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We’re not normally into anything fancy or complicated, and if you’re thinking who needs an app for levelling a caravan, bear with me. I had similar thoughts too, until I downloaded and started using it, and now I’d never go back. Funny how the old perception changes once you’ve got real experience with it, isn’t it?!

Caravan levelling app
We’re a big fan of the caravan levelling app

We were often fairly laid back with levelling

If I’m completely honest, we’ve always been pretty laid back and flexible when it comes to levelling. When I got our Reconn R2 I could see that the spirit level on the drawbar was not stuck down correctly, and using it would get a van that was wildly uneven, so I stopped using it.

Before our Lap of Australia I did get around to cutting it off and sticking it down nice and flat, but it still seems to be way off the mark. As it turns out, my old man cut if off and discovered it was actually faulty).

Spirit level on the van
Our spirit level was faulty, and annoying to use

Our usual routine for levelling the van then, was to get the left and right roughly eyeball using ramps, rocks or timber, and then eyeball the north to south and correct it with the jockey wheel.

Sometimes, we’d get it not quite right and the butter would all end up in one corner of the pan, or the sink wouldn’t drain. Other times, we could see that it was out but couldn’t be bothered disconnecting, and so we lived with it. Pointing down at the drawbar is usually not much of a problem as our kids sleep side on, and its our toes pointing down.

This has changed now though, with the levelling app making life really quick and simple, and we’re certainly on the ball a lot more now.

The app makes life so easy

However, after getting the app, our caravan levelling game has improved so much. You literally open the app, press the caravan button and stick your phone somewhere that is important to be level. We normally use the kitchen, and I put the phone on the edge of the draw, as the camera on the phone makes it uneven if you don’t!

From there, it tells you whether you are red, orange or green, and how many degrees its out. We get the sideways level done first with ramps, and then chock it, and let the camper roll into the chock. If its green that way, then we disconnect and then just raise or lower the jockey wheel until its right. It is so much easier, quicker and there’s no disagreements between Sarah and I, or sometimes Dad too, if he’s involved!

Caravan levelling has been a bit of a joke for us, with me regularly teasing Dad that his van isn’t level, just from eyeing it off. He’d often get a plate of water inside to prove me wrong, and the one time that he forgot to level his van and then put the stabiliser legs down I gave him a good stir for some time.

Now though, its so easy, you can’t disagree with it and I’d highly recommend giving it a try.

Caravan levelling app in use
Once its level, it will go green in both directions

Where do you get the Caravan Levelling App?

If you want the app, you can get it on Android through the Google Play Store, or on Apple. The free version displays a few ads, but they aren’t intrusive and I haven’t seen any reason to upgrade to the pro, ad free version.

I’m sure there’s plenty of options out there, and this is not a post to promote any particular product, but just to share that sometimes, technology can make your life a lot easier and when its completely free, why not give it a whirl?

Do you use a Caravan Levelling App? Have you tried one?

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