Talia Cave; more spectacular South Australia Coastline

The South Australian coastline has some truly incredible gems to explore, and the Talia Cave area is no exception to this. We called in, with high hopes of something amazing after leaving Walkers Rock in Elliston, and calling in at the Colton Bakehouse for some fresh sticky buns.

Like Elliston, and Venus Bay, the Talia Cave coastline has a magic to it that is up there with the best, and we thoroughly enjoyed looking at different parts of the cliffs, beaches and coastlines.

Talia Cave coastline
A beautiful beach near Talia Cave
Woolshed Cave
The Woolshed Cave is pretty spectacular

Where are the Talia Caves?

You’ll find the Talia Caves area roughly 20 minutes South East of Venus Bay, or 40 minutes North West of Elliston.

Talia Cave views from the boardwalk
Access to the cave is really easy

What attractions are there at Talia Cave?

The Talia Caves region has a couple of great attractions that are worth stopping at. You could see most of it in an hour if you were in a hurry, or you could easily spend a day or longer here enjoying it all.

Woolshed Cave

The Woolshed Cave is the main attraction at Talia Caves, and its a pretty impressive cave. You walk down a nice set of stairs to a couple of perfect water channels that would make for amazing swimming on a calm day. 

Just around the corner to your left is the Woolshed Cave, and you won’t miss it. The entrance is massive, and it slowly tapers off to a small trail that can be extremely slippery, and you’ll fall a couple of metres if you slip, so take it very easy, or don’t go in too far!

You’d be able to get into the cave from the water too, which would be safer if the swell wasn’t up. The cave itself is really picturesque, easy to get to and worth stopping in at.

Woolshed Cave sign
The sign at the top of Woolshed Cave
Woolshed Cave Entry
The cave is seriously big
Inside the Woolshed Cave
Inside the Woolshed Cave is pretty incredible
Woolshed Caves
Looking out of the cave

Talia Cave Rockpools

If you head to the right at the bottom of the stairs to Woolshed Cave, you’ll eventually hit the rock pools. These are best at low tide when the waves are small, but you’ll see quite a few of them and they’d be a great place to get wet, and enjoy the scenery.

Rock Pools at Talia Caves
There’s a heap of rock pools around to explore

The Tub

We stopped at the tub first, and were quite shocked at how large it is. In essence, its a massive hole in the ground, with a tunnel that goes through to the ocean. On a calm day you could probably go through it, but I wouldn’t go there with any waves coming in.

Alternatively, you can climb down to the coast from on top of the tub.

It’s worth noting that to get into the tub, you need to climb down a log that has been cut into the shape of stairs, and its probably the sketchiest set of stairs/ladder that I’ve ever used in my life. It’s not an issue, but take care as falling would not end well. Expect a lot of bee’s in the limestone when you get down to the bottom too, but they’ll leave you alone if you do the same.

The tub also has a lot of slippery bits if you are going to walk around inside. Alternatively, stay at the top and just appreciate the views!

The Tub information sign
The information sign at The Tub
The tub views
It’s absolutely massive
Views from through the tub
At the bottom you can look through it and see the ocean
Dodgy Ladder at the tub
The sketchiest ladder I’ve ever been on, taking you into, and out of the tub

Natures Window

We tried to find this, and gave up pretty quickly. It is similar to what you’ll find in Kalbarri, and is quite hard to find apparently, and requires a bit of searching. It’s north of the Woolshed Cave, and tucked away, so we just moved on.

Monument Lookout

On the southern most part of Talia Caves, there’s a monument lookout, that is worth a stop. It’s a tiny walk to the monument, and the coastline here is pretty incredible.

Can you camp at Talia Cave?

There’s a couple of places you can camp in the Talia Cave region, both at the southern end. The first is at the base of a dune, just behind a fence that is open in one section. You’d get most vehicles into here, as long as they weren’t absolutely massive.

The second spot is down a short sandy track, that turns to rock and opens up down the bottom near the beach access. We were considering camping here, but my folks couldn’t get their van in without lowering tyre pressures, so we moved on.

You’d have to watch the winds and pick a suitable camp site, but it looked like a nice stretch of coastline. I’m sure people camp at some of the stops, and cleared sections as well.

Talia Cave camping options
There’s a few places you can pull up for the night

Is it 2WD accessible?

Yep, without any issues at all. The only place you’d struggle to get a 2WD is the camp close to the beach, which you can easily avoid. The gravel roads are good condition, and you don’t need any clearance except a couple of the random scrub tracks on the coastline (that you can easily walk anyway).

Is Talia Cave worth a visit?

I wasn’t sure what to expect when arriving at Talia Cave, but it was pretty impressive. The coastline is truly stunning, and the Tub and the Woolshed Cave are spectacular. We’d certainly make the effort to check it out again!

Talia Cave water
The water and coastline here is nothing short of stunning

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  1. Hey Ian,

    They are very beautiful, and what an amazing story about your daughters name!

    All the best

  2. I have not been to Talia caves for 30 years. I was so impressed with the area, beautiful, serene, I named my first daughter after the caves. Ian nsw.