Jourama Falls; another great Queensland Waterfall

We’ve been to so many different Queensland Waterfalls now that I can’t even remember them all, but they’re always unique, and most of the time amazing. Jourama Falls is no exception to this, and after a night at Crystal Creek Beach Camp, we headed in to check them out.

As it turns out, it’s a great camping area, with a spectacular walk to plenty of swimming options for all ages. Our kids loved this place, and we thought it was well worth the visit too.

Jourama Falls up close
Jourama Falls are stunning
Walk to Jourama Falls
The walk to the falls is really beautiful

Where are Jourama Falls?

These great falls are located around an hour North West of Townsville, and are easy to get to.

Jourama Falls are stunning
These are easy to get to, and not far from Townsville

How do you get to Jourama Falls?

Jourama Falls are well signed, and you just turn onto Jourama Road from the Bruce Highway, and head in.

Shallow creek crossing to Jourama Falls
There’s a couple of shallow crossings on the way in

Do you need a 4WD to get there?

No, and there were plenty of 2WD vehicles at camp. The road in is bitumen, and perfectly suitable for all kinds of vehicles. Obviously, you’d want to watch the depth of the water crossings and stay out of anything too deep for your vehicle.

Jourama Falls Camping

The campground at Jourama Falls is fairly standard for the Queensland National Parks. It’s got a whole lot of shade, lots of grass and plenty of places you can pull in and camp. There’s no dedicated sites, and its first come first served, once you arrive.

You need to book the camp site before arriving as the reception is non existent. We thought it was pretty decent, and enjoyed a night here before moving on.

Camped at Jourama Falls
Our camp site at Jourama Falls
Jourama Falls camping area
Grab a permit and fill it out

Fires are not permitted here, at any time of year

Interestingly, there are no fires permitted at Jourama Falls. This didn’t stop a couple of people having one, but there are signs around that make it pretty clear.

What’s the walks like?

The walks both start about a kilometre away from the camp ground, which you can either walk or drive to. The first part of the walk is beautiful with a heap of great creeks and beautiful views to enjoy.

From there, it splits and goes up to the lookout, or to the pools where you can splash and swim.

Upwards to the lookout at Jourama Falls
The walk to the lookout is a bit taxing, but easy enough

The trek to the lookout is fairly short, but being uphill is a bit of a slog in the middle of the day. The lookout is pretty decent though, with good views of the falls, which are pretty incredible.

Jourama Falls lookout
Checking out the falls at the lookout

If you go to the pools, you can walk as far as you want, up towards the falls themselves, with varying levels of difficulty depending on how adventurous you want to be.

Jourama Falls water pools
The pools keep going for ages

Where can you swim?

There’s a dedicated swimming area at the day use area, which you drive past on your way into the camping ground.

Alternatively, there’s plenty of places you can get wet, and even swim at the rock pools. Beware of how slippery the rocks are though, as it’d be really easy to end up on your bum unintentionally, and help is a decent distance away!

Swimming at Jourama Falls
There’s lots of places you can swim, but watch how slippery it can be
Lots of pools to swim in at Jourama Falls
There’s no shortage of places to swim
Day use area at Jourama Falls
The day use area has a dedicated swimming area with a ladder

Mosquitos at Jourama Falls

Initially, we were a bit put off visiting Jourama Falls and camping, due to a huge number of comments on Wikicamps about mosquitos.

Sarah and our oldest son get absolutely smashed if they are about, and whilst we have all the mosquito repellent options out there, none are fool proof and we generally avoid areas that we know are bad.

As it turns out, when we visited there were a few mosquitos, but barely any and certainly a lot less than we’ve had elsewhere in Queensland.

Day use area at Jourama
We were expecting bad mosquitos, but it was fine when we visited

Is it worth a visit?

Yep, we really enjoyed this place. For young kids, the pools are awesome to splash and play around in, and its another beautiful waterfall in Queensland to tick off.

We were glad we spent a night here, but you could easily drive in, do the walks and head out again.

Jourama Falls at the bottom
We really enjoyed Jourama Falls

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