Lee and Jennys Bush Camp; pristine camping near the Daly River

When planning our Northern Territory trip, we had about a week spare, for destinations we hadn’t chosen yet. I really wanted to go to East Arnhem land, but Sarah wasn’t sure, and after a bit of reading and map investigation we said we’d visit another time.

It’s a long way out there, and we didn’t have quite enough time to see it properly. There’s nothing worse than a lot of travelling to see just a tiny bit of a great area.

Instead, we added a couple of nights to Kakadu National Park and then Litchfield National Park, and were left with a couple more to fill in As you do, we searched for other amazing places in the area, and stumbled across Lee and Jenny’s Bush Camp.

This is right on the Daly River, and the reviews are nothing short of brilliant. It was a bit left field for us; not really in the direction we wanted to travel, nor near anything we wanted to see, but it looked amazing and we figured it would be something different.

I rang and booked ahead, about 3 months in advance, and eventually the day came, where we packed up from Litchfield and rolled into Lee and Jenny’s.

Lee and Jennys River
Right next door to the Daly River

Jenny saw us roll in, and greeted us, before showing us to the various camp site options. We had a good lunch before setting the camper trailer up in the heat of the day, and spending a lazy afternoon relaxing in the pool and around camp.

Lee and Jennys property
Green grass, plenty of room, a pool and great hosts; what more could you want?

Where is Lee and Jenny’s?

You’ll find Lee and Jenny’s right on the Daly River, roughly 150km from Adelaide River and 250km from Katherine.

About the property

The property is your typical green grassed, lots of shade and small farm. It’s very well maintained, and is a beautiful place to relax.

It’s $23 per night per couple for unpowered sites, which is really, really reasonable given what you get.

Lee and Jennys Bush Camp
The property is extremely well set up

Lee and Jenny’s Fishing

From what we gathered, most people visiting the area were keen fishermen and women. You can fish across the road from a nice pontoon, or head up and down the Daly river in both directions via land or boat to find the perfect place to fish.

Fishing at Lee and Jennys
There’s more water to fish in than you can poke a stick at
Barramundi at Lee and Jennys
Some nice Barramundi on a fishing tour at Lee and Jennys

What did we think of it?

In terms of the actual property, I can’t fault it. The toilets and showers were immaculate, Lee and Jenny are as friendly and helpful as you could get, the views over the river when you walk across the road are amazing, grass is green, fires are permitted and its not like a lot of caravan parks where you can’t do this or that.

We thoroughly enjoyed a few days relaxing and enjoying the area before heading back to WA for the Gibb River Road, and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for an amazing place to stay.

The only shame, is that there’s not a whole lot to do in the area, especially if you have a young child.

Fishing with Oliver is pretty much impossible, unless we take it in turns as he’s a nightmare near any water that has crocodiles in it. When you’ve got the chance of snapping handbags having him for an entrée its just not worth it!

Crocs in the Daly River
The river is beautiful but we didn’t fish with Oliver around

For this reason, despite having paid for 3 nights, we left after two. We very nearly stayed the extra night and lazed around, but had a huge 800km day planned that may have needed to be split in two, and I can only sit around and do nothing for so long.

What can you do in the area?

As above, there really isn’t much to do in the area at all. There’s an Inn, a few bridges and creeks to look at, and that’s about it. The property is lovely to stay in, but you wouldn’t go to the region for anything other than boating/fishing/relaxing.

Overall, Lee and Jenny’s was one of our more enjoyable stays; the property is truly awesome, and is a prime example of what camping should be. We’ll be back when the kids are older, and try and get a couple of Barramundi!

Barramundi Tour
If you have a boat, or enjoy fishing its a magic spot

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