Bush Bay; incredible coastal camping just south of Carnarvon

On our latest trip north, we made Bush Bay near Carnarvon our home for one night before continuing onto Bullara Station. It was a hugely memorable stay, with some of the best weather we’ve experienced in a very, very long time.

If you are looking for Carnarvon Camping options, this might be the place to stay!

Bush Bay Camping
Bush bay in amazing conditions

The location is fantastic, and has huge potential for those who love the off grid lifestyle, without having to pay much. It’s a shire run camp, and is absolutely brilliant. I still chuckle about the incredible Bush Bay camping experience we had; you rarely see glass off’s like this!

Beach front camping
Camped literally 10 metres away from the water
Camping near Carnarvon
You can’t go too wrong with that!

Where is Bush Bay?

You’ll find this place roughly 40 kilometres south of Carnarvon, or about 93 kilometres north west of Wooramel Station. It’s at the end of a short, and reasonable quality gravel road.

Bush Bay Boating
Monkey Mia is directly south, around 72km

What amenities are there?

There is nothing at Bush Bay Carnarvon but a dump point, with your camping setup needing to be self sufficient in every other way. That means you need a chemical toilet, you need food, water, decent shelter and power to run what ever you have in mind.

Rubbish Bins at Bush Bay
Rubbish Bins, and that’s about it
Bush Bay Information
The main information sign on the way in


There are no generator restrictions here, but you should be respectful with them. They are one of the easiest ways to upset other campers, so use them lightly and only as needed.

Generators at Bush Bay
You can run generators, but be respectful


Dogs are also permitted here, but again keep them under control, and clean up after them.

Bush Bay Camping
You can have dogs, but keep them on leads

Bush Bay Fishing

Bush Bay is hugely popular for fishing. We caught a couple of flat head and whiting, and didn’t have much luck doing anything else.

A couple of locals who headed out in a boat were saying the squidding and bigger fishing opportunities are huge not too far off the coastline.

Fishing at Bush Bay
We didn’t catch much, but had fun trying
Amazing boating conditions
The weather was amazing for boating though

Boat launching at Bush Bay

There’s a heap of places that you can get a boat close to the water at Bush Bay. Pick your location carefully though, as the beaches are soft enough that you’ll probably have to deflate some air.

Launching at high tide is much easier too, so have a look at the tide chart before you head down.

Bush Bay Boating
You’d have no issues launching any smaller boats here, off the beach, but time the tides

What does Bush Bay cost?

Camping is a mere $5.50 per adult per night, or $4 per senior per night. Pay your fee; its totally reasonable, and there’s really no excuse for not doing it.

Low cost camping
It’s pretty good value
Amazing camping
We’d love to spend more time at Bush Bay

We really enjoyed our stay at Bush Bay, and would happily drag the boats there and stay for a week. It’s close enough to Carnarvon to head in for the day, and get anything you need. 

Have you stayed at Bush Bay? What did you think of it?

Want more? Here’s our video:

YouTube video

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