Boundary Falls

Despite doing dozens of waterfalls in Queensland, we weren’t bored of them just yet, and decided to take a look at Boundary Falls. As it was, we made a booking for one night and never made it because I spent 5 hours waiting in the emergency department to get a catfish barb wound checked out, but that’s another story from our stay at Copmanhurst Boat Ramp.

Boundary Falls are spectacular
Boundary Falls are really picturesque

Where is Boundary Falls?

In the end, we called in for about an hour to check the camping area out, and the falls, and thought it was well worth it. You’ll find this place in between Grafton and Glen Innes, not too far off the highway.

Boundary Falls in the Dmax
We missed our booking, but called in anyway

What’s the camping like?

The camp sites here are pretty nice. They’re big, shady and there’s not too many, which makes it quite a peaceful place to be. The firewood is provided, and the fire pits are really good, which was nice to see.

There’s a standard drop toilet, and the walks begin fairly close to camp.

Free firewood at Boundary Falls
Free firewood is virtually unheard of in other national parks across Australia
Boundary Falls Campground
They’ve all got lots of room, and are quite nice

Costs and bookings

We paid $16 for our family for one night, and you need to book in advance as there is zero reception at the camping area themselves.

Boundary Falls

We thought these falls were quite pretty. You can see them from the start of the walk, and then its just a quick descent down mainly stairs to the creek, which is stunning. A short walk later and you are at the base of the falls, which are different again, and very picturesque.

Walking to Boundary Falls
Walking down to Boundary Falls is quick, and fairly steep
Boundary Falls from the bottom
They’re a stunning sight

Wear enclosed shoes if you can, and check yourself for leaches when you get back to the car, as we picked up a couple in between our toes from wearing thongs.

Boundary Falls from above
All in all, well worth a stop, or a nights stay

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