Norman’s Beach; great camping near Albany

The south coast of Western Australia is nothing short of beautiful, and over the years we’ve been lucky enough to explore a huge amount of it. On a recent trip though, we stumbled across Normans Beach, and found a truly beautiful camp site that we were not expecting at all.

Normans Inlet
Normans Inlet is an incredible spot

Where is Normans Beach?

You’ll find this quiet little camp site roughly 40 minutes drive East of Albany, only a few minutes from Bettys Beach, overlooking the amazing Mount Manypeaks Nature Reserve. We headed there from Cosy Corner, which is another spectacular camp site near Albany.

Mount Manypeaks
The beautiful Mount Manypeaks

What’s the track like?

The road into Normans Beach is good condition gravel, but you should expect some corrugations depending on when it was last graded. It’s on the same road out to Bettys Beach and East Bay Camping Ground, both of which are stunning places to check out.

How much does it cost to camp?

Like many of the camp sites around Albany, Normans Beach is 100% free, and that’s pretty awesome.

There’s a 7 day maximum stay, but these free camps are hugely appreciated by many. Please look after them, and leave them pristine for the next campers!

Normans inlet and beach
Looking out to the beach along Normans Inlet

Camping at Normans Beach

If you are going to camp at Normans Beach, know that its not suitable for large rigs with a small turn around area at the end. This excludes any large caravans, motorhomes and buses.

There are lots of smaller camp sites tucked near the inlet, with some set back further. I was really impressed with how quiet and peaceful the area was; it would be an amazing place to kick back for a few days and just relax!

Normans Beach day use area
The day use area and turn around point

What’s at Normans Beach?

This stunning spot is located right next to the Normans Inlet, which flows out towards the ocean.

You can kayak, swim, fish or canoe in the inlet, and its a beautiful place that very much reminds me of the Walpole-Nornalup Inlet.

Kayaking in the inlet
Kayaking the beautiful inlet

Alternatively, you can walk along a track that takes you all the way to the beach, where you have magic views of the coastline. On one side you can just see Bettys Beach, and on the other is Mount Manypeaks.

Bettys Beach
Bettys beach in the distance, from Normans Beach
Mount Manypeaks
Looking the other way towards Mount Manypeaks

I’ve got no doubt you’d do well fishing from here and would do well in salmon season. 

If you are looking for a magic camp site not too far from Albany, you won’t go wrong with Normans Beach; its a great spot.

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