Annya Campground; another amazing free camp in Victoria

After leaving Sawpit Free Campground, we headed north towards the Grampians, and wanted to find a place along the way that we could relax at for a day or two. We’d previously highlighted Annya Campground on Wikicamps, and after stopping at the Bakery in Heywood, filling up our water tanks and hearing a local speak highly of the spot, we rolled in early in the afternoon.

We’d been impressed with Sawpit as a campground, and this is even better in almost every way.

Annya Campground
Our setup at Annya Campground, which is fantastic

Where is Annya Campground?

You’ll find this great camp on the way from Portland to Coleraine. It’s roughly 30 minutes from Portland by car, or 12 minutes from Heywood.

Do you need a 4WD?

Not in the slightest. It’s a bitumen road right up to the turn off to the camp, and then a short, great condition gravel road. The only thing I will say is if its wet, pick your camp site wisely. There’s marks everywhere of people who’ve sunk into the grassy campground, and no doubt it would have been entertaining getting out again!

What does it cost to camp?

Camping here is completely free, like Sawpit Camp. Considering the views, peace and quiet and the condition of the drop toilet, this is absolutely mint. It’s a brilliant place to relax for a few days.

Annya Camp is beautiful
This is a magic place to relax for a day or two

What’s the campground like?

We enjoyed Sawpit, and this is even better. The campground is grassy, with a heap of picnic tables and fire pits spread around. There’s enough shade around to find somewhere to tuck yourself into, but plenty of options for solar.

Annya Camp in Victoria
There’s plenty of room for people to kick back here

There is zero road noise at night (you can just hear traffic coming past during the day), the drop toilet has a vent and zero smell, and you’ll find resident koalas in, and around the campground.

Toilet at Annya Camp
The toilet has a vent, and had zero smells
Koala in the trees
If you look around you’ll see a heap of koalas here

See the vlog

Keen to see more? Watch our vlog:

YouTube video

You can do a short walk down the hill through the day use area to a swamp walk and lake, and its just a nice, quiet camp ground.

Walk trail at Annya Camp
The walk trail is nice, and goes around a swamp
The Lake at Annya State Forest
The lake is only 2 minutes walk from camp
Forest at Annya
The forest is pretty incredible

We were only going to spend a night here, but enjoyed it so much that we decided to stay for another, and had a lazy day around camp.

Big breakfast at Annya Camp
We’re slowly learning to have quiet days at camp
Playing with magic sand
Our kids love to relax all day

So far, there’s huge goals being kicked when it comes to free and low cost camp grounds in Victoria, and we’d come back here in a heart beat.

Walking through the forest
We’re loving Victoria so far

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