Bruboodjoo; 9 mile camp on the Ningaloo

If remote, off grid camping right on the Ningaloo Coast that isn’t a DBCA site tickles your fancy, then Bruboodjoo, or 9 mile camp might be your next camping destination.

This amazing piece of the coast is not very well known, and lots of people like it that way!

Lots of room at 9 mile
Bruboodjoo Camp Ground is a magic place

The Ningaloo Reef is a special place, and so much so that its become almost impossible to get a camp site at any of the DBCA camp sites during peak season (between May and September).

If you don’t believe me, know that people are staying up to midnight almost every night, and booking within 1 – 2 seconds of it ticking over, just so they get a spot 180 days later. Want to know more? Check this out – How to book a National Park in WA when its busy.

9 mile beach
The beaches are fantastic

If you can’t book, or don’t want to book, you should be able to get a spot at Bruboodjoo, which is brilliant.

Where is Bruboodjoo?

This part of the world is almost half way between Coral Bay and Ningaloo Station, and is accessible from the Minilya-Exmouth Road, or from the north (or south) by 4WD.

Camped at Bruboodjoo
9 Mile Camp is 25km north of Coral Bay

Do you need a 4WD to get there?

A 4WD is always better to access places like this, as you’ll be going over sharp limestone rock and corrugations. Despite the track being quite short, you still need some clearance and care to get there without any problems.

The drive into Bruboodjoo
The drive in was fairly easy

Despite this, we saw a huge bus, and a number of less conventional vehicles that had made it to Bruboodjoo, and were enjoying themselves.

To answer the question briefly; you don’t need a 4WD, but it does make life more comfortable and easier. The track in is fairly narrow and windy in sections, and you will drive over a lot of limestone rock.

9 Mile Information
The Bruboodjoo – 9 mile information sign

What does it cost to camp?

Camping fees are $80 per week for 2 adults, or $10 per adult per night. One months stay is $250. There’s also no cap on how long you stay, unlike Warroora Station, and Ningaloo Station which used to see people stay for months at a time.

Bruboodjoo Beach
Another great beach on the Ningaloo Reef
Lots of campers enjoying themselves
It’s great value

Amenities at Bruboodjoo

Bruboodjoo has a dump point and rubbish bins, and that’s it. You must provide your own toilet, water, food, power and anything else that you need.

Those who come tend to be prepared to spend some time here, with boats, semi permanent annexe setups and enough gear to have a comfortable and enjoyable stay for a significant amount of time.

Bruboodjoo self sufficiency
You need to be fairly self sufficient to stay here

Accessing the Ningaloo Reef from Bruboodjoo

There’s quite a few places where the Ningaloo Reef comes in close to the land in this area, and there are small bits of reef scattered not far from shore here. The main Ningaloo Reef is about 5km out from Bruboodjoo, and is easily accessed by even small boats and kayaks on a good day.

Bruboodjoo Beach
The Ningaloo Reef is a short boat ride out

Whilst we’ve not stayed at Bruboodjoo, we did thoroughly enjoyed an afternoon there with my folks who were staying a couple of nights, and we’ve been there before looking for more amazing places to camp in WA.

Have you been to Bruboodjoo? What did you think of it?

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  1. Hey Linda,

    There’s heaps of room. That said, it looks like you can book on their website now.

    All the best

  2. Linda Perkins says:

    Do you just front up and hope there are sites available?

  3. Hi Jasmine,

    You cannot book, and there are no toilet facilities. You must bring your own.

    All the best

  4. Jasmine Otruba says:

    Hi. Wondering if I need to make a booking to stay at you can site for 1 night on the 10 Jan 2023? Also, do you you have toilet or longdrop amenities?