Cosy Corner; Amazing, free camping near Albany

If I told you that there’s a campsite right on the Albany coast where you can stay free of charge, metres away from one of the most beautiful beaches around, would you believe me? You should, because it exists; Cosy Corner!

There’s quite a few spectacular Albany Camping opportunities, but this is one of the more well known and appreciated locations.

Cosy Corner Albany
Free camping metres from the coast at Cosy Corner
Cosy Corner camping
Enjoying Cosy Corner at night

Where is Cosy Corner?

You’ll find this magic place just north of West Cape Howe, and 36km South East of Denmark, or 29km West of Albany. It’s centrally located around plenty of amazing beaches, and the beautiful produce area.

Cosy Corner Camping

The only camping allowed here is at Cosy Corner East, which you’ll see on the left coming down the hill just before you get to the coastline.

It’s a short gravel loop, which has some camp sites very close to the beach, under the peppermint trees. Alternatively, there is a much larger loop just further north, made from mainly white, crushed limestone.

Cosy Corner free camp
Lots of spaced out sites

The sites are labelled, and range from small to large, and most are quite level. Even the furthest site from the coast is a short walk, and the beach is pristine, white and beautiful. In total, there are 21 caravan sites, and 15 tent sites along with a day use area.

Camping in Albany
A Lifestyle Breakaway camper closer to the beach
Camping under the trees
There’s quite a few shady sites

7 day stay and popularity

As you might imagine, Cosy Corner can be extremely popular, and its not always possible to get a spot. That said, there is a 7 day maximum stay during peak periods and people are regularly turning over and if you turn up between 8 and 10AM you generally have the best chance of getting a spot.

Cosy Corner Facilities

Being a free camp, the only facilities provided are toilets, rubbish bins and a dump point. There are a couple of tables, and walk paths down to the beach and that’s it. Simple, and all you really need. 

If you need potable water, you can get it from a couple of locations within the City of Albany, completely free. 

I have to say a huge well done to the City of Albany, who have made free camping accessible on so many levels. I’m sure it brings a lot of benefit to the town, and would encourage you to support the town for its great camp sites that don’t cost you a cent.

Free camping
You need to be self sufficient to camp here, except toilets
More camp sites
There’s a fair chunk of room

What’s the beach like?

Cosy Corner Beach is beautiful, like they all are down on the south coast. It has a small stream that runs out across the beach, and you can head further South West to Cosy Corner West, and Cosy Corner beach itself.

You are even able to get a 4WD onto the southern beaches too, but watch the tyre pressures as it can be soft.

Stream at Cosy Corner
The little stream that runs out to the ocean
Cosy Corner beach
The beach just down from the camp sites

Are dogs and fires allowed?

Dogs are permitted but need to be kept on a leash. Fires are not permitted at any time of year.

What’s nearby?

This part of the south coast is a truly magic region. It’s got the world class beaches like Esperance, but its closer to Perth and has plenty of other attractions you won’t get in Esperance. 


The southern part of WA is brilliant. There’s no other way to describe it. From the towering trees to beautiful coastlines you really can’t go wrong.

From Cosy Corner, head west along the main highway and you’ll bump into Denmark, a beautiful town with lots to see and enjoy. We really like Greens Pool and Boat Harbour (both beautiful beaches, with the latter needing a 4WD to access it).

Denmark River
Relaxing along the river at Denmark

West Cape Howe

Only a few minutes drive from Cosy Corner is West Cape Howe, which is extremely well known for fishing, 4WD tracks, insane beaches and of course hang gliding and paragliding. This takes place above Shelley Beach, off a number of landing and take off platforms. 

On our last trip down south we were lucky enough to see a paraglider suit up, do his safety checks and take off. We then went down to Shelley Beach to relax, and watched him enjoy the magic of flight for more than 45 minutes.

Shelley Beach
The stunning Shelley Beach, with a paraglider enjoying the ride

Torndirrup National Park

If you haven’t heard of the Gap, you need to check it out. The Torndirrup National Park is directly south of Albany, and about 30 minutes away from Cosy Corner.

There’s a number of amazing attractions to check out, including the stunning Gap, where you can walk out onto a fancy platform a huge distance off the water, and see the incredible waves smash into the coastline. 

The Gap in Albany
The gap is a pretty incredible place
The Gap in Albany
Looking down from the Gap platform in Torndirrup National Park

Albany itself

We really like Albany. It’s older, and reminds us a little of Fremantle and Melbourne crossed together, but based around the stunning coastline that exists. You have the National Anzac Centre, River Cruises, the Chainsaw Sculpture Drive, Visitor Centre, Albany Wind Farm, Middleton Beach and plenty more.

To get to Albany from Cosy Corner its a 25 minute drive.

Albany National Anzac Centre
Albany has plenty of great places to see including the Anzac Centre
Beautiful Albany Beaches
Albany has so many stunning beaches

Two Peoples Bay Nature Reserve

If you have more time, heading an hour east of Cosy Corner lies Two Peoples Bay, which is a stunning location with some of the best beaches in the world. With East Bay on one end of the beach, running down to Little Beach (a highly recognised beach) and lots of other incredible views.

East Bay Albany
East Bay in Two Peoples Nature Reserve
East Bay Beach
Enjoying East Bay Beach

There really isn’t a huge amount of Free Camping in WA, and for us, this was one of a handful of places we’ve stayed where we haven’t even had to pay a cent. Places like this are fantastic, as they allow you to spend the normal camping fees in town, and keep everything ticking over well. 

If you are looking for other camp sites around Albany, you have Torbay Inlet, Waychinicup Inlet, East Bay, Betty’s Beach, Norman’s Beach and Cape Richie. Waychinicup is a DBCA site and is low cost, and Cape Richie is run by the shire but also costs to stay.

Have you been to Albany? What did you think of it?

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