, so you know we are honest, and not trying to promote a product. I bought these off eBay, and paid full retail price, with no discussion about doing a review. Our opinions are honest, and we don’t hold back if the product is no good.

How much are they?

You can get these online for anywhere from $27 to $35 for a single set, which is pretty reasonable. We paid $60 for two, delivered to our house.

Caravan levelling Ramps
They’re not bad value for what you get

How easy are they to use?

Most caravan levelling ramps are pretty similar in nature, and these are as simple as it gets. You simply put them under a wheel (or both wheels), and drive up, or backwards onto them. When the van is level (you can use a free caravan levelling app if you want), you use the chock to lock the wheel in position, and away you go.

Now, I will make a couple of little points; we normally push the van a little higher than needed and then chock it, as it will always roll back down more than you expect. Secondly, you need to let the van roll into the chock, so it takes the pressure off your tow hitch, or you’ll never get it off (or if you do, it will move suddenly in the direction the van wants to go, and that can be very dangerous).

Overall, you can’t really get much more simpler than these.

Levelling ramps
The chock locks in fairly easily in a number of different places

Have we done any damage?

Yep, and that’s with as much care and consideration as possible. By design, these are incredibly strong on flat, sold ground. However, the moment the ground moves, or you put them on uneven ground, they loose a lot of their strength.

We’ve got a few cracks and dents on the bottom from the ramp digging into little rocks (and we always try and get it as flat as possible), and the fronts are bent and cracked a bit from the ground sinking, and the weight squashing the ramp unevenly.

Considering the amount of use they’ve had though, they’ve done fairly well and I’m not that concerned.

Do you need two?

Honestly, you’d probably get away with one ramp and chock. We grabbed two for the odd occasions where we want to raise the entire camper, and they have both been used a few times, but its not an absolute must.

Would we get them again?

Yep, I reckon. You could easily make your own solid ones, or get something heavier duty, but it all comes at extra weight, and that’s no good. There has been the occasion where these aren’t tall enough, but its few and far between, and we generally just grab a rock and drive up the ramp and onto the rock if that is the case.

Overall, we’re pleased with these, and would get them again, but we’d certainly see what else is on the market too, and wouldn’t have issues trying anything different.

Levelling the camper trailer
Using rocks and timber gets old real fast

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