Captains Crossing 4WD track and camping in Mia Mia State Forest

We’re always on the lookout for 4WD tracks in Queensland, and have ticked a massive number of them off already. At our latest stay at the Pinnacle Hotel, we discovered that the Mia Mia State Forest, and the Captains Crossing track was just down the road, and decided to stay for another night to head in and have a poke around.

Captains Crossing visit
Parked up at Captains Crossing, enjoying the views
4WD tracks in Mia Mia State Forest
Poking around some of the 4WD tracks

Where is Mia Mia State Forest?

This beautiful state forest is not far from Pinnacle itself, and only about 20 minutes from the Pinnacle Hotel, making it a very quick trip for the day.

Pinnacle Hotel meal
Its just down the road from the Pinnacle Hotel; stop for a famous pie!

What are the 4WD tracks like?

The drive into Captains Crossing is relatively easy, and when we did it I’d classify it as a rough gravel road, with a few little steps, holes and ruts to avoid, but certainly nothing a stock 4WD would have issues with.

Once you get to the bridge though, there are 4WD tracks everywhere, and many of these start to push the friendship a lot more.

Captains Crossing 4WD Tracks
There’s a huge number of 4WD tracks
Captains Crossing 4WD tracks
Some are much more challenging than others
4WD tracks further along from Captains Crossing
This group of 4WD’s were going at it for hours

Stay on the right side of the bridge

When you drive in, you’ll see some big, obvious signs that have been put up fairly recently, and they relate to entering private property, which has clearly been an issue in the past. Stay on the right side of the bridge, as the other side is private property.

Mia Mia State Forest
Stay on the right side of the bridge, and do the right thing

See more on YouTube

Want to see more of us? We’re vlogging our lap of Australia on Youtube, and here’s the episode in the amazing Eungella area:

YouTube video

Camping in Mia Mia State Forest

There’s some fantastic camping on the river at Mia Mia State Forest. I’m talking free, river front, quiet spots that are only 4WD accessible. I’d imagine on the weekend that this area could get busier, and noisier, but it’s a magic place to camp, and we would have liked to drag the Reconn R2 in for a few nights.

Camping in Mia Mia State Forest
There’s some ripper places to pull in and camp
Mia Mia State Forest Camping
Free camping, next to a beautiful river; it doesn’t get much better than that

Does it suit caravans?

I guess you could tow one in, and you’d probably find a place to stay, but its not really suitable, with the tracks being narrow and limited for larger vehicles.

Driving into Mia Mia State Forest
This is not really caravan friendly

Is it worth a look?

We spent a number of hours at Captains crossing, just relaxing and soaking up the views whilst the kids played. We debated whether it would be worth dragging the Reconn R2 in for a couple of nights, and in the end decided not to. It’s a great spot, but there’s so many other great spots around, and we were happy just heading in for the day.

We didn’t do a massive number of 4WD tracks, but saw a big convoy come in and could hear them for several hours, heading off on the right side of the bridge, and clearly having a hard time getting up and over some obstacles!

If you’re after a great place to camp, and you want more Queensland 4WD tracks you won’t go too wrong here!

Cows on they way to Mia Mia State Forest
We thought it was well worth a look (and loved the cows on the way in)

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