Places to Camp in Western Australia; bush to beach

Western Australia is truly an amazing place. We have plenty of world class attractions, spread over thousands of square kilometers. Whether you just want to head out for the day, or you are looking to camp at some of the incredible places, we are here to guide you in the right direction! The map below shows some of the camping sites in WA, and will continue to be updated.

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Below are some of the places I’ve written about, with the distance and direction from Perth, WA

Rottnest Island 31 E

One of Perth’s main attractions is Rottnest Island. Its got some of the best beaches to explore anywhere in WA, and you can stay there for as long as you like!


Walyunga National Park 41 NE

One of the things that puts people off  going camping is the travel you need to get there. Well, not any more! Walyunga National Park is about as close as it gets to Perth!

Enjoying a night at Walyunga
Camping at Walyunga National Park

Wilbinga 70.3 NE

Wilbinga has been a popular place to camp for many years, tucked away from the wind on the beach behind the first dune.


Dwellingup 106 SSE

You can’t get much better than Dwellingup, with plenty of fishing, 4WDing, downhill mountain biking, hiking, canoeing and white water rafting fun to be had!

Camping in Dwellingup
Amazing reflections on the Murray River

Baden Powell 115 SSE

Baden Powell is the first camp grounds you drive through in Dwellingup, and one of the bigger ones too.


Captain Fawcett Track 107 SSE

If you are looking for some more private camping in Dwellingup, the Captain Fawcett Track has a number of sites you can camp at.


Ledge Point 119NE

Ledge Point is a fantastic coastal location not too far north of Perth where you can stay at the Caravan Park


Lancelin 127 NE

I’ve always visited Lancelin at least once or twice a year; its a great coastal town with plenty of character. Unfortunately you can no longer camp outside of the caravan parks though


Belvidere 155 S

We found Belvidere recently, located just north of Bunbury right on the beach. It’s got good camping facilities in a cracker of a location

Belvidere camping
Enjoying Belvidere

Brunswick Junction 164 S

If you are looking for serious 4WDing, Brunswick is where you head! There’s plenty of mud in winter, and a number of great places you can camp at.


Cervantes 200 NW

Cervantes is another small town on the coast with plenty of character. The Pinnacles are well worth a visit next time you are up here.


Honeymoon Pool 204 SSE

If you are looking for a quiet place to spend a few days, Honeymoon Pool is it! The camp sites are located along a very tranquil river, with plenty of pristine bush surrounding it.


Busselton 221 SE

Busselton is truly a massive place, but its location is phenomenal, with great beaches and plenty of different Caravan Parks to choose from.


Sandy Cape 236 NE

Sandy Cape is a small camp grounds run by a caretaker, behind a little dune. You can walk to the beach, with great fishing, snorkelling, swimming and relaxing to be done!

Beach camping at Sandy Cape
Beach front camping at Sandy Cape

Dunsborough 247 SW

Dunsborough is one of the more popular places to stay at in the south west, and for good reason. There are a few caravan parks you can camp at here.


Margaret River 267 SE

Margaret River is a very popular tourist attraction. You can camp along the Blackwood River, or stay at a Caravan Park.

Long weekend at Jarrahdene
Relaxing at Jarrahdene

Alexandra Bridge 307 SW

Alexandra Bridge is located along the Blackwood River, and has its own boat launching facilities. This gets very busy though, so come prepared!


Augusta 310 SW

Augusta is a magic little town on the southern coast. The inlet is a great place to relax and wet a line, and there are plenty of places to explore.


Lake Jasper 317 S

Lake Jasper has a few camp sites available, but you need a 4WD to get there. It used to be very popular for skiing, but that has been shut down.

Camping near Lake Jasper under a tarp
Camping at Lake Jasper

Wave Rock (Hyden) 334 NSE

Wave Rock is a popular attraction, and you can camp in the Caravan park only a few hundred meters away.


Warren River Camp Ground 345 S

This is one of my more enjoyable places to camp – its on a pristine river and has only a couple of camp sites. If it is full though, you can go to Drafty’s, just a bit further back along the road (although its one way so you have to do the loop!)

The Warren, Pemberton
Amazing reflections at the Warren Camp site in Pemberton

The Holland Track 350 E

The Holland Track has plenty of places you can stop to camp, as well as the more well known camp grounds like Mt Augustus and Thursday Rock.


Yeagarup 352 S

Yeagarup is a stunning beach down near Pemberton, with plenty of room to camp and enjoy the area. It is popular for 4WDing and fishing.


Walpole 414 SE

After getting up early one morning and watching the sun rise over a glassy calm inlet, I was sold on Walpole. There are 2 great caravan parks, and an amazing area to explore.


Parry Beach 440 SSE

This is a small shire run camp grounds under the peppermint trees, not too far away from Denmark. It has great facilities, and is very cheap for a few nights stay (or longer if you please!)

Parry Beach Camping
Parry Beach Camp Ground, under the peppermint trees

Peaceful Bay 447 SE

As the name suggests, Peaceful Bay is a great place to go and relax, away from the crowds. There is only one Caravan Park, but its pretty big!


Lucky Bay Kalbarri 550 NNE

A little hidden gem lies on the coast just before you get to Kalbarri – Lucky Bay. It’s one of the best places you can camp if you are self sufficient, with some magical coastline.


Wagoe 565 NNE

Wagoe is just north of Lucky Bay, and is a running station. You can camp on their property for a small fee, with powered or unpowered sites.


Kalbarri 586NNE

If you are looking for variety, Kalbarri has it all. There are attractions all over the place, with plenty to do at any time of the year.


Orleans Bay Esperance 790 SE

Orleans Bay in Esperance has a Caravan Park situated on some of the best coastline I’ve ever seen. If you have a 4WD, there is so much to explore and do; you will love it.

Orleans Bay Caravan Park
Orleans Bay Caravan Park from on high

Thomas River 840 SE

I’ve got very happy memories from Thomas River, with a beach that is 29km long, plenty of bays to explore, great diving and fishing. You can camp here at either the shire or the DPAW sites (although they are both run by the DPAW!)


Israelite Bay 917 ESE

If you are prepared for remote camping, Israelite Bay may interest you. It’s roughly 200km east of Esperance, and is very popular for fisho’s. Make sure you take everything though; there are 0 facilities out there!


Warroora Station 1002NNE

We spent a day at Warroora Station (pronounced Warra Station) and wished we could stay longer. It’s an incredible station, with plenty of fantastic coastline to explore.


Gnaraloo Station 1017 NNW

Like Warroora Station, Gnaraloo is located on some pristine coastline with plenty to see and do. The fishing is good, diving is excellent and surfing is word class.

Camping at Gnaraloo
Camped at Gnaraloo

Coral Bay 1137 N

I’ve spent several weeks at Coral Bay, and love it. I’d even say I prefer it over Exmouth; the community is great, and if you have a boat you are laughing!


Karijini 1450 N

I don’t need to say much about Karijini; its an amazing location with the most incredible places you can walk to. You have a choice of staying at Dales (DPAW site) or the Eco tents.


Cleaverville 1569 N

In terms of coastal camping, Cleaverville is number one for me. The area is stunning, with some amazing diving and a very relaxed attitude towards life!


Broome 2184 NW

Broome holds it’s own reputation, and there are plenty of places to camp, ranging from DPAW sites through to Caravan Parks

Cable Beach Caravan Park 2015
Camped at Cable Beach Caravan Park

I will add to this list as I travel more. If you have any places you would like to recommend, just leave a comment and I will try to get there! To see a list of the DEC Campsites, click here.

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