Magic Pool Coffs Harbour; a fun 4WD and stunning water hole

Keen to get to the stunning Magic Pool in Coffs Harbour? This is everything you need to know.

The Coffs Harbour 4WD tracks are very well known, and people come from all over Australia to check them out. We were keen to have a little poke around, and decided to head out towards Magic Pool for a swim. We’d been told that it was very hard to get to after any rain, and there’d been a bit of that in the week prior, so I was keen to see how difficult it might actually be. We’d been looking for more 4WD tracks to explore in NSW!

Magic Pool was highly recommended by a number of people, raving about it being truly spectacular, and I was wondering if it would live up to its expectations.

Driving out to Magic Pool
On the way out to Magic Pool from Coffs Harbour

Where is Magic Pool?

You’ll find this little slice of paradise directly inland from Coffs Harbour. It’s in the Bindarra National Park, on Frontage Creek, roughly 20 km drive from the centre of Coffs.

Sealy Lookout at Coffs Harbour
Magic Pool is only 20 minutes from Coffs Harbour

How do you get to Magic Pool?

To get there, head out Coramba Road, then onto Mount Browne, and then left on South Island Road, then left again onto Dingo Creek Road. Lastly, turn right onto Carmadys Road. There is no reception here, so make sure you have some decent off road maps, like Newtracs, or Exploroz Traveller.

Driving to Magic Pool
Driving out to Magic Pool

Do you need a 4WD to get to Magic Pool in Coffs Harbour?

Yep, without a doubt. You wouldn’t even safely get an AWD there unless it had a heap of clearance, with a few holes being deeper than I’d thought, and some decent little drops to drive over.

Magic Pool 4WD Track
You absolutely need a 4WD to get to Magic Pool

How long does it take?

It’s roughly a 20 minute drive into Magic Pool from Coffs Harbour, with the last part taking the longest.

How difficult is the 4WD track?

If you have a bit of clearance, some good all terrain or mud terrain tyres and recovery gear, this track should be no issue. We did it when it had been dry for a day or two, but there had been a fair bit of rain in the previous week. Most of the track is gravel, and perfectly easy. There are a couple of clay sections which have some big ruts that you want to straddle, and there’s a few bigger muddy water holes to drive through.

Magic Pool mud
A bit of muddy water on the way out of Magic Pool

We bottomed out once on the front when I dropped into a hole a bit quick, but for the most part it’s a simple 4WD track that I wasn’t overly concerned about. If you have limited clearance or normal road terrain tyres and its wet though, it could be a whole different story.

Magic Pool can get slippery
After rain this would be entertaining in sections

Kick back at Magic Pool

When we arrived at Magic Pool, I was a bit underwhelmed. It was a nice creek, but they are a dime in a dozen in NSW, and I felt a bit deflated. As it turns out though, the actual pool is about 50 metres away from the tiny car park area, and its pretty stunning with a nice little waterfall going into a much deeper Magic Pool.

Beautiful Magic Pool
Magic Pool is a short walk, and is stunning

When we were there I found parts that I couldn’t stand in, being at least 2 metres deep, which is plenty for a good swim. The water wasn’t Icey cold like some other creeks we’ve been to, and made for a nice place to swim. You can walk above the pools too, and see a heap of tiny waterfalls, pools and slippery slides for the kids to enjoy.

Ollie exploring Magic Pool
Our kids loved exploring and playing here
Oliver jumping into Magic Pool
Jumping into the water, which was just deep enough

How does it compare to the Promised Land?

After Magic Pool, we went to Never Never Creek in the Promised land, and did the whole loop. This is beautiful too, but there were quite a few people here, and its very easy to get to (which is usually the way).

At the Promised Land
We also checked out the Promised Land, which was much busier

I reckon Magic Pool is better, and given we had the entire place to ourselves that is hard to argue with.

If you are chasing a fun 4WD track near Coffs Harbour that takes you to a beautiful swimming hole, definitely check out Magic Pool, and stop at the pools on the way in that are stunning too.

Turquoise pool on the way in
The turquoise pools on the way in are amazing too

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