Big River Camp

We’re always on the lookout for scenic, off the beaten track camp sites that don’t break the bank, and when we spotted Big River Camp online, we booked a couple of nights. This is another great NSW national park camp site, in the Goulburn River National Park.

It’s right next to another camp site called Spring Gully, and is easy enough to get to.

Camped at Big River Camp
Our spot at Big River Camp

Where is Big River Camp?

You’ll find this place roughly 70km North East of Mudgee, and a little bit further away South West of Merriwa.

Great views of Big River
It’s a pretty stunning place!

Big River Camp road conditions

There’s a fairly decent gravel drive to get into Big River, once you’ve turned off the main road. It starts off OK, but narrows and gets rougher the further you get on, and given the length of it, I opted to stop and deflate some air from our tyres to make it a bit kinder on the vehicle and camper.

There’s a few big hills as well, but with a bit of care and low range for descending the larger ones its not a problem.

Beautiful views of Big River Camp
The drive in is made up for by the views

What amenities do they have there?

This is a pretty standard NSW national park camp, with basic drop toilets, fire pits and that’s about it.

Accessing the river

The views of this campground are stunning, and its not hard to take a nice photo. However, the actual water is a long way down, and there’s only one decent way to get to it, down a fairly long set of stairs in the middle of the campground. We’re spoilt by having camped at so many amazing places within metres of the water, and this was a bit of a challenge, but it is what it is.

Big River Camp access
It’s a bit of a walk to the bottom, down the stairs

Booking and costs

This campground needs to be booked online in advance on the NSW National Parks website, and its just a $6 booking fee, which is fantastic.

Spring Gully Camp is right nearby
Spring Gully is the same price, and you drive through it to get in

Dogs and fires

Being a national park dogs are off limits, and fires are only permitted in the fire pits provided, and in season. This is a dryer part of the world, and there are fire bans in place when it’s a risk, so pay attention to the signs. You also need to bring your own firewood in, as collecting it is not permitted, and there’s not much around anyway.

Is it worth a stay?

This is a beautiful campsite, but its is a bit out of the way. If you are coming past, its certainly worth a stop, but I probably wouldn’t drive in just for the destination.

Big River Camp views
Views of the river from our camp

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