Goulet Bluff in Shark Bay; pristine coastline and camping

On the way into Shark Bay, you’ll come to a section of road where you can see water on both sides of the vehicle, and its pretty spectacular. Not long after Shell Beach, you’ll see a sign to the West to Goulet Bluff, which is the first of a number of amazing places that you can see, and stay at on the way into Shark Bay.

Shark Bay attractions
Goulet Bluff is a brilliant place to camp for a night

Where is Goulet Bluff?

As above, you’ll find this great place signed off the main road into Shark Bay, roughly 39 km south. You can either get there by the main road, or by hopping down the beaches. Driving straight down the road from Shark Bay will take you roughly 27 minutes.

Shell Beach location
You’ll drive right past it on the way into Shark Bay

What’s at Goulet Bluff?

As the name suggests, Goulet Bluff is a spectacular beach and Bluff. In fact, its got two Bluffs, and you can access the beach in a number of different places.

On the beach at Goulet Bluff
Goulet Bluff has a nice beach that you can relax on

Exploring the 4WD tracks at Goulet Bluff

I was absolutely blown away with the number of 4WD tracks south of Shark Bay. You could almost drive from just near Shell Beach into Shark bay along the coastline; it literally just hops from amazing beach to amazing beach, and is well and truly worthy of a day trip.

Goulet Bluff has a number of tracks you can drive around, including a fun little Hill Climb that takes you to the top of the Bluff. You can head south to another bay which was blowing a gale when we called in, or drive onto the beach itself. Just be very wary of hidden seaweed, as it can make your vehicle sink down and you’ll be in serious trouble. This is less common for beach driving, but a massive issue if you find yourself sunk into the weed!

Alternatively, you can head north and drive up another simple, but rocky track that gives you amazing views over Goulet Bluff and the beach. There’s a short track from here that takes you back down onto the main highway, which is a great exit.

Shark Bay 4WD Tracks
Exploring the 4WD tracks at Goulet Bluff

Goulet Bluff Camping

If you are after low cost camping around Shark Bay, Goulet Bluff is one popular option. You can also camp at Eagle Bluff, Whalebone and Fowlers Campground and all require a ‘permit’ from the Shire of Shark Bay. To get one, simply ring through to the shire or you can pop into the visitors centre.

You can camp at a number of locations, with the edge of the beach being popular. If you are careful, you can get a big van in right near the beach and its nice and compact. Alternatively, there are a couple of clearings set back from the beach which are quite nice too.

Camping is just $15 for the night for up to 4 people, but you can only stay for 24 hours, and you can’t go to one of the other 3 camp sites without having a break between!

Goulet Bluff views
Imagine waking up to this!

All in all, Goulet Bluff is a great place to call into for the day, or to camp at.

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