Ebuta Farm; cheap camping near Townsville

We’ve stayed at dozens of private properties over the years all around Australia, and its almost always a good experience. Our latest stay proved this once again, and we spent 3 nights at Ebuta Farm, tidying up a few things, getting the Dmax serviced for the third time on our Lap of Australia and seeing some of Townsville’s attractions.

Ebuta Farm is a small property run by an amazing couple, who’ve opened up their land for self contained people to camp on, for a small fee. It was a goat dairy several years ago, but Brian and Jean have retired and now the property is home to a handful of goats, and two old, but beautiful dogs.

Camped at Ebuta Farm
Camped at Ebuta Farm for a few nights
Camping on Ebuta Farm
It’s a great place to stay

Where is Ebuta Farm?

This property is located 25 minutes from Townsville, and around 30km south. It’s not too far off the Flinders Highway, which means a trip in and out is quick, seamless and easy.

Short drive into Townsville from Ebuta
It’s a fairly short drive into Townsville

What does it cost?

It’s just $10 a vehicle to stay here, each night. That is regardless of your size, number of people in the vehicle or how long you want to stay, and finding comparable camping at this price is virtually non existent.

What amenities does it have?

Whilst the property is set up for self contained campers (grey water is fine on the ground, as it should be), Brian has a dump point, and is in the process of setting up a toilet, and potentially even a shower and camp kitchen and even fire pits for people to use.

There’s a small play set on the grass in front of their home, which our kids spent almost every waking moment on.

Playground at Ebuta
The little play set was a major hit with our young kids

What’s it like?

We really liked this place. We found it on Caravan Overnight Farmstay, and moved from the Lazy Acre Mango Plantation down the road (which is beautiful, also $10 a night and has a creek running through it, but has recently been sold, so we’ll wait to see what happens there).

Lazy Acres camping
Lazy acres is just up the road and is beautiful too, but its been sold, so time will tell if it stays open

Brian and Jean are truly amazing people, and went out of their way a number of times to ensure we had a great stay. It was the perfect base for me to get up early one morning (6:30AM – I haven’t been up that early since we left around Australia!), and head into Townsville to get our Isuzu Dmax serviced.

The property is nice and quiet, peaceful and backs onto stunning Elliot Ranges. We’d much rather stay on a quiet property like this than a busy caravan park, and whilst we did look in town a lot of the caravan parks were expensive, or had comments that made us think twice about staying.

There’s a decent sized area on their front lawn, or an equally big area at the back of the property, that suits everything from small motorhomes through to big buses (and one arrived whilst we were there).

I had a bit of a chat to Brian about Wikicamps, and a few hours later he wandered over saying he’d set it up on there too, so its easy for everyone to find now!

Plenty of room to camp
There’s quite a bit of room to camp
Friendly goats at Ebuta
The goats are pretty friendly
Baby goat at Ebuta Farm
One of the baby goats

Check the vlog out

If you’re keen on watching, instead of reading, check out our vlog from here:

YouTube video

It’s a perfect place to explore Townsville

If you want somewhere outside of Townsville to explore the region, but to keep your distance from the hustle and bustle you can’t go wrong here. It’s only 30km into Townsville, and less if you want to get to the shops.

We made use of the first decent shops in months and bought a heap of new clothes for our kids that are growing like weeds, and to stock up on food, toilet chemicals and anything else we were running low on.

Enjoying Townsville
We really enjoyed looking around Townsville

If you’re chasing a low cost, quiet place to set up for a couple of days, you won’t go too wrong with Brian and Jeans Ebuta Farm.

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