Horrocks Caravan Park Review; is it any good?

We’ve stayed at a huge number of places in WA, and rolling into somewhere new is always super exciting for us. Horrocks is a quiet town right on the coast, and if you want to camp, you either stay at Little Bay, or the Horrocks Caravan Park.

Horrocks Caravan Park
The entrance to Horrocks Caravan Park

Whilst we’d rather stay off grid, in the middle of summer school holidays the idea of arriving to a booked out camp site just wasn’t going to work, and some of our family wanted a chalet, so we made a booking at Horrocks Caravan Park.

We actually arrived a couple of hours prior to check in time, having left Coronation Beach fairly early in the morning as it was just getting too hot.

As expected, they declined our request to check in as the temperatures were sky high again, and the lawn needed a good soak. Totally reasonable, and we were expecting exactly that, but if you don’t ask, you don’t get.

We spent a couple of hours down by the beach snorkelling and exploring the absolutely magic area, and eventually returned just after lunch time to check in.

Beach at Horrocks
The beach at Horrocks is one of the best you’ll ever go to

Is Horrocks any good?

I was actually shocked at how beautiful Horrocks is. The beach is as good as they get, with great snorkeling and swimming opportunities, and its got the old school vibe where people are laid back, and the commercial life is put second.

Kids (and adults) ride their motorbikes up and down the main roads, you can get onto the beach with your 4WD in a huge number of places and there’s just one general store.

We seriously fell in love with Horrocks, despite it being 40 degrees + on a number of days, and a long stint of wind we had a great time.

Horrocks Beach
Does this look like paradise to you?

Where is Horrocks Caravan Park?

When you come into Horrocks, take the main turn left towards the beach (or you’ll end up at Little Bay) and you drive right past the Caravan Park.

It’s only about 100 metres away from the general store, and another 100 metres away from the main boat ramp, and the playground.

You can walk to the beach near the boat ramp in only a couple of minutes, and the beach around the corner in a similar time frame, from the back of the caravan park.

Horrocks Caravan Park
Horrocks Caravan Park is a short walk to the beach

What’s Horrocks Caravan Park like?

We couldn’t complain about the Caravan Park. We had nice green, grassy sites despite the hideous temperatures they’d experienced lately, and there would have been more big trees shading the sites if it weren’t for a cyclone coming through about a year prior.

Horrocks Caravan Park
It’s a nice place to stay

The sites are decent sized, easy to access and it seems to be run fairly well. The toilets and showers are old, but kept clean and they do the job.

There’s also a new block being built, which looks like its nearly ready to use. The Chalets are modern, comfortable and although also not cheap, they are very nice to stay in.

Shower block at Horrocks
The Horrocks Caravan Park Shower Block

Due to the terrible wind that we had for most of our stay, we actually spent a fair bit of time at camp, which is unusual for us.

We’d prefer to be down at the beach, or exploring areas around, but it was often far too unpleasant to be anywhere near the water.

Horrocks Chalets
The chalets at Horrocks Caravan Park are new, well set out and lovely to stay in

Horrocks Caravan Park Pricing

I did feel my hip pocket burn a bit when we booked and paid for this Caravan Park, but to be fair its pretty reasonable when you compare it to other parks, just a lot more expensive than off grid camping. You can stay at Little Bay for $15 per night per vehicle, which is awesome value.

In total, we paid $399 for a week on a powered site during school holidays for two adults, and two kids.

Horrocks Caravan Park
Our setup at Horrocks Caravan Park

Mice at Horrocks

The mid north west of WA seems to be having an issue with mice at the moment, and whilst its not nearly as bad as what over East has experienced in past months, they are out and about and you should behave accordingly.

Don’t leave food out and about, and expect that anything you do leave out will have mice go into it.

We saw one or two every day, scurrying around and they can be pretty damaging animals, so watch out. I wouldn’t be overly worried about them though, but it pays to know than not know!

Power loss at Horrocks

Another thing that is hugely annoying for the residents, and no doubt business owners is the continual power loss. Western Power provides the grid setup, and in the last couple of months Horrocks has had a number of substantial power losses.

What’s even sillier is that they wont turn the power on if it’s a high risk fire day, regardless of the cause of the fault. If there’s an overloading fault on a network and its perfectly safe to turn it back on again, they just don’t until it cools down.

In our 7 day stay we lost power for about 10 hours on two days, and really its pretty average. It didn’t affect us as we rarely plug into the grid anyway, but its annoying for those who pay good money for cabins, or have caravans that rely on being able to plug into power.

They have a small 18kva generator which is used to keep the bore and fridges on, but nothing else works (including all of the powered sites in the caravan park!).

Powered sites at Horrocks
Power outages are seriously annoying for everyone

Would we stay at Horrocks Caravan Park again?

In a heartbeat. If we wanted the certainty that you have a spot to stay at in Horrocks (as Little Bay is not bookable), we’d book Horrocks Caravan Park again. The area is stunning, and being able to walk to the beach is amazing.

However, we’d be just as inclined to find a new location; there’s so many great spots in WA!

Horrocks Beach
Horrocks is a beautiful location

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