Clohesy Fig Tree and 4WD track

Mareeba has a lot to offer, and on our third day, we decided to head out to the Clohesy Fig Tree, and do the another Queensland 4WD track. This was a whole lot of fun, and the fig tree is absolutely stunning. If you’re looking for something to do in Mareeba, the Clohesy Fig Tree is a brilliant option.

Clohesy Fig Tree looking up
The Clohesy Fig Tree is truly beautiful, and the 4WD track is a heap of fun

Where is the Clohesy Fig Tree?

This Fig tree is only about 40 minutes drive from Mareeba, and is fairly easy, and quick to get to. The tree is just off Clohesy River Road, and is well signed.

Clohesy River Road is easy enough
Clohesy River Road is easy enough to get onto, and to drive

Do you need a 4WD?

Yes, a 4WD is a must, and there are signs telling you this. The track starts off as a basic, gravel road, but it deteriorates the further you go, and there are 3 creek crossings that you need to go through to get to the Fig Tree, and even more if you continue along Clohesy Road.

These water crossings aren’t overly deep (depending on when you go), but you’d be mad doing it in a 2WD, or even an AWD.

Clohesy River Road 4WD Track
You need a 4WD to get to the Fig tree, and even more so further on
Clohesy River Road 4WD Track
The water crossings are the main reason you’d need a 4WD

About the Clohesy Fig Tree

I was quite shocked to see this massive strangler fig when we arrived. It’s metres from the car, and there’s a beautiful boardwalk that takes you through incredible rainforest, and back to the tree. You can see inside it, and get views from multiple sides, and they’ve done a cracker job making it user friendly.

Clohesy River Fig Tree
They’ve done a great job making this easy to access
Boardwalk through the rainforest and to the Fig Tree
The boardwalk is fantastic, and covers some great rainforest before you head back to the Fig Tree

This is a magnificent tree, and I have no doubt that at its widest point it would be well over 7 metres, which is absolutely massive.

We liked the area so much that we pulled out a picnic blanket, had lunch and got the kids distance education schooling done before heading back to Ringers Rest RV Park.

Clohesy Fig Tree information sign
The first information sign
Clohesy Fig Tree history
More information on the actual Fig Tree
Cooper at the Fig Tree
Looking up at the massive Fig Tree
Doing school at the Fig Tree
We even sat down afterwards to do the School work

See our vlog

YouTube video

What’s the 4WD Track like?

Clohesy Road is a great little 4WD track. The water crossings are fun, there’s a few ruts and holes to avoid and navigate, but nothing incredibly difficult.

We did bottom out on the rear of our Dmax (the tow hitch) in one section where it crosses a steep creek, and I’m sure the bottom of the vehicle got close to a few obstacles, but it was fairly straight forward.

When we did the track in early June, the deepest water crossing would have been around 60cm deep, which is more than enough to drown your vehicle if you don’t have a snorkel, or you’re going too fast.

Driving through water at Clohesy
There’s quite a few water crossings, with some shallow and others deeper and longer

This area is often wet, and having some decent all terrain tyres or mud terrain tyres is a good idea. If you are just going to the Clohesy Fig Tree its fairly straightforward, but if you want to continue a bit further you really want some extra clearance and decent tyres.

We didn’t feel the need to let our tyres down, but there were a couple of slippery sections and in one spot I did flick the rear locker on and give it a bit more momentum, with the soft, clay being incredibly slippery and well beyond our Dmax’s ability to idle up with traction control.

Clohesy River Road is fairly easy
Most of the Clohesy River Road is easy, but you do want some traction in spots

It’s a no through road

After checking out the beautiful fig tree, we thought we’d finish the road off, and do a loop back along Hartley Road, or through the dam. Both are closed though, with signs stating roadworks or private vehicles not allowed, so we turned around and went back.

This is well worth doing

We really enjoyed our visit to the Clohesy Fig Tree, and doing Clohesy River Road. It’s an amazing part of the world, and its a quick, fun adventure for everyone. If you need something to do around Mareeba, you won’t go wrong heading out here with a 4WD!

Clohesy Fig Tree views
The Clohesy Fig Tree is well worth a look

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