Milligan Island; Sandy Cape but better?

WA has some cracker camp sites. We really are spoilt for choice, and we love nothing more than sharing them with you. For those who’ve been to Sandy Cape, you’ll know its a great spot, particularly the areas away from the main camp site where you can have a bit of privacy, and get closer to the beach.

However, there’s another camp site not much further north that is also very popular called Milligan Island Camping Node.

It’s probably even more picturesque, but less well known and an absolutely incredible place to spend a few days.

Milligan Island Camping
There’s certainly worse places to camp
Stunning coastline near Green Head
The coastline is even better

Where is Milligan Island?

You’ll find this place just out of Green Head, off the Indian Ocean Drive. It’s literally 6 minutes by car into Green Head, or about a 5km walk if you are keen on a (long) picturesque walk.

Dunes at Milligan Island
The dunes nearby are quite spectacular

How long does it take to get to Milligan Island?

From Perth, you are looking at just under 3 hours to arrive at Milligan Island Camping Node. It’s only 25 minutes north of Sandy Cape, which makes it pretty attractive.

It’s just within weekender distance from Perth, which is amazing when there aren’t actually that many options around, right on the beach.

Glass off at Milligan Island
The drive is absolutely worth it

Access to the camp ground

The camp ground is accessible by short, good quality gravel road that suits all types of vehicles. Whether you have a 2WD car, or a motorhome, 4WD, motorbike or a big bus, you’ll have no issues getting in.

Road into Milligan Island
The gravel road in is in good condition

How much does it cost?

Milligan Island Camping is $20 per night per vehicle, and is collected by the Ranger or camp host either early morning, or late afternoon in cash.

They know that people try and avoid the fee’s and will come when you don’t expect it, so do the right thing and be ready to pay for your stay.

Milligan Island Camping Cost
At $20 per vehicle per night its decent value

How big are the sites?

You’d comfortably fit a fairly large van and 4WD into most of the sites; they are decent size and make parking and setting up in different ways a breeze.

We were able to comfortably angle our Reconn R2 and Dmax, with plenty of room left over.

Room at Milligan Island
You’ll have plenty of room to camp
Big sites at Green Head
There’s enough room to spread out

Can you book Milligan Island

This camp ground is first come, first serve, and there is no bookings available. It is still one of the lesser known camp grounds around, but it fills up fast and there are a limited number of camp sites, unlike Sandy Cape that has more room than you’d ever need!

Milligan Island in our R2
Our spot at Milligan Island, which we picked up in the afternoon

Beach access at Milligan Island

Milligan Island has a huge number of beaches that you can access.

From the camp itself its a short walk to the two beaches either side of a rocky headland, and then there are a heap of beaches further north and south that you can drive a 4WD onto, including the well known Anchorage Bay.

Milligan Island Beach
There’s a number of beaches you can get a 4WD onto
Weet on the beach
You can walk to a number of beaches too

What facilities are there?

You’ll find a couple of decent toilets here, BBQ’s, picnic tables and a defibrillator. There’s a big skip bin that is available for rubbish disposal, and all sites are flat, compacted limestone.

The nearest dump point is in Leeman or Green head.

Camp kitchen at Milligan Island
The facilities are decent

Dogs and fires

Dogs are permitted, but they need to be kept on a leash at all times. You need to ensure you pick up after it too!

Fires are not permitted at any time of the year.

Milligan Island vs Sandy Cape

I was pleasantly surprised by Milligan Island, and would happily go there over Sandy Cape. There are some magic camp sites at Sandy Cape that are 4WD accessible and well away from the main camp ground, but both camp sites are fantastic, and highly rated. 

It is a bit more formal than the camping either side of Sandy Cape’s main camp ground, but the sites are spread apart enough to have a decent stay.

I’d really like to do some fishing and diving around Milligan Island, as it looks absolutely stunning.

Coast at Milligan Island
The water around Milligan Island looks incredible for a dive

What’s nearby?

Green Head, Jurien Bay, Leeman, Hill River and Stockyard Gully Caves are all a fairly short drive away, and worth a look at. Asides from this, the area surrounding Milligan Island Camp is fantastic, and well and truly worth an explore.

Sunset at Milligan Island
Enjoying incredible sunsets each night

Have you been to Milligan Island before? What did you think of it?

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  1. Hey Mark,

    Yep, some of the sites at Sandy Cape are magic. We’ve actually never stayed north of Sandy Cape; we always go south, but you’d never catch us at the main camp grounds. Too busy!

    All the best

  2. mark skeels says:

    As long as I can continue Nth through Sandy Cape and access the other campsites close to the beach it has it all over Milligan Island…and like Sandy Cape they are both definite no go during weekends, long weekends and school holidays…guess I’m just lucky I can go outside those times.