Urunga Waters Tourist Park

There’s a lot to see on the NSW coastline, and after finishing the waterfall way, we were looking for somewhere to pull up for a couple of days to see Coffs Harbour and the areas nearby. We ended up rolling into Urunga Waters Tourist Park, which is unusual for us. As it turns out though, this is a ripper spot to base yourself.

Urunga Waters Caravan Park
Our spot at Urunga Waters Tourist Park

Where is Urunga Waters Tourist Park?

This caravan park is located in Urunga, right on the edge of a little river. It’s also right near the main road, but the road noise isn’t bad at all as the camping is quite a distance away.

Urunga Waterfront views
You’ll find this caravan park just out of Urunga

What’s the camping like?

The camping at Urunga Waters is really good. The unpowered section is a big grassy area set back about 50 metres from the river itself, opposite the little boat ramp (which doesn’t get used that much!).

The powered sites are either right on the river, or there’s a couple set back towards the cabins. There’s a decent pool, good amenities (a bit of a walk to the showers, but totally reasonable), and really good views.

A lot of permanent’s live here, but they’re all incredibly friendly and that isn’t always common in different caravan parks that we’ve been to. Overall, it’s a great place to camp, and our kids loved it.

Urunga Waters Tourist Park
Its quiet, open and a really nice place to be

How much does it cost to camp?

We’re pretty careful with how much we spend camping, and for where it is, this caravan park is incredibly cheap. We paid $30 a night for our family, and we’ve been paying $30.60 for most national parks nearby that have much less in the way of amenities.

You can stay right on the beach at the big caravan park and pay upwards of $65 a night, but that’s simply unfeasible for long term travel with any financial accountability. It also doesn’t have a pool (but it is opposite the nice lagoon).

What is worth seeing nearby?

There’s a surprising amount of things to do within half an hours drive. Coffs Harbour is absolutely stunning, with its Sealy Lookout, Muttonbird Island, amazing beaches and a visit to the Clogg Barn, which our kids loved.

Sealy Lookout at Coffs is stunning
Coffs Harbour is absolutely stunning, and Sealy Lookout gives you a good perspective
Exploring Muttonbird Island
Muttonbird Island is beautiful too
On the other side of Muttonbird Island
It’s a short, but hilly walk to the other side
Checking out the Clog Barn
The kids loved Coffs Harbour Clog Barn

We did some of the Coffs Harbour 4WD tracks and checked out Magic Pool, and then went out to the Promised Land to swim in Never Never Creek. We looked at the Honey place, did the big (and really nice) boardwalk in Urunga and swam at the little lagoon.

Driving to Magic Pool
The 4WD track to Magic Pool was fun
Swimming at the Promised Land
The Promised Land is close, and a good swimming spot

We also drove down to Nambucca Heads to check it out, and despite planning on swimming there we actually went back to Urunga, because we thought it suited the kids better!

Nambucca Heads is stunning
Nambucca Heads is beautiful, but very busy

Would we stay at Urunga Waters Tourist Park again?

Yep, in a heartbeat. It’s our sort of Caravan park; laid back, quiet, has plenty of room and the staff and permanent residents were all awesome. If you want a cheap camping option not far from Coffs Harbour, you won’t go wrong here.

Urunga Beach Huts
We thoroughly enjoyed Urunga Tourist Park

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