Potato cubes; the perfect camping meal side

We take a fair bit of food when camping, so we can get off grid and away from everyone, and everything. Over the years we’ve been working on a number of easy camping meals, or sides that last a long time, taste good, are easy to prepare and make for a reasonably balanced diet.

We tend to avoid as much majorly processed food as possible, but we certainly aren’t perfect.

One of the sides that we do all the time now is frying small cubes of potato, and sweet potato in a frying pan, with a few spoons of butter. If you cut the chunks no more than 15mm x 15mm, they will fry up well, and become nice and crispy.

The trick is to let them cook enough so they crisp up before you turn them, and try to reduce the number of times you stir and turn them, or they’ll break up and turn to mush.

You can add pumpkin and other vegetables as you please, but having at least two is much nicer.

Fried vegetables as a side
You can fry these up really well, and they are quite tasty

When you are nearly done, adding some frozen corn kernels until they warm up and absorb the remaining butter into the mix makes for a delicious, reasonably healthy and perfect side. We’ll often have this with some broccolini and meat cooked over the fire.

That might be a few steaks, or sausages, or rissoles, or whatever else we have floating around in our freezer.

Camping dinner
A fairly typical camping dinner for us

Its quick, easy, and even the kids are starting to enjoy it quite a bit, which is always half the battle. One of the best things about this is its super easy and quick to make. Once the vegetables are cubed, you can leave the pan for 5 minutes at a time and turn it as you walk past, without constantly having to stir or play with it.

A slight alternative to this is our camp oven vegetables, which are really easy if you’ve got a fire going.

Have you tried something similar to our potato cubes side? 

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