Jamieson Creek Campground; camping right on the Great Ocean Road

There’s some pretty amazing Great Ocean Road Camping options around, but we didn’t realise you could literally camp right above the road itself, at Jamieson Creek Campground.

We found it on Wikicamps a few days prior, and decided to book three nights in to explore the attractions nearby, but turning into the campground I said to Sarah ‘this can’t be right’!

Camped at Jamieson Creek Campground
Jamieson Creek Campground is a truly ripper place to stay
Jamieson Creek Campground sign
Information about Jamieson Creek Campground

Where is Jamieson Creek Campground?

In essence, this campground sits on top of the Great Ocean Road, about 18 minutes drive South West of Lorne. You literally take a sharp turn after crossing the Jamieson Creek, and head up a narrow gravel road to the camp ground, which has a couple of lookouts that allow you to see the coast, and Great Ocean Road itself.

Jamieson Creek Campground views
The campground is literally right above the Great Ocean Road

What’s the campground like?

I was thoroughly impressed with the Jamieson Creek Campground from the second we arrived. Not only do some camp sites have ocean and road views, but you can hear the waves crashing, its well set up and the backdrop looking up the hill is fantastic.

Jamieson Creek Campground
This campground is really well done, and perfectly positioned

The campground is split in two, with large camp sites set up for caravans, camper trailers and vehicle camping, and then a much smaller tent section, which is quite close together and requires you to walk in with your tent and gear (only a few metres, but you aren’t camping next to your vehicle).

Jamieson Creek Campground views
Some sites even have water views

What amenities are there?

This campground has a number of drop toilets, untreated rainwater, gas BBQ’s, a couple of picnic areas, and quite a few shared fire pits.

Toilets at Jamieson Creek Campground
The amenities at Jamieson Creek Campground are great
Gas BBQ's to cook on
Gas BBQ’s are provided
Picnic tables at Jamieson Creek
Undercover picnic tables with views of the Great Ocean Road

What does it cost to camp?

Camping at Jamieson Creek Campground will set you back just $15 per night per site, which is really good value compared to alternative options nearby.

$15 per night at Jamieson Creek Campground
For $15 a night, its a steal

Do you need a 4WD?

Despite the entrance to the camp site seeming a bit sketchy, you can comfortably get a 2WD vehicle here, and many people were. From the Great Ocean Road, there’s a single gravel road with a sharp bend, that climbs a decent hill before it flattens out at the top, where the campground is.

Take it easy going into camp, and exiting, and you’ll be just fine.

If you have a heavy trailer, I’m going to say a 4WD is probably smart. Towing a 2 tonne plus caravan up this gravel hill in a 2WD might not end too well.

Attractions nearby Jamieson Creek Campground

The Great Ocean Road has a heap of different things to see, and we enjoyed our 3 nights here, seeing quite a bit of the area around the campground.

Things to do at Jamieson Creek Campground
The back of the main information sign has a heap of things that you can do in the area

We really enjoyed doing the Jamieson Track, and a number of other 4WD tracks heading further South.

Jamieson Creek Track
If you have a 4WD, the Jamieson Creek Track is well worth doing (or you can walk it)

Sheoak Falls is certainly worth a look, as is Erskine Falls. We checked out Carisbrook falls which were pretty neat as well, and Lorne is a stunning part of the world.

Carisbrook Waterfall
Carisbrook Waterfall is fast to get to, and pretty amazing
Sheoak Falls are stunning
Sheoak Falls are beautiful, and easy to get to
Erskine Falls are big, and beautiful
Erskine Falls are a short, and sharp walk with stunning views

We wanted to go to Phantom and Henderson falls, but the comments we had read were misleading, and one track closer to them was shut, so we spent some time on the foreshore at Lorne before heading back to camp.

Small flies

We’d noticed a few bites appear during our stay at Jamieson Creek, but on day 3 the tiny flies were out of control, hanging around the fire’s smoke and generally being a pain.

They weren’t biting badly, which makes me wonder whether they were actually sand flies or not, but it was often like walking through a cloud of little bugs, and it got annoying after a while. Asides from this though, there’s nothing to complain about!

See the vlog

Keen to see our vlog, and the rest of our Great Ocean Road trip? You can see it below:

YouTube video

Book online, and early

Like most of the National Park Campgrounds in Victoria that are paid, you need to book online, and doing it early is advisable especially around Summer, and even more so on the weekends. Make sure the site you pick suits your method of camping, and enjoy a truly awesome spot right on the Great Ocean Road.

How does it compare to other Great Ocean Road Camping?

I feel like the camp sites have gotten better and better, as we’ve headed from West to East. We haven’t stayed at any that were average, or that we wouldn’t go back to, but Jamieson Creek Campground was up there with the best places that we stayed at.

Aire Crossing was amazing as well, but I feel this beats Johanna Beach, Aire River West and even Princetown Recreation Grounds fairly comfortably.

If you want a magic campground, this is it.

Jamieson Creek Campground is fantastic
If you want an awesome campground right on the Great Ocean Road, you can’t go past Jamieson Creek

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