Olive Hill Farm; incredible camping in Margaret River

We love finding new camp sites, and have found some truly magnificent ones over the last few years. Today, we share another incredible camp site in the popular South West, not far from Margaret River.

We made an extra long weekend over Australia day just gone, and spent 4 nights at Olive Hill Farm in Margaret River. We will be back, for sure!

Olive Hill Farm
Our new favourite camp site in the Margaret River region

About Olive Hill Farm

15 years ago a young couple fell in love with Olive Hill Farm, and made the purchase. Today, Benji and Helen run this small but picturesque property and have set it up for self sufficient camping. They have a small chalet on the property that you can rent out too, along with the beautiful Margaret River running through the back of their paddocks.

Margaret River swimming
Margaret River, right in their back yard

What’s good about it?

It’s in the Margaret River region

We love the south west of WA. It’s a region that you can go to over, and over and over again and always find something new. Whether you are into fine dining, wine tasting, surfing, abseiling, downhill mountain biking, hiking, fishing, relaxing in the karri forests, exploring caves or any other range of activities, you’ll be happy in the South West.

Olive Hill Farm is also super central; its 15 minutes to Margaret River, 22 minutes to Gracetown, 38 minutes to Busselton, 42 minutes to Dunsborough, 37 minutes to Hamelin Bay and 42 minutes to Augusta. Every one of those places has more than you can do in a week, making it the ultimate, central location

Exploring the beaches at Margs
Exploring the beautiful coastline in the South West

The camp sites are private, and huge

The actual camp ground is fairly large, and home to hundreds of different varieties of Olive tree’s. This is fantastic, because they separate the sites, and despite only being 5 – 10 metres away from other campers, you feel secluded and private. 

The sites are huge too; we comfortably got a Caravan, our Reconn R2 and two 4WD’s in without feeling cramped at all. There’s no back to back camping like sardines in a caravan park!

Olive trees
Large camp sites, kept private by the Olive trees

The river is amazing

Upon arrival, Helen mentioned the river is just down from the camp site. I wasn’t expecting anything significant, but it is amazing. With its own little ‘beach’, a rope swing and jetty its the perfect place to spend a few hours cooling off. We visited a number of times, and had an absolute ball. The water is deep, warm and perfectly fresh and clean. 

If you didn’t have access to a shower, a swim in the river each day would go a long way! Please note that the owners say swimming in the river is strictly at your own risk.

Swimming at Olive Hill Farm
Walking down for a swim to the river
Cows at Olive Hill Farm
Say G’day to the cows on the way down
Beach at the river
A perfect little beach for swimming from

It’s cheap

For where it is, and what you get, this place is cheap. Sure, you don’t get the usual amenities, but it suits a huge number of people, and this becomes very obvious when you see how many people stay here.

Olive Hill Farm from above
Olive Hill Farm is exceptional value

They do scones

If you want to make a place even better, just add scones. Seriously. A couple of times a week scones are made and for a gold coin donation, you can have an awesome morning tea (or breakfast, if you are slack like us!).

Olive Hill Farm Camping
Our camp site

The owners are amazing

I love camping on private property. You get to see the livelihood of others, and when they open their backyard up to people they’ve never met there is an element of trust involved. Helen and Benji are some of the nicest people we’ve ever met. They’ll come around to make sure everything is well, and make you feel super at home. 

On the weekend we stayed, they even invited everyone to Burns night, a Scottish tradition where Benji read out some interesting poetry, and then shared Haggis with everyone. I can’t say the Haggis was my favourite, but being able to share in the culture and learn something about Scottish tradition was special.

Burns night
Benji performing on Burns night
Kick back at the river
They’ve made the Farm very functional

The bird life is beautiful

We were pleased to see a huge range of parrots, blue wrens, kookaburras and other birds frequent the property over our stay. It is incredible to sit down in the morning and evening and have 5 blue wrens hopping around your feet!

Blue Wren at Olive Hill
Amazing Blue Wrens are common
Olive Hill Farm birds
The females are far more common

The beaches are epic

You could visit any beach in the South West, and be blown away by it. There are so many amazing little, and big beaches to explore. Some are easy to get to, and others require a bit more creativity.

Margaret River beaches
There are more amazing and different beaches to explore than you could in a week
Coastline at Margaret River
Exploring more of the incredible coastline

It’s dog friendly

Yes, you can bring your 4 pawed friends, just the usual rules apply about looking after them, keeping them controlled and cleaning up.

What does it cost?

Adults are $10 per night, and all children (including infants) are $3 per night. Yes, you might complain about the infant charge, but overall its fair and balanced.

Enjoying a nice sunset
Sunset from our camp

What are the amenities?

Here’s where things get interesting; Olive Hill is set up for self sufficient campers, and priced accordingly. They do have a dump point, which you have to pay $5 to use (or you can drive into Margaret River or Cowaramup for free), and you can fill up with water for a small fee. The water is trucked in purely for this purpose.  

Olive Hill Farm amenities
The amenities are minimal
Olive Hill Farm Dump Point
The dump point at Olive Hill Farm

What can you do nearby?

Honestly, jump in your car and head in any direction, and you’ll find something fun to do. The coastline is unbelievable. The 4WD Tracks Margaret River are next level. The wineries, local producers, chocolate factory, dairy factory and mazes and playgrounds are brilliant.

The farmers market on a Saturday morning are worth a look (and to get some fresh produce), as are the downhill mountain bike tracks, the national parks in the area, and heaps more.

River at Olive Hill Farm
Otherwise, kick back at the river and relax

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  1. Hey Alex,

    Yep, its a cracker spot. The best we’ve stayed at down that way so far. It’d be nice in winter around a fire too!

    All the best

  2. This looks brilliant! Thanks for sharing!


  3. Hey Steve,

    Yep, they did clear a fair bit. It is a fantastic place, and the river was an awesome surprise.

    All the best

  4. Steve Graham says:

    We have stayed there a few times now and enjoyed each stay and as you mentioned, there is plenty to do that isn’t to far away.
    Looks like they have cleared the walk to the river as it used to be tree lined and shady but still a nice trek.
    A couple of other minor changes since we were there last but all in all it is good value for the price and gives a feeling of being further off the track than you actually are.