Marrdja Boardwalk; amazing Daintree views

We’ve done hundreds of different walks all over Australia, and whilst there’s no doubting some have been absolutely extraordinary, every now and again you stumble across something that takes it to a whole new level, and the Marrdja Boardwalk in the Daintree was the ultimate surprise.

If you aren’t familiar with the Daintree area, it’s a world heritage forest with more beauty than I can possibly describe in words, and its home to a number of different walks including the Marrdja boardwalk. We did hear that this was worth doing, and can completely agree.

Great views on the Marrdja Boardwalk
The Marrdja Boardwalk is like entering another planet
The Marrdja Boardwalk in the Daintree
The Marrdja Boardwalk was a huge highlight and surprise for us

Where is the Marrdja Boardwalk?

This incredible boardwalk isn’t too far away from Cape Tribulation, and right near Oliver and Cooper Creek, which our boys were both delighted about.

Cape Tribulation Beach
The boardwalk isn’t too far away from Cape Tribulation, which is a major attraction in the area

How long does it take?

If you walk through the boardwalk in a hurry, you’ll probably do it in under 15 minutes. It’s flat, really easy and quick to do, but do yourself a favour and slow down to soak it all in. It’s amazing, and you miss so much rushing (I know; I’ve got 4 and 6 year old boys!).

Kids hanging in the Daintree
If you’ve got young kids, about half the time!

What do you see?

This boardwalk is like going to another planet. The mangroves are absolutely amazing, and you soon find yourself at a platform overlooking the most pristine creek ever, with bright green water and amazing little glimpses.

The big trees here are fascinating, and have some huge creepers growing up and around them, with lots of other things to admire as you walk past.

Incredible scenery in the Daintree
The mangrove systems are incredible
Vines growing up the trees
The vines will climb up anything and everything

If you are observant, you might see a heap of fruit bats hanging upside down from the trees near the lagoon, which was pretty nice to see during the day.

Fruit bats in the trees
We saw a heap of fruit bats in the trees too

Cassowaries in the wild

We were incredibly lucky to see a wild cassowary, walking through the bush and over the walkway here. They are often about, but to see them out on their own was super special, and we got to spend a fair bit of time just watching it strut around.

They’re big birds that could easily badly hurt you, so treat them with respect.

Cassowary in the wild
We were incredibly lucky to see a Cassowary mid way along the boardwalk
Amazing Cassowary bird
These things are huge, and beautiful
Cassowary eating
The ultimate surprise, and something we all really enjoyed

Is it worth doing?

Yep, in a heartbeat. You can stop here for 30 minutes and do the easy walk. It’s really spectacular, and we thought it was one of the better things to do in the Daintree.

If you’re up for another amazing adventure, head further north and do the Bloomfield Track; its absolutely phenomenal.

Cassowary on the boardwalk
Do the Marrdja Boardwalk; its fantastic

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