Davies Creek Falls; a surprisingly beautiful waterfall near Mareeba

One of the more popular Mareeba things to do is Davies Creek Falls, and we headed out one afternoon from our camp at Ringers Rest to check it out. Driving in, this area reminded me so much of the Perth Hills, but the creek and waterfall blew my mind; its staggeringly beautiful, and if you get a chance to visit it, do it!

Davies Creek Falls are surprisingly tall, and the lookout gets you very close to the top, and the drop off, which makes it pretty impressive. We checked out Emerald Creek Falls earlier in the day, and also thought that was worthy of a visit.

Davies Creek Falls
Davies Creek Falls are massive, and really stunning

Where is Davies Creek Falls?

This place is 26 minutes East of Mareeba, or around 40 minutes from Emerald Creek Falls as you have to head a long way around. 

What’s the road like?

The road to Davies Creek Falls is worse than that out to Emerald Creek Falls. It’s bitumen initially, and then there’s a fair bit of gravel driving, on a road that is quite narrow in sections, corrugated at times and very windy up and down, and around the corners.

You want to take it slowly and carefully, and be very aware of oncoming traffic, as there are sections you will not be able to pass, and there’s a substantial drop waiting if you mess up.

You don’t need a 4WD, although these roads are always much nicer in one. Just take your time, and avoid the big holes!

Davies Creek Falls is huge
The bumpy road is completely worth it

Can you swim here?

Davies Creek is a great place to have a swim, although its not that deep. This is above the falls, and easily accessed along the walking track. There is no swimming permitted at the lookout, or pools around there, for obvious reasons; the drop is ridiculously big and dangerous.

Swimming spots at Davies Creek
There’s reasonable swimming at Davies Creek, but its cold!

What’s the walking trail like?

This walking trail was surprisingly easy. You can head in either direction, but we went left, towards the top of the falls, and the lookout.

This is relatively short, and flat, with minimal rock hopping required and a number of steps available. The handrails and lookout area are stunning, and well worth a good look at, before you meander along the creek to the swimming area.

This is termed the picnic area, and is a small, sandy beach area where you can kick back and relax, before taking a short walk back up the hill to the car park.

Lizard at Davies Creek Falls
Keep an eye out for these little lizards

Camping at Davies Creek

On a whim, we decided to check out a couple of the camp sites at Davies Creek, and some of the upper camp sites are as good as it gets.

You can literally camp in the shade, right next to the beautiful stream, with barely any other interaction with other people. This would be the ultimate playground for younger kids, and we’d love to come back and spend a few nights here.

You’d struggle to tow a big caravan into here, and the road is pretty average, but for tents, swags, camper trailers and some hybrids it’d be absolutely brilliant.

Davies Creek Upper Camping
One of the upper Davies Creek Camp Sites, which was breathtaking

See our vlog

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Is it worth going to Davies Creek Falls?

I love places that I have no knowledge of, as you go with zero expectations. Davies Creek Falls was so much better than I’d imagined, and with the afternoon sun shining over it the falls, and creek are a pretty incredible place.

If you get the opportunity, absolutely visit Davies Creek Falls, and also the Clohesy Fig Tree and 4WD Track.

Davies Creek Falls are amazing
Looking down on Davies Creek and falls with the afternoon sun shining in
Davies Creek is awesome
This is another incredible Queensland attraction

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