Sheepstation Creek Campground, Borders Range National Park

Finding magic camping areas in Australia has always been a big part of our ambitions, and we love National Park Camping as its often perfect. Sheepstation Creek Camping is our latest camping area to visit, and it’s a pretty decent camping area in a magic national park.

Camping at Sheepstation Creek Campground
Our spot at Sheepstation Creek Campground
Amazing walks in Border Ranges National Park
This is a pretty special part of the world

Where is Sheepstation Creek Camping?

This great area is located in the Border Ranges National Park, just below the Queensland/New South Wales border, and about an hours drive to Woodenbong.

Border Ranges National Park
This beautiful campground is in the Border Ranges National Park

What’s the Border Ranges National Park like?

This part of NSW is a really picturesque part of the world. You drive through massive green rolling hills on your way to camp, and arrive in a beautiful rainforest. The wildlife is fantastic, with big lizards through to a huge array of bird life, and it’s a really pleasant place to hang out when its warm, with the shade and breeze.

There’s a heap of walks that you can do, and its very popular for those coming on a day trip. We really enjoyed our stay at the Border Ranges National Park, and would happily go back. There were a few places that we walked to and I said to Sarah ‘this is up there with the best scenery of this type that we’ve seen’, and it genuinely was brilliant.

Stunning rainforest at the Border Ranges National Park
There’s some truly magic scenery in this national park
Great views in Border Ranges National Park
We all had a ball exploring the different trails
Brushbox Falls lookout views
Looking down on Brushbox Falls

What does it cost to camp?

A few days earlier, we stayed at Koreelah Creek, which was just $15.60 a night for our family. When I went to book Sheepstation Creek though, I was surprised to see its $30.60 a night, which I thought was a bit rich.

Great camp sites at Koreelah Creek
Koreelah Creek is magic too, but half the price

Yes, it’s a beautiful camp ground, but its not nearly twice as good at Koreelah Creek, and I have no idea why its so much more expensive. Apparently the fees were recently doubled, which is a real shame. This is the same for Illaroo Campground, and then we went to Mann River, which is beautiful and free except for a $6 booking fee, and they provide firewood!

Whether its worth it really depends on your situation, and what you like. It’s a great area, and nice camp site, but its over priced at $30.60 a night, in our opinion.

We did however, cook our first damper on a stick here and thought that was a truly awesome experience.

Camping at Sheepstation Creek
It’s a nice campground, but not exactly cheap

Make sure you book

This campground needs to be booked online, and in advance. You do get reasonable Telstra reception up the hill and you can book there, but don’t expect anything much in the way of reception at the actual campground.

Do you need a 4WD?

No. The road in is gravel, and in reasonable condition. We saw a number of 2WD vehicles make their way in, and a few people came in with caravans too. The road is single lane, and quite steep up and down in sections, so take it easy and make sure your automatic transmission isn’t getting too hot if you’re towing.

Tent camping at Sheepstation
We saw lots of 2WD vehicles and even motorbikes come through, and many made use of these tent sites

What’s the camping like?

The camp site is pretty good. It’s got nice, decent sized camping areas that have clearly had a fair bit of work done to them. A number of the sites have limited sunlight for solar, but they’ve all got fire pits, and are very pretty.

They’re all fairly level, and along with being gravel have a plastic/rubber mat down which I can only assumed is to reduce the erosion.

Dmax tent camping
Each site has plastic matting and gravel down

Walks in Border Ranges National Park

If you’re into bird watching, or hiking then the Border Ranges National Park will have you covered every day of the week. A whole heap of walks leave from Sheepstation Creek Campground, and then you can drive further away to a number of other walks.

We thoroughly enjoyed the walk to the falls from the campground, and we did a loop walk about 15 minutes drive north, which was great too. The area really is stunning under the rainforest, and walking allows you to really soak it up.

Enjoying walks in Border Ranges National Park
Our kids liked the different walks through the rainforest
An amazing, big tree
A massive tree near camp that is unreal in person
Lots of tree growth
The loop walk away from camp, with impressive growth on the trees

Wildlife at Sheepstation Creek

We enjoyed a huge array of wildlife at Sheepstation Creek, with the most prominent the big goannas that were very used to people. On several occasions we had them come right through camp, within metres of us sitting down, and could see them walking around other camps throughout the day.

They’re harmless as long as you leave them alone, but they have mighty sharp claws and walk like they own the world.

Wallabies at camp in Border Ranges National Park
Wallabies were common in the evenings
Big lizard at Sheepstation
The goanna was easily a metre long, and was around our camp several times in our stay
Big Lizard at camp
They walk like they own the world

Overall, Sheepstation Creek is a magic place to camp, and we’d go back again, despite the price. There are plenty of other Queensland Camp Sites that are alternatives though!

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